Banner War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Crinoc Donn
Date: September 29 , 2006 until October, 1 2006
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 29th 2006
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 1th 2006

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mt Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

**updated 22 Sep 06**

Aquaterra’s households have already begun the lengthy and intricate negotiations to prepare for the grand alliances that bring glory not only to the winners but to all who participate in Banner War. Will your House be there?!

To compete in the war, each household must do the following:
* Household heads must attend Opening Court (10 am Saturday; line up at 9:30 am for the Procession of Households) and declare their intention to compete
* Heavy war bands must fight with a war banner
* Donate something for the prize chest
* Attend Closing Court (1 pm Sunday) to hear the winners announced

All individuals or groups entering a contest for a war point must declare their household allegiance at the time they sign up – this means that mercenaries will need to finalize their negotiations prior to entering.

A note about on-the-spot household alliances: as long as the households concerned have met the requirements noted above, alliances can be made during the event. Upon completing any such alliance, both household heads must seek out one or both of the Event Stewards (autocrats) to make the change known.

When you arrive on site, please check the information point located in the small triangle between the merchant and archery areas (Baron Hauk’s 30-ft flag pole will be there, you won’t be able to miss it!) – there will be a map for people to mark their camp location. We will also keep an updated schedule posted here.

War point activities for ADULTS include
* heavy fighting (various scenarios)
* rapier fighting
* target archery
* one-on-one archery (Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bacey box shoot organized by Kingdom Protector Burning Bear – with 2 lbs of bacon as the prize!)
* thrown weapons
* arts and sciences contest (The theme is “banner war” — so items should have something to do with war and/or heraldry. Adults should include simple documentation, children (under 16) can submit anything they want.)
* bardic performance (The theme is “inspiring warriors”, so dust off your most rousing song/poem/story to share.)
* games
* darts
* costume contest for best heraldic clothing (3 points – general, fighter, child. documentation recommended)

War point activities for CHILDREN (Pied Piper and School of Pages) include
* youth combat torchlight tournament (rumor has it that Baron Wyll Hauk will award a helm to the winner!)
* boffer adventure
* archery
* arts and sciences
* bardic performance
* darts
* games
* siege cooking
* scavenger hunt
* best banner made on site.

Special war points will be awarded for
* Best Household Presentation in Court
* Best Heraldic Encampment
* Most Hospitable Encampment
* Best War Standard
* Best Display of a Heraldic Device
* Most Volunteer Hours (one point each for adults and children)

Children are invited to Tea with the Baroness! Her Excellency Rosamund will tell a story, tea and snacks will be served, and children will be invited to participate in a bardic competition.

Join the Procession of Banners at Evening Court! Gather at 4:30 pm with your personal or household banner and join the procession to court. (Bring your own portable hole or plan to hold your banner during court.)

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire has challenged its neighboring Baronies to bring in the most items in this year’s Toys for Tots campaign. A war point will go to the household who donates the most new, unwrapped toys.

* Ageless Treasures
* Dew Drop Inn
* Dragon’s Breath Espresso
* Dragon Steps (Tai Chi will be taught before morning court both days and after Sat evening court.)
* Dream Visions
* Eviless-Stash
* Garb Aged
* Gifts from Atlantis
* Greystone Garb
* Gyrphonshold Merchanting
* Hawk and Dove Leathercraft
* Leather Work
* Lewis the Smith (Keystone Ironworks)
* Roxane’s Silver Dragon
* Samurai Gardens
* Shaughnessy’s
* T’s Treasures
* The Cat and Candle
* The Creativity Works
* Wyevern Mercantyle

STAFF: No calls after 9pm, please.
Event Stewards (aka autocrats):
Lady Crínóc Donn (Pandora Fitzpatrick), 425-760-0753,,
Lady Elzipeth Davidson (Diane Percefull), 425-330-5780,

Merchant Steward: Sarra Treemaker (425) 397-8242
Merchant fee is a donation to the war prize chest.

RV Reservations: Baroness Arianne, (425) 778-2359,
There are limited RV spaces at this site, therefore reservations are required. Power is another $10/night (payable directly to the Masonic Park Campground).

Gate Hours:
Friday, September 29 – 3 pm to midnight (merchants may enter at noon).
Saturday, September 30 – 8 am to 4:30 pm.
Sunday, October 1 – 8 am to noon. Everyone must be off site by 5 pm.
Warning – the gate is *locked* when not staffed.

Fees: Weekend fee for adults is $13.00. Weekend fee for children under 16 is $7.00. Day fee for adults is $7.00. Day fee for children under 16 is $4.00. Children under 5 are free. The $3 NMS will be collected from non-member adults. Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc. – Barony of Aquaterra”.

Site Rules:
* Park on right side of road, facing out. Display parking pass in front windshield.
* Quiet hours are observed from 10 pm to 8 am.
* Fires may be made in existing fire pits or standard SCA braziers only (do NOT dig or make new fire pits/rings). No open-flame torches (e.g. tiki torches). Propane for cooking is always OK. Don’t leave fires/stoves/lamps unattended.
* Wood is available in woodsheds; please return unused wood at the end of the event.
* Trash service is available at the gate for $1/bag; otherwise, pack it out.
* Pets shall be leashed at all times. Pet owners responsible for scooping.
* Leave the animals alone – this is a wildlife preserve. No fishing, hunting or swimming.
* No dumping trash or gray water or anything in the fishponds or river.
* Return all picnic tables to original positions.
* No smoking in buildings or tents, under canopies or near hay/straw bales. Dispose of cigarette butts properly.

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