Baroness’ Inspiration Tournament


Hosted in-person by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Mistress Ceara inghean ui Mhadadhain
Date: November 19 , 2022
Site opens at: 8:00 AM on November 19th 2022
Site closes at: 11:00 PM

Event site:
Cloverdale Fairgrounds – Shannon Hall & Alice McKay Building
6050A 176th Street Surrey, BC V3S 4E7

Come one, come all to behold the fairest Baroness in all the Knowne World, Her Excellency Arianna Freemont of Lions Gate, to participate in an event like no other specifically in her honour!

Are you new to the SCA?

Attending an event as a Newcomer can be an intimidating experience for some.  With so much going on it can be overwhelming.  Fear not!  The Courtiers of Lions Gate will be hosting two Newcomers Tours to explain all the wondrous things!  Tours tentatively scheduled for 10am and 2pm.

Gentle Arts & Sciences Activities

The University of Tir Righ will be here!

Scroll down further for class details!

Inspirations Display and Contest

Since this a big tourney day, let’s have a contest on inspiring our fighters to win.  Create a favour or some other token to inspire and bring it to the event to be displayed with your name and who your inspiration is for the day.  No documentation required.  Winner to be chosen by Her Excellency the Baroness of Lions Gate.  There will be a prize too!

Super 6 Largess Competition

Artisans!  Do you like making largesse?  Do you like acknowledging those who inspire you?  Well, at Baroness’ Inspiration Tourney you can do BOTH!

We will be having a themed Super Six but with a TWIST!

The theme is Inspiration.  Here is how it’s going to work:  You make 6 “items” with someone in mind.  A person of your choice who inspires you.  The judging will be by populace vote and the winner will get one of each entry as usual.  But here is the twist…. the person you have chosen as your inspiration will receive one of your “items”.  Please ensure you have their name on one of your entries and feel free to include why they inspire you.  The remaining 4 items from each entry will go to the Barony as largesse.

Courtly Manners Challenge

Attending events in the SCA is where we try to leave the modern world behind for a few hours.  Let’s take this to the next level at Baroness’ Tourney!  Hosted by Mistress Ceara, a Courtly Manners Challenge has been issued.

The An Tir Kingdom Handbook outlines some good basic courtesies to follow (see page 197) however there are unwritten ones too.  Let’s be extra kind to one another in the forsooth way for a day.  You are also challenged to attempt to leave you phone alone while you’re at the event. *GASP* Yes, your phone!  Except to take a few pics, that’ll be alright.  *ahem* ANYWAYS, you are invited to be fully present to enjoy all the day offers!  If you see someone who feels embodies these courtly manners, go find Mistress Ceara and inform her of their good deeds.

Hnefatafl (Gesundheit!) Tournament

In an effort to spread around the love of my favourite game, I (Baron Uilliam) will be holding a *hnefatafl* tournament.

There have been some recent developments in the interpretation of hnefatafl rules, and as a result I’ll be teaching an impromptu learning session before the tournament, for any interested. The format of the tourney will depend on how many players we get participating.

BUT WAIT! We will have a set of hnefatafl boards and pieces as a prize!  The boards are handmade by me, two boards with the four standard hnefatafl sizes; 7×7, 9×9, 11×11, and 13×13, with glass pieces handmade by Baroness Caitrina. Come play games!

Dancing – Let’s Have a Ball!

Warm up those dancing feet and practice those moves!  We’re going to have a Ball right after evening Court!  Three dance sets of 3 are planned and here’s what you can expect:

Warm up set (called)

  1. Sellenger’s Round
  2. Sweet Kate
  3. Upon a Summers Day

Challenge set (not called)

  1. Black Alman
  2. Hole in the Wall
  3. Ma Na Vu

Let’s have fun set (called)

  1. Tourdion
  2. Jamaica
  3. Zemer Atik


Viscount Sir Olen’s ‘Buzz the Fuzz’ is back and fuzzier than ever!  Proceeds will be split between the Tir Righ Travel Fund and the Movember charity.

Brought to you by the Sergeantry of Lions Gate – Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau Collection
As the season of giving is coming, the Sergeantry have decided to do a fundraiser/donation drive to benefit the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau.  Look for us at the front entry of the event and reach out if you have any questions.  — Gallant Malie

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is an online gathering
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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Accessibility Information

The Shannon Hall is equipped with a ramp as well as stairs to enter the hall.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adults $25
Children & Youth (18 & under) Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity
7:15 am Site opens for set up crew
8:00 am Site opens for merchants to set up
8:30 am GATE OPENS
Lists Open
9:30 am Opening Court including Invocation for the Baronial Cut & Thrust Champion Tournament
After court TUTR Class Registration
10:30 am TUTR Classes begin

Uncollared Rapier Inspirational Tournament begins

Gerhard’s Riposte follows the Rapier Tournament

Baronial Cut & Thrust Champions Tournament follows Gerhard’s Riposte

12:30 pm Heavy armour inspections
1:00 pm Armoured Unbelted Inspirational Tournament begins
4:30 pm Principality and Baronial Courts
5:00 pm Alice McKay Hall Closes

Wolf & Drum Tavern OPENS

After Court “Picnic” Dinner

Dancing – Let’s Have a Ball

10:30 pm Tavern closes
11:00 pm Clean up begins
Midnight Site closes


Meal Information

The Swan Song Kitchen will be open Breakfast and Lunch. Please see HL Briana in the kitchen with her wares.

