Autumn War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Eoin Piers
Date: September 9 , 2005 until September, 12 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 9th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 12th 2005

Event site:
Riverglenn Farms
14715 South Fork Rd E Orting, WA 98360

The year is 886. A fierce horde of Norsemen have sailed up the Seine River, and are laying siege to the city of Paris. Join the Barony of Blatha An Oir as we attempt to recreate the defense of this city against the “raven-ous” horde of warriors from the the Barony of Stromgard. We will have heavy and mixed force battles (including archers and seige weapons) in castle and bridge battles. We also do a “time jump” to allow for rapier duels. Arts and Sciences competitions abound! We are currently in contact with Universtiy of Ithra for possible course offerings. And, since this is Autumn War, we will have the Coursing of the Hounds!

The event is being held at the Riverglenn Farms, the traditional Autumn War site for many years. The current site owner has been working hard to improve existing facilities, and expanding the amount of usable parking and camping areas (he has opened up an additional 10 acres in the last 2 months alone!). In other words, we have LOTS of space!!!

Friday, Sep 9th
9 AM Gate open for Merchants
1 PM Gate open for Populace
6 PM Marshal’s Class (Baronial Pavilion)
8 PM Fighter authorization/re-authorization for new fighters or those with expired fighter cards (Baronial Pavilion)
9 PM Torchlight Rapier Tourney hosted by Clan Carn (Clan Carn camp)
11 PM Quiet Hours (no drumming or loud gatherings)

Saturday, Sep 10th
8 AM Wake up (heralded)
9 AM Ithra Classes begin
College of Pages activities begin
9:30 AM Marshal’s’ meeting (war field)
10 AM Opening Court
– Armor inspection following court (all) (rapier fighters on rapier eric, heavy fighters on war field)
– Archery/thrown weapons range open (see board for schedule)
11 AM WAR!!!!!!
– Frederich Wilhelm von Falkenberg Memorial Rapier Tourney (rapier eric)
– Iron Needle begins
– Pied Piper opens
1 PM Rapier Melee (rapier eric) (time approximate following Memorial Tourney)
2 PM Siege cooking (location TBA)
– Brewing contest opens (brewed, vented, and non-alcoholic) (drop off in Autocrat’s camp)
5 PM Pied Piper closes
5:30 PM Fighting ends (all)
6 PM Ithra classes end
– College of Pages events end
6:30 PM PIG ROAST!!!! Potluck feast on the eric
– Archery/thrown weapons range closed
7 PM Court (Baronial & Royal)
– evening activities following court (TBA)
– Children/youth equestrian class (war field)
9 PM Teen gathering (12-18 year olds) (covered picnic area)
11 PM Quiet hours (no drumming/loud gatherings)

Sunday, Sep 11th
8 AM Wake up (heralded)
8:46 AM Moment of silence/remembrance (start and end will be heralded)
9 AM Archery/thrown weapons range opens
– College of Pages starts
9:30 AM Marshal’s’ meeting (war field)
10 AM Armor inspection for 5-Man War (war field center)
– Armor inspection for rapier fighters (rapier eric)
– Kubb Tourney sponsored by Clan Carn (end of warfield)
10:30 AM Cadet’s Invitational Rapier Tournament
11 AM Hati Longtooth Woodworking Competition (location TBA)
– Coursing of the Hounds (location TBA)
12 PM Griffin’s Heart (Children’s Champion) Tournament (covered picnic area)
– Rogue’s Rapier Tournament (rapier eric)
2 PM College of Pages closed
2:30 PM All fighting, classes, and contests end
3 PM Closing Court
5:30 PM Picnic shelter closed

7 PM Archery/thrown weapons range closed (may close earlier per archery marshal)
11 PM Quiet hours (no drumming or loud gatherings)

Monday, Sep 12th
5 PM Site closed. Everyone should be packed up and off site at this time. Gates will be locked from the outside.


Autumn War Contests
FWVF Memorial Tourney
Hati Longtooth Woodworking
Iron Needle
Siege Cooking

Others as Announced

WAR POINTS (total allocation per event)
4 = War (1-winner (team), 1-most chivalric fighter, 1-war archery, 1-marshal’s choice)
1 = 5-Man War
4 = Rapier (1-melee winner (team), 1-most chivalric, 1-Cadet’s tourney winner,
1- marshal’s choice)
1 = FWVF Memorial Tourney winner
1 = Iron Needle
1 = Siege cooking
3 = brewing contest ( 1-brewed beverage, 1-vinted beverage (includes mead),
1 – Non-alcoholic)
2 = Archery (1-target, 1-marshal’s choice)
1 = Children’s archery
1 = Thrown weapons
1 = Children
1 = Pages
1 = Hati Longtooth Woodworking winner
1 = Volunteer (see below)
2 = Baroness’ Choice (1 for each Baroness to be given as she pleases)
1 = Autocrat’s choice

**In case of a tie, the Baron’s will face each other in court in a game of chess**

Volunteer point: 1 ticket will be given for a minimum of 2 hours of service in each separate area (i.e., 3 hours of constabulary, 2 hours of heralding, and 1 hour of water bearer would be 2 tickets (constabulary and heralding). Also, only the first two hours in any given area will count for the ticket. Tickets will be placed in the appropriate container, and will be counted before final court. Baronial officers and their deputies are excluded, since they are already volunteering their services. This also will apply to the Autocrat team or their families. (It would be unfair to “stuff” the box against our friendly “foes”). The containers will be located at Constables/Volunteer point.

Site Fees: $18 per adult (18 and over)(plus applicable $3 Non Member Surcharge)
$10 per youth (5-17 years old)
Under 5 years old are free
$56 Family cap (modern family only)* (PLEASE NOTE CORRECTION)
**Make checks/money orders payable to:SCA Inc, Barony of Blatha
An Oir**
Day Trip Fee: $13 per adult (plus applicable $3 NMS), $5 per youth; under 5 years old still free. *There is no day trip family cap, since it is already discounted*.

**SPECIAL NOTE FOR RVs: A separate RV fee of $16.50 per night will be charged. This fee will be paid to the site owner or site manager upon your arrival. If you wish to reserve RV space, please notate it on your pre-registration form Please, don’t pay this at the gate!!!! You need to have separate payment. Also, per the site owner, NO RVs (motorhomes, trailers, etc) WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE LOWER CAMPING AREA. YOU MUST PARK IN THE UPPER RV AREA** (please note this information has been changed as of 1pm 6/22/05)

Site opens at 1 pm Friday, September 9,2005 (9 am for merchants), and closes at 5pm on Monday, September 12,2005.

Autocrat: HL Eoin Piers (Jon Pearson) 360.662.0412*
7473 NW Woodbridge Ln Bremerton WA 98311
e-mail: (not available at this time – please call)
Pre-registration contact: Una nic Duibh (Sara Walker) 253.922.7006*

Merchantcrats: Lord Andrew McClaine (Ross Walker) 253.922.7006*
Isabelle (Michelle Pearson) 360.662.0412*

Campcrat (household/group &
camping reservations): Lord Redbear (Robert Dunn) 206.824.8738*

* No calls after 9pm or before 8 am, please. If leaving voice mail or e-mail, allow a minimum of 24 hours for response.

********FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT OUR AUTUMN WAR WEBSITE AT: (this is not a hyperlink. You will have to cut and paste this URL.)**********

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