Autumn War


Hosted in-person by Device of Blatha An Oir

The Barony of Blatha An Oir (Tacoma-Pierce county, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): The Honorable Lord Asher der Jager
Date: August 18 , 2022 until August, 22 2022
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on August 18th 2022
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on August 22th 2022

Event site:
Nix Ranch
220 Nix Road Chehalis, WA 98532

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SITE OPENS TODAY, PLEASE COME, Enjoy a slow set up and be with your SCA Friends and Family.

Site Opens 3pm to General Public

This is a Level 1: Other (Branch primary events of regional or Kingdom interest) event.

Autumn War: Let loose the dogs of war, to test your mettle with your friends, participate in competitions for war points and pageantry.

To See War Scenarios visit –

Autumn War

Edited post:

Autumn War Attendees.
Today I was reminded of some very important rules when it comes to our event and the land it is being held on.

1. No smoking from the point and time you drive on the property until you reach you encampment. Please do not smoke in your car on the way to gate. If the land owner catches you, he will ask you to leave his property.
2. No Wood Fires. This is a working farm and hay field. We can have propane fire pits only
3. Keep your speed down through the neighborhood leading into sight and also on sight.
There are kids in the neighborhood
And Mr. Nix requests 10 – 15 mph on property
4. Count your tent steaks when you arrive and count them before you leave. Make sure you have them all.


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Allows pets (check for details)

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Registration Information


Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Weekend $35
Day $25
Youth and Child Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Meal Information

NOON  Site opens to merchants
3:00 pm  Site opens to the populace
8:00 pm  Gate closes
8:00 am Gate opens
8:00 pm Gate closes
8:00 am Gate opens
10:00 am Archery/throw weapons rage opens
12:00 pm YAFA Children painting (archery area YAFA pop up)

Roaming Court (no seated Court)

5:00 pm Range Closes
7 pm – 10pm Companions of the Shattered Lance Torchlight Tournament on the erics.

Inspections and introductions begin at 7pm, followed by combat at dusk.

8 pm Candlelight Shoot (tentatively)
11 pm Gate Closes
8 am Gate opens

9 am

Missile combat and siege weapon inspections near the BAO pavilion on the war field.
9:30 am-10 Opening court   (pause in inspections)
10:00 am A&S sign up for lasses w/ size limit
10:00am Archery Range Opens
10:30 am Armored combat inspections: center war field

Rapier melee scenarios start: south end war field.

11 am Armored war scenarios start in the center of the war field.
11am-4pm A&S classes
YAFA Archery- Youth Range (When sign is up)
11am Weaving 101 A&S pavilion
12 pm Siege Cooking Begins
Range closes for lunch
Thrown Weapons Challenge
12pm Glass Etching A&S Pavilion
1 pm Garb Contest 2022 (Limit 10) 5$ fee A&S Pavilion
  YAC Marshal Class followed by Karl Redstone Memorial Tournament on the erics

Rapier and adult armored combat inspections on the war field

  Scroll Design A&S Pavilion
  Royal Tea (All Welcome Baronial Pavilion)
TBD York Shoot on the north end of the war field
2pm Medieval Falconry A&S Pavilion
3 pm Novelty Shoot on the archery range
3pm Intro to Block Printing (limit 10) 10$ fee A&S Pavilion
5 pm Royal Court followed by Baronial Court (or at Their Majesties’ pleasure)
Immediately after Court Youth armored combat melee scenarios on the war field
PARTY 90min Post Court GRAND PARTY (Everyone invited)
8pm Middle Eastern Dance Contest @ the GRAND PARTY
10 am Rapier Tournament
  Range Opens
12pm YAFA Children Lantern Making (YAFA pop up at Range)
NOON  Site Closed
3 pm Everyone off site- NO EXCEPTIONS

Tournament Information

Autumn War Torchlight Prize Tournament

The Companions of the Shattered Lance humbly invite you to the Fourteenth Annual Autumn War Torchlight Prize Tournament: a martial tourney to celebrate skill-at-arms, chivalry, pageantry and heart; a grand party to follow, into the evening! Bring your weapons and gauntlets and display your chivalric spirit on the Eric Friday night.

Armor inspection begins at the first whisper of darkness. Households are encouraged to bring their heraldry, their torchlight, and a table with a few hors d’oeuvres or appropriate tournament-watching beverages to share. There will be a prize for the household with the finest tournament hospitality. This year’s contest will be open to any weapons style, but shields will be limited to 16 inches in any dimension. We will end the evening with a two-person single-sword relay at the barrier, so make sure you stick around to the end. Rest assured, there will be plenty of fighting for everyone!

The Companions of the Shattered Lance will select The Victor of this tournament: the fighter whom we believe most fully encompasses those virtues of chivalry we aspire to achieve.

