Banner War


Event Summary

Date: September 19 , 2014 until September, 21 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 19th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 21th 2014

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252


Notes of some unrest between the houses of Aquaterra and her
surrounding areas are rumored. Before discordant words become
villainous deeds; Come all households to the Masonic Park on the
weekend of September 19th – 21st.

All household must declare themselves at Opening Court with a
donation to the war chest. Also, it is expected that each house has
a banner or some way to distinguish itself.

Gather your house, bring your banner and we will see you




      – There are war points in
many disciplines.

YAC Torchlight

      – Come support your YAC
fighters in the traditional Torchlight Tourney

2nd Annual Ladies

      – Come have tea with Her
Excellency, Baroness Sineidin

Open Tavern on
Saturday Night

      – The war will move to
Peterson Hall as the night falls.


Event Team:

HL Geneviève de Bretagne (Jenifer Keating) moc.evil@acs_bdg

HL Adeliza a Donyng
(Diane Perccefull) moc.liamtekcor@azileda


RV Reservations: Call Baroness Arianne at 425-778-2359 (no calls
after 9pm) or email moc.reitnorf@sserehcra



Weekend: $20 for Adults, $10 for Youth

Day: $10 for Adult, $5 for Youth


No Charge for those 15 and younger (Minors age 16 and 17 will be
charged Youth Rates.)

(Non Member Surcharge of US $5 applies to all adult


Make checks payable to Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc.


Site: Masonic Family Park, 24310 Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite
Falls, WA 98252.


Site Rules

*Please bring your own
 as the park has been wiped clean
recently. Do not cut any tree on site or the entire Society will be
banned from the site. Fires are allowed in fire pits only.

*No Dumpster available – this event is
. (This is how we are able to afford
allowing children 15 and under to come in for free.)

*Dogs with current vaccinations okay, on leash and accompanied
by its pet person at all times. Please clean up after them

*Site is discretely wet.

*RVs must not be parked in the main activities area.

*”In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should
follow modern law, both State and Federal. As it is still illegal
under Federal law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA
functions.  Jan 2013 Board Meeting.”

*Smoking is limited to your encampment only.

*Limited electricity hook-up available for a charge, please pay
directly to the Masons.


General Schedule


12pm – SCA Gate opens to Merchants Only

3pm – SCA Gate opens* to General Populous

12am – Gate Closes*


8am – Gate Opens*

9am- Opening Court

1030am – War Activities Begin (Please check site copy for
specific details)

3pm – Ladies Tea

6pm – Gate Closes*

6pm – YAC Torchlight Tourney

7pm – Memorial for Baron Little Bear – Hosted by the Canton of

7pm – Open Tavern


11a – Closing Court

5p – Site Closes

There is No SCA gate on Sunday; you will need to pay the Masons
directly at their rate.

*Note: that when the gate is closed, the site is physically
closed. Please arrive during gate hours only.  Do not
drive past the Masons gate if it is not opened for you.


Merchant Information from the Merchant Steward

Merchant Steward: Lady Sabina di Zorzi

Merchant fee: Donation to War Chest/Largesse


War Points

Before discordant words become villainous deeds, Enter and Prove
your Mettle.

All household must declare themselves at Opening Court with a
donation to the war chest. Also, it is expected that each house has
a banner or some way to proclaim itself and take on all


Armoured Scenarios (7 points) HL Gideon

Woods Battle – Road Ambush

Bridge Battle – Hold The Bridge

Bridge Battle – Last Man Standing

Field Battle – Advance The Flag

Field Battle – Prisoner Exchange

Field Battle – Small Squad Competitions

Field Battle – Last Man Standing

*Battle points will be tallied, Household with the most gets all
7 points = “Winner Takes All”


Other War

Rapier Scenarios (1) Pani Katarzyna Miloshova

YAC Torch Light Tourney (3) Baron Jolgeirr Alarson

Archery (1)  Thorin Stevenson

Thrown Weapons (1) 

Vox-Off (1)  HL Alan ap Neal

Bardic Challenge (1)  HL Roger Gridley

Largess Challenge (1)  HL Adeliza a Donyng

Siege Cooking (1)  Maestra Fiamma the Unquenchable

Games Challenge (1)  HL Eibhlin inghean Sheain

Iron Ink (1)  Daigo Tsukime Kitsume

Interdisciplinary House Challenge (3) HL Geneviève de
Bretagne & HL Aenor de Pessac

Service Hours (1)  HL Geneviève de Bretagne



Details for the Banner War Challenges



Show your house’s diverse talents and generosity but submitting
three items of crafters choice. Two may be the same; one must be
different than the rest. One War Point is at stake.

