Avacal-Inlands War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Turloch Spathusson
Date: July 28 , 2006 until July, 30 2006
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 28th 2006
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 30th 2006

Event site:
Farragut State Park
13550 E Highway 54 Athol, ID 83801

Inlands Avacal War

Cone One, Come All to the war between the Inlands Region and the Principality of Avacal! Brandish your sword or tankard! “Raze” your voice in song and praise! Sharpen your wit and your rapier! Let your artistic and culinary talents flow free in the support of your chosen area.

**Fire update 7/27/06 As of this date, above ground fires and tiki torches are still allowed.**

Activities planned and worth war points are:
War scenarios
Target archery, Adult and Junior
Axe Throwing
Spear Throwing
A&S contests – beginner and experienced
Seige Cooking – beginner and experienced

Volunteer hours will be totaled and worth one war point, so please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up!

Pied Piper activities will be provided. A Teen Hall will be provided Sat from 10 pm to Midnight.

All Artisians! We will be holding an Artisians display. Please bring your projects or completed items (they may be in progress).

Site tokens are to be worn at all times.

Merchants are cordially invited and there is no additional site fee. Your site fee covers your merchanting. If you plan on merchanting, please contact our Merchant coordinator to arrange space.

Site is Scott Campground at Farragut State Park. Site opens Friday July 28th at noon and closes Sunday, July 30th at noon.

There is potable water on site. At this time, above ground fires and tiki torches are allowed. Please check back for updates.

Site fees: Adults, (18 & up) Weekend fee: $12.00 Day fee: $7.00
6 – 17 Weekend fee: $ 8.00, under 6 Weekend fee: free
$3.00 Non Member Surcharge applies. Please make checks payable to Shire of Pendale, SCA Inc.

You will need to stop at the Park Office and pick up and pay for your parking permit. Parking permits are $4.00 per night.

Autocrat: Lord Turloch Spathasson, (208)597-1194

Site-crat and Volunteer Coordinator: Vanora Spathasson, moc.oohay@eladnep_fo_aronav or (208) 597-1192

Merchant Coordinator: Lord Hyme MacMillan, moc.liamtoh@retsam_navarac_emyH or (509)499-6997, please call AFTER 9 pm please!

A&S & Electronic Info Coordinator: THL Abigail Kitchener, moc.loa@mmekret or (509)466-0332

General Information: HL Montgomery & HL Shideh’ Avennoush, (208)267-2790

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