To enter the lists, your armor needs to be of a high standard and clearly represent the period of your persona. To that end, no visible plastic (basket hilts are fine) or other modern materials may be visible. Some other items that are not permitted are visible tape, stickers on helmets, tennis shoes, and large areas of rust on your armor. This will be strictly enforced this year. If you have any questions about what is acceptable, reach out to Phillip de Mantel


Largesse Derby at Autumn War:

All entrants should create 12 items that are suitable for largesse. For example: needlebooks, hats, feastware, children’s toys, necklaces, etc. The entries can be anything that is suitable for largesse! All entries must be tagged with your name/Branch, and be ready to be gifted the day of the competition. Please list the ingredients of any food or cosmetics items (spice mixes, soap, etc) and avoid heavily scented items or items that may melt (This is August in An Tir; it gets kinda hot!) Items need not be documentable — this is not an Arts and Sciences competition — but they should be handcrafted and suitable for gifting. Items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to others and may travel to outside areas. Sadly, no alcoholic beverages please. Entries may be dropped off at the Baronial Pavilion Saturday morning between 9am and 10am. Judging will take place throughout the day Saturday until evening court. There will be beans used for populace to come and vote on their favorite item. The contest will close 30 minutes on Saturday before evening court. The winner of the Donation Derby is the person with the most votes. 1 point for each bean, 2 points if someone votes with their personal coin, and the creator will get that coin also. The winner gets to select one item from each of the other competitors. Thank you for your creativity and generosity!


Autumn-Themed Garb Contest

Greetings, Citizens of An Tir! Blatha an Oir’s A&S Champion is sponsoring a garb contest at Autumn War! The theme is, appropriately: AUTUMN! It’s time to create (or enhance) a stunning outfit that reflects the colors, textures, and feelings of the season. There will be 3 winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place), and the prize is War Points plus something special made by me for each of the three winners! Get creative – you can make casual garb, finery and regalia, or even wear your armor all spiffed up with an autumn theme. Let’s see the talent in An Tir and show off your amazing creations while helping your side win the War! Please limit expenses to $75 (honor system) and I am encouraging upcycling! That should help to keep the contest fair for all who wish to participate.



Sunday Prize tournament: Either double elimination or round robin, depending on number of participants.


Sheik Yusuf’s Middle-Eastern Dance Contest

Each contestant will have 3 minutes to show there best Middle Eastern dance moves. There will be two divisions those that have danced for less than 3 years and those that have danced for more than three years. The winner of the 3 years category will have a war point to give to the Barony of their choice. The winner of the under 3 year category will receive a prize. Judges will be Sheik Yusuf, HL Samir bint Tariq bin Sallah al-Waddi, and our wonderful and honorable opponents’ person of choice.


Gate Volunteer War Points

For each gate sheet closed out with the gate lead by a volunteer, a war point can be assigned to either Blatha an Oir or Stromgard. Once gate closes on Saturday, the points will be totalled and the winning Barony for Gate Volunteers will be announced in evening court.

Youth and Family Activities

Times TBD
Friday, charter painting: Paint an “Award” and give it to your favorite fighter.
Saturday, Tea and story time with the Baroness and special guest.
Sunday, make your own lanterns.

Classes Offered

A&S Classes!

11am: Weaving 101: Learn how fabric is made in a hands-on demonstration, using a floor loom. Learn about weaving technology through the ages and how weaving inspired computer technology! Taught by Jane Eagle!


12pm Glass Etching: Come learn glass etching! Simple how to steps to bring that cup or glass decor up a notch. As an extra bonus, I have some Rub n Buff to add some color.If you have a glass wear you already have, please bring it. I will also provide some simple small mugs and cups.Please bring $5 for supplies. Taught By Katalina! (class limit 10; Fee 5$)

1pm Scroll Design: Learn how to design a custom scroll, from lay out to research to artistic considerations! Come and see how it is done! Ask questions of a scribe that has designed both baronial and kingdom Scrolls! Taught by Gracia Abrabanel!

2pm Medieval Falconry: Falconry was an integral part of Medieval life, and has been a part of the human experience for more than 10,000 years. Learn the basic terminology and history of the sport. We will also go over the role it played in society, especially for women.  We will discuss how the language of falconry is still in use today in our every day life. There will be plenty of time for questions. Please no dogs in class. Taught by the one and only RUNA!

3pm Block Printing 101: Come learn block printing on fabric with Melissa of Dalmatia and Skalla Inkhands!! This is a hands on activity where you will walk away with a block printed tea towel. We’ll look at modern techniques for this medieval art form, discuss how they did it in period, and the difference between fabric and paper printing before and after the printing press! (Class limit:10 Fee: 10$)

I will also provide gloves and towels. As well as some simple stencils

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