Entrants should be present at the Open Tavern on Saturday night
in Peterson hall. Entries will be voted on by the populace. All
entries will go to the Baronial Largess Coffer.

How the Judging works: Each person attending the tavern
(including entrants) will receive a bead, which they may put in a
cup by the largess they like best. Additional bead can be awarded
at the discretion of the


Judge / Coordinator: HL Adeliza a Donyng (moc.liamtekcor@aziledA)


Siege Cooking

Maestra Fiamma the Unquenchable has issued this challenge:

Demonstrate the bounty of your house and bring a period potluck
to the Open Tavern, serving at least 10 folks as part of the Tavern
Meal that will be served to the populace and provide a complete
ingredient list.

The more authentic and period the dish, the higher the

Documentation can be as simple as a copy of the original period
recipe. Your redaction (interpretation) of the recipe a bonus. No
New World ingredients, unless you can document their use within the
SCA period.

The winning dish will be worth one War Point.

Please remember to bring your own cooking/heating/serving
equipment and to clean up and remove your stuff as soon as the food
serving is finished. If you have any questions, I am available for
consultation on

ideas and sources for period recipe. Please contact me.

How the Judging works: each person attending the tavern
(including entrants) will receive a nut, which they may put in a
cup by the dish they like best. Certain people (such as Their
Excellency’s) will have multiple

nuts to award as they see fit. The judge will award additional
nuts for authentic and period dish, simple documentation see
rule above, your redaction interpretation. See rules above.


Judge / Coordinator: Maestra Fiamma the Unquenchable (moc.loa@attemmaif)



Bards you have been challenged for a War point at this Banner

Come forth and show your skill at the Open Tavern at 7p on
Saturday night in Peterson hall

Bring feast gear (there is food) and your friends (there is


The Challenge: Each contestant must present two pieces with the
same plot but different performance medium. For example a poem
and a song, Voice, instrument, finger puppets… be creative as
long as both

pieces clearly tell the same story. If there is any doubt the
decision of the judge shall be  final. Each bard will
perform their first piece before any bard performs their second.
Entrants should be present at the

start of the tavern night (7P) and sign up with the judge.


The Judging: Each person attending the tavern (including
entrants) will receive a coin, which they may give to the bard of
their choice. Additional coins can be awarded at the discretion of
the judge. The judge will

award additional coins for period pieces (please bring simple
documentation) and may award coins for creativity (for best
use of interpretive dance, for example) or other factors. The judge
may enter as a

destructive bye if the entrant pool is small (he may win coins
but not the tournament).



How to Win: The bard with the most coins awarded wins (bring
your friends). In the event of a tie the judge will set a challenge
to break the tie.


Judge / Coordinator: Roger Gridley (moc.liamg@yeldirg)



Banner War Games

The household that plays the widest variety of games will win.
This can be 1 player playing 10 games or 10 people playing 1 game.
The house that has the overall highest score will win the War


Please check the site copy for time and location.

Judge / Coordinator: HL Eibhlin inghean Sheain



Iron Ink

You’ve heard of an Iron Needle to test sewing prowess? This
year we are testing your scribal skills in an Iron Ink. Bring
your scribal kit and demonstrate illumination or calligraphy or
both in the creation of a scroll.

Contestants will receive a charter blank and a piece of prose
and have 6 hours to complete their piece. Winner will receive
a War Point for their House. Remaining pieces will be donated to


Judge / Coordinator: Daigo Tsukime Kitsume



Dig deep and raise your voice for the Known World to
hear. Please check the site copy for place and time.

Judge / Coordinator: HL Alan ap Neal (moc.reitnorf@ecreip_a).



The Interdisciplinary
House Challenge

Incorporating all four track Stewardship, Marshallate, Artisan
and Ambassadorship challenging each of the houses to display all
the various interests of our society in order to form a Complete

An individual or team from a Household may participate. At
Opening Court, each house’s will be presented the details of the
challenge. Until then, delve into the embodiment of what makes
your household unique

so that it may be presented when you are called upon
Saturday. How does your household run? What fighting prowess
and artisan skills can be called upon? Extra points for persona
development aspects.

