A&S, Days of Dance and Newcomers


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Alienor Sanz-Argent
Date: February 7 , 2009 until February, 8 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 7th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on February 8th 2009

Event site:
New Westminster Masonic Lodge
508 Agnes Street New Westminster, BC

  Lions Gate Arts and Sciences Defenders, Day of
Dance and Newcomers

Feb 7 & 8 2009
Masons Hall New Westminster
508 Agnes Street (Entrance round the back off of Victoria)

Gate opens at 9:30 both days.
Site closes at midnight on Saturday and 6 pm on Sunday
Site fee
Adult $10
youths 13-18 $5
Child 12 and under FREE
Family cap $25
Revel only $5

Autocrat: Alienor Sanz-Argent  (Margaret Sutherland)
e-mail: sanz-argent@yahoo.ca
phone: (604) 568-3391

Co-Autocrat: Morweena (Marion Drakos)
e-mail: morweena@yahoo.ca
phone: (778) 232-4510


9:30 a.m.:
Gate Opens

Downstairs Hall (all day)
Available for
socializing and working on projects (all day)

Arts and Sciences & Guilds Displays in the Red
Room (all day)
hosted by Mary Ostler (42vince@gmail.com)
please note, no food or drink at any time in the
Red Room

10:00 a.m.
Newcomers Class – Introduction to the SCA
in the
Library, emceed by Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood (3 hours)

1:00 p.m.
Available to purchase from the
kitchen, or bring your own (1 hour)

2:00 p.m:
Rapier Class/Demo
in the main hall,
first floor
contact Lady Mariko at

Medieval Hoods with HL Aelana Cordovera (1
Classroom to be announced

Fingerloop Braiding with
(2 hours)
taught by Lady Myrrim de Lancastre

Beginners Dance with HL Cara D’Aquila (1
far end of the Red Room

A Day in the Life with Kathryn
Garnett (1 hour)
Bring your sense of humor!
Classroom to be announced.

3:00 p.m.
Beer Making Chat with Caermgen (1
corner of downstairs hall

Introduction to Leather Tooling with Mistress
(1 hour)
taught by Mistress Agnes

Pattern Drafting with Kathryn Garnett (1
Bring your favourite t-shirt to use as a pattern
Location to be announced

Opus Anglicanum: English embroidery with HL Aelana
(2-3 hours)
to be announced

4:00 pm:
Drawing Celtic Knotwork (2 hours)
taught by Lady Myrrim de Lancastre

Everyday Alchemy: Substances & Materials of the
Middle Ages
(1 hour)
taught by Dr. Carus
in the entrance chamber to the Red Room

Middle Eastern Dancing with Rahil (1-2
In the cloak room (small classroom on 2nd floor by
the red room)

Learn to Sew with Kathryn Garnett (1.5
Bring about five yards/meters of pre-washed fabric, thread,
and scissors
classroom to be announced

15th Century French Basse Dance with Lady Sara de
(1 hour)
(contrasted against Italian dance at the same time)
in the far end of the Red Room

5:00 p.m.
Fifteenth Century Italian Dance with Lady
Sara de Bonneville (1 hour)
far end of the red Room

6:00 pm – midnight:
Potluck dinner
Please bring a dish to feed 5-6
people.  The Barony will supply a main dish of roast
lamb.  Main dish prepared by HL Shareef  (be warned
he spices his lamb very well indeed).  Can’t potluck due
to food issues or allergies? Feel welcome to bring your own
supper and still join us for supper.


Revel (cost for revel only, $5)
Brought to you by the Lions Gate Party Goddesses Anika and


9:30 a.m.
Gate Opens

A&S Defenders Contest, Downstairs Hall
rganized by the current champion Master John
MacAndrew (lionsgater@yahoo.com)
For details about the defenders’ tournament, see the end of
this schedule*

10:30 a.m.
Ukrainian Dancing with Jeanne of Ramsgaard
far end of the Red Room

11:00 a.m.:
Introduction to Scribal Arts with Tamsyn le Rous
in the library

Onigiri: Japanese rice balls with Lady
(1 hour)
classroom to be announced

Persona Development with HL Rose (1
classroom to be announced

Period nocks and Fletching Methods with Jaqueline
classroom to be announced

12:00 pm:
Fingerloop Braiding with Aspasia
Classroom to be

Brion and Tessa teach English Country Dance
(1 hour)
classroom to be announced

SCA Etiquette with HL Rose (1 hour)
classroom to be announced

1:00 pm
Available to purchase from the kitchen, or
bring your own (1 hour)

2:00 pm:
Mead Making with Mikhail
in the downstairs hall kitchen

Heavy FightingClass/Demo (1.5
in the main hall, first floor
contact HL Morweena at mailto:morweena@yahoo.ca

Pied Piper Activities for Kids and

organized by Lions Gate Pied Piper Tamsyn le Rous (tamsynlerous@gmail.com)
please note, Pied Piper is not a babysitting service,
parents are expected to be there with their children

Middle Eastern Dancing with Rahil
class to be announced

SCA Costuming with Rose
classroom to be

3:00 pm:
Closing Court

After court:
help us pack up, clean up, and get home by 6 pm!



* Details of the Lions Gate Arts and Sciences
Defender Tourney

This year’s competition has two parts:

First: One entry – art or science worth a possible 100
points. (judging forms to be 60% based on art and 40% based
on documentation)

Second: An additional page of documentation on the
submitter’s persona and how the entry relates to such. Worth
a possible 30 points.

Judging criteria for the first entry:

1. ART (total 60 points)

A.        Visual (10 points)

– Initial impression 1-5 points
– Display 1-5 points

B.        Authenticity of
design and process (25 points)

– Final piece looks historically accurate 1-5 points
– Design of object makes use of period styles, cuts, shapes,
silhouettes, space 1-5 points
– Period methods used in creating the piece 1-5 points
– Period materials used in creating the piece 1-5 points
– Processes used were appropriate to the final piece. 
1-5 points

C.        Technical
Ability (10 points)

– Overall finished quality of the piece, entrant demonstrated
a mastery of techniques, materials, execution. 1-10
Complexity of the piece (15 points)
– Process involved in creating the piece was time consuming
1-5 points
– A large amount of skill was used to create the piece 1-5
-Many different techniques and/or working with numerous
elements were required. 1-5 points


A.        Oral
presentation (15 points)

– Entry presented in a clear and organized manner 1-5
– Depth of knowledge displayed during presentation 1-5
– Ability to field questions.  1-5 points

B.        Documentation
(25 points)

– Description of where and when the entry would be from. 1-5
– Process used in the interpretation and creation of the
piece and suitable rationales for departure from period. 1-5
– Quality of sources used.  1-5 points
– Organization of documentation.  1-5 points
– Topic was hard to research. 1-5 points

Part 2

Persona documentation – 15 points

A&S entry and it’s relation to your persona – 15 points.


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