In the evening, you are invited to bring a picnic dinner to enjoy after court. Tables will be set up for this purpose. Alternatively, there are several restaurants with Cloverdale, as well as a grocery store with hot offerings nearby as well.

Tournament Information

Mighty Martial Activities

Baroness Inspiration Rapier Tournament, with a twist!

This year, the rapier tournament will take the same format as the heavy tournament, in that only those who are not (yet) members of the Order of Defense can win. Members of the OoD can participate however and are encouraged to do so!

The tournament is also a prize tourney, so bring a prize for the prize table. Format will be determined by number of participants.

Gerhard’s Riposte Tournament

Those fighters who have been fighting for less than one year are invited to (also) compete in Gerhard’s Riposte. Come fight the MODs and have them test your mettle!

Baronial Cut & Thrust Champion Tournament

Do you have what it takes to be the next Baronial Cut & Thrust Champion? Bring all your weapons and prove it to Their Excellencies!

There will be a single hand weapons round and a two-handed weapons round, with finals to be determined by Their Excellencies.

Heavy Tournament

Details coming…

Volunteer Information

Interested in assisting, a little or a lot?

Volunteers will be needed for set up, take down and shifts at Gate.  Contact Mistress Ceara if you are able to commit in advance or show up and pitch in when the time is right 😊

Merchant Information


Who doesn’t love to go shopping?  There will be many merchants!  Currently there is a waitlist as all space has been allocated.  Contact Baroness Caitrina via Facebook or Email.

Tavern Keeper

Exciting to announce that The Wolf & Drum Tavern will be in operation for this event!

Classes Offered

University of Tir Righ (TUTR) Classes

Class Schedule

After Morning Court finishes: Registration Desk opens, Instructor Check In begins

10:30 am to 12:15 pm – Beginner Dance; How to Play Hnefatafl; Uneven Rhythms; Blocking Period Hats
12:15 pm to 12:30 pm – Complete Student & Instructor Evaluation Forms, return to Registration Desk

12:30 pm to 1 pm – Lunch Break, Registration Desk closed

1 pm – Registration Desk Opens; Instructor Check In begins

1:30 pm to 3:15 pm – Intermediate Dance; Intro to Names & Armorial Submissions; Voice Class for Heralds, Bards, etc.; Embellishers’ Salon

3:15 pm – Complete Student & Instructor Evaluation Forms, return to Registration Desk

Class Details

Please note that all class fees are payable directly to the Instructors.

Beginner Dance: Get started with learning English Country Dance. Instructor: Lady Roesia du Bois; Cost TBA

Blocking Period Hats: Learn how to up-cycle used modern wool hats into beautiful period hats! We’ll learn about period hat styles, and how to turn any old fedora or bowler into a beautiful period hat! Hats provided! Please bring fabric scissors. Instructor: Lady Rosalind McAllistair; Cost $25.00, includes hat

Embellishers’ Salon: This salon is a chance for embellishers to get together to share problems and solutions. I have been an embellisher for many years using all sorts of embroidery, fabric printing and weaving. I am sure others have been working on projects and have questions or ideas. In this salon, I am happy to share my knowledge, but I would also love to discover what others are up to. So, bring a project and let’s learn from each other. Instructor: Mistress Etan na Garmna Caisil; Cost $0.00

How to Play Hnefatafl: How to play Uilliam’s favourite board game, instruction and test playing. Instructor: Uilliam’s MacAndrew; Cost $0.00

Intermediate Dance: Learn some of Lions Gate’s favourite dances. Instructor: Lady Roesia du Bois: Cost TBA

Intro to Names & Armorial Submissions: An introduction to the basic guidelines for name and armorial submissions. Learn where to look for documentation and resources. Instructor: Lady Sadhbh Bheag inghean Toirrdhealbhaigh. Cost $2.00

Uneven Musical Rhythms: From Ancient Greece To Philip Glass: Uneven musical rhythms are little known in Western Europe and North America, and virtually non-existent in European music of the SCA period. In southeastern Europe, Greece and Anatolia, however, these rhythms have been sung, played and danced for well over 2,000 years. This course explains what uneven rhythms are; summarizes their probable history; and uses numerous musical examples to teach students how to recognize and “feel” this unusual and fascinating aspect of music. Instructor: Einarr Karlsson; Cost $0.00

Voice Class for Heralds, Bards, etc.: I will provide handouts as we go through warm up and preparation to do a full-on voice training session. I will slowly guide the students to reach the point they can be Event Voice Heralds. There will be homework – Wink. Instructor Lord Niall an Bacach. Cost $2.00

If you have any questions, please send an email to and I’ll be happy to answer them.  YIS, sitt Marie bint Yussuf, TUTR Officer, Barony of Lions Gate.


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