Judge / Coordinator: HL Geneviève de Bretagne (moc.evil@acs_bdg)



Banner War Rapier

Hone your steel and flash your style for this year’s Rapier
Challenge. We will have a tavern brawl, a bridge battle and a melee
scenario. Depending on the number of fighters, there may be

Judge / Coordinator: Pani Katarzyna Miloshova (moc.liamg@1651ennomys)


Banner War Archery

Draw strong and aim true. Join us for the Archery Challenge at
Banner War.

Please check the site copy for additional details and time.



Thrown Weapons

Axe, Knife and Spear, Winning a War Point for those you hold
dear at the Thrown Weapons Challenge. Please check the site
copy for additional details and time.



Armoured War

HL Gideon, the mighty and feared War Lord of Aquaterra, has set
the challenges for the Households:


There will be ARCHERY in the open field battles only!



Woods battles will be of the “Road Ambush” type. In turn,
each Banner Force will be doing the ambushing and then will be
ambushed. The ambushing force will lay in hiding and at their
discretion ambush

the force going up the road. Point will be given to the
Banner with the last man standing. This will repeat until all
Banners fighting will have a chance to do both options. No



There will be two types of Bridge Battles.


Hold the Bridge

Forces will fight on the bridge with the goal of holding over
half the bridge for time. There will be an official “time
keeper” to record times.

The winning force will have held the majority of the bridge for
the longest time. 15 minute time limit, unlimited resurrection.


Last man Standing.

Last man or most men from a specific force alive after 15
minutes gets the point. No resurrections.



There will be four Field Battles


Advance the Flag

One fighter from each opposing force will be chosen as a “Banner
Bearer” they is not allowed to fight. His goal will be to get
his banner to a designated point on the opposition’s side of the
war field.

Should he die, he must drop the banner where he died and
resurrect. He must then return to where he dropped the banner,
pick it up and continue on his journey.

He must repeat this every time he dies. He may not be killed
until he is holding the banner again and the banner may not be
touched by an opposing fighter.

The remaining force must protect him and also try and thwart the
efforts of the opposition’s banner bearer. Point goes to the
force that achieved this goal most often. 15 minutes. Unlimited


Prisoner Exchange

Each force will have a prisoner from the other side’s army under
guard by five fighters. Each force will have to rescue its
prisoner and return him to the resurrection point;

also each force will be required to keep the opponent’s prisoner
from being freed. Point goes to the force that rescues the captive
and gets him to the resurrection point the most times. 15

Unlimited resurrections.


Small Squad Competitions

Each Army will decide its best arrangement of 5 man
squads; these squads will fight to the last man deciding the

This will be repeated in “open field” and bridge battle styles
as many times as there are squads available.


Last Man Standing

The last man or the last portion of any one banner force
remaining alive after fighting will receive the war point for that
scenario. No time limit, no resurrections.



(NOTE) any of these scenarios can and will be repeated depending
on how much fun we are having.


War points will be as follows, there will
be one point each for each type of scenario given to the Household
whose combatants win the scenario most times.

This means a total of 7 war points. The total numbers of
individual war points from each Household will be tallied and the
Household who has the most points will receive all 7 points.
“Winner take all”

Warlord: HL Gideon (moc.oohay@30noeedig)




Details for the Banner War Open Tavern


Our Offering of Food, Fun and Entertainment at Banner War


Greetings Households of Banner War,

Come and join us at the Open Tavern in Peterson Hall on Saturday
Night 7p – 9p


There will be food! (so please bring your feast gear)

There is no charge for the Buffet – but donations $ or in
potluck contribution (please Provide a complete ingredient list) to
help cover costs would be welcome.

Please note: the Buffet is first come first


There will be challenges – which you will get to enjoy and vote

Siege Cooking Contest – entries will be part of the Buffet

Bardic Challenge – be entertained by the bards and their

Largess Challenge – look at the talent of the artisans of the

Judging: Each person attending the tavern (including entrants)
will receive a coin (Bardic), nut (Siege Cooking) and a bead
(Largess), which they may award to the entry of their choice. Don’t
worry about remembering this – voting process will be posted.

Winners: The entry’s with the most voting pieces awarded wins.
In the event of a tie the judge(s) will set a challenge to break
the tie.

 If you have any questions please contact the Tavern Host:
HL Adeliza a Donyng (moc.liamtkcor@aziledA)






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