Arts Unframed


Hosted by Device of Wyewood

The Barony of Wyewood (South King County, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Esclarmonde de Porcairages
Date: September 26 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 26th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Kentridge High School
12430 SE 208th St Kent, WA 98031

You are invited to an arts and sciences event that will break
the mold! Arts Unframed will be an open forum for teaching,
learning, displaying, demonstrating, performing, sharing, meeting
people, working on projects, and whatever else you can


Facebook page:


Event Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM



Adult Site Fee – $10

Children and Youth under 18 – Free Entrance

Lunch  – $5



Arts and Sciences
Consult Table:
Talk to experts in various arts about your
research, interests, works in progress, or potential
projects.  This is a great opportunity to get feedback and
advice for possible A&S competition entries! See below for

Laurel Scavenger
Find and talk to Laurels on site to broaden your
contacts and knowledge.  Collect their signatures to earn a
prize! See below for participating Laurels.

Display, Demonstrate,
  