Baroness’ Birthday/Rapier Defender’s Tournament


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ceara inghean ui Mhadadhain
Date: November 15 , 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 15th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Meadow Ridge School
12224- 240 St. Maple Ridge, BC

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Her Excellency, Baroness Caitrin of Lions Gate, wishes to
invite one and all to come and celebrate Her birthday on
November 15th at the newly renovated Baroness’ Birthday
Tourney.  There will be lots to do and see!

  • There will be the Annual Unbelted Heavy Tournament.
  • There will be two rapier tournaments – Lions Gate
    Defender and Gerhard’s Riposte.
  • There will be an archery
    tournament – challenge a Goose.
  • And if that’s not enough, there will be dancing,
    games, music, Pied Piper, merchants and socializing too.
  • But most important of all, we’ll be celebrating
    the evening!

Annual Unbelted Heavy Tournament
Entrants must challenge and fight a Knight during the
tournament and bring a prize for the prize table.

Barony of Lions Gate Rapier Defender

Entrants must be present at opening court for the Invocation
of the lists
The victor this day will serve as Baronial Defender and as
such must fulfill the duties of this rank over the next

  • When present to join the Baron and
    Baroness at court
  • Represent the Barony when traveling to
    other branches.
  • Attend the three major local events –
    Banquet, Baroness’ Birthday, and May Bardic
  • Compete in the name of Lions Gate over the
    next year
  • Swear fealty to their Excellencies of
    Lions Gate 

Gerhard’s Riposte Rapier

Criteria for the Riposte has
changed as we no longer use fibreglass weapons.  Our new
criteria for entry into the Riposte is to be unauthorized, or
authorized for less than a year, have a patron to recommend
you as well as be accepted by the Master of Blades, who will
be advised by attending White Scarves.  Questions about
the tourney format can be directed to our Master of Blades,
  This is an accolade style tourney.

Archery Tournament in the Evening will be structured in a
similiar manner to the Unbelted Heavy Tournament.  Entrants must challenge
and shoot against a Goose during the tournament and bring a
prize for the prize table. Tourney will last for about one
hour of shooting. Winner will be determined by who wins the
most matches. Tourney is limited to handbows
only.  If the weather is good, we will also set up
a range outdoors for royal rounds however the long range forecasts
are not looking good at this point.

Event Schedule
9:00   Site and lists
open (Rapier list will close 5 minutes before court)
10:00 Opening Court-Rapier Defender Invocation
10:30 (after Court) Rapier Inspection
11:00 Rapier Tourney begins   * Gerhard’s Riposte to commence 10
mins after Defenders Tourney Concludes

12:30 Heavy lists close
1:00   Heavy inspection begins
Piper activities begin (approx)

1:30   Heavy Tourney begins
3:00   Pied Piper
activities end (subject to volunteer availability)

5:30   Kingdom,
Principality and Baronial Courts

Court – Birthday Celebration for Baroness Caitrin!! 

Refreshments will be available
12:00 Site closes

Site Fees
Adult SCA Members… $12
Adult Non-SCA Members… $15
Minors (13-18)… $5
Child 12 & Under are…. Free
Family Cap* $30 – Max 2 Adults & their minor children,
modern immediate family only. Does not include

All fees listed are in Canadian funds; USD accepted at par.
Please make cheques payable to ‘Barony of Lions Gate’.

Bring your dancing shoes and your gaming
prowess!  We’re going to have a party!!  The
autocrats are suggesting that if anyone wishes to present Her
Excellency with a gift, a gift of largese which she can
use might be a really nice idea.  Please speak with the
Baronial Herald BEFORE Court if you wish to make any
birthday presentations during Court.  Also for the
birthday celebrations, there will be limited munchies
available however if you wish to make a contribution to
the munchie table, please by all means do so (but it is not

Other Information
This is a dry event and
no smoking is allowed on school property.  NO EXCEPTIONS
– school policy.  Gold Key will be available and
showers are available onsite.

FOOD – Special arrangements
have been made for the school cafeteria to be open for a
limited time (10:30 am to
during the event.   This is really
great news!  The menu is
as follows:










Pizza by the





$1.25 – $3.00



Lunch Special


Dinner Special

MERCHANTSAll merchant spaces are currently spoken
for.  Contact co-autocrat Alienor to register for a
waiting list at
SCRIBAL – Lady Elspeth
Selwode, the Coronet Scribe, will be at the event somewhere
(depends on which nook the autocrat finds).  She will be
distributing charters, picking up charters, and, if space
permits, painting charters!  Wanna help?
HERALDRY – This event will
be focusing on the art of voice heraldry so no consultation
table will be set up.  If you are interested in voice
heraldry, please come to the List table to give it a
try during the tournaments!  Contact the Baronial
Herald (Sable Loat) for more info.
ARCHERY – It is our hope
that we will have indoor target archery in the gym in the
evening after Court.  This is subject to being able to
set up a proper range which we won’t know we can do till we
get to the event to set up.  Bring your archery gear
just in case!  Contact the Baronial Archer for more
of our Barony’s talented individuals will be sharing by
either display or interaction their most amazing
abilities.  Here’s what is currently in store for you
to enjoy
 to do a reprise of
his steam-driven dragon that he first showed 6 months
ago.  He has apparently improved it, and would like to
show the result of his” New Improved Mark II
Vapouroboros”.  He says, “As before, it’s
a semi-static display, that I start up and then (hopefully)
runs on its own for a few minutes. It involves fire – a
candle or two, sometimes smoky, going on inside the thing’s
head.  Please be mindful of any barriers put up for
safety reasons.
HL Aelana
 has offered a display of Icons of
Roger, Geoffrey and maybe Gerhard with candles, flowers
etc. or an active display of some steps in
 will be
conducting a
‘hands on’/’drop by’ wax carving
demo/display/experience.  No artistic talent
Lady Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir
natural dyeing display. Naturally dyed
silk and wool, displayed with materials used in period for
 will be
displaying – and likely teaching – his highly famous

Kumihimo and stick weaving.
If you
have something you would like to share, feel free to notify
the Autocrat to ensure for space available and for feature
billing here or just bring it along to the

– Given our current economic situation,
we are running a food drive for the food bank.  Please
bring your non-perishable donation to gate.  The
donation to the food bank will be done in Her Excellency’s
VOLUNTEERS – A huge number
are needed, of course.  Setup/Take down, voice heralds
and marshals for tourneys, waterbearers, lists, gate, pied
piper and probably a few other things that escape me at the
moment.   If you can help in any way PLEASE email
the Autocrat asap.

Lady Ceara inghean uí Mhadadháin (mka
ac.wahs@ecnuacc, (604) 574-6364 ~ and ~
HL Alienor Sanz-Argent (mka Margaret),
(604) 785-9904. 

No calls after 10pm for both Autocrats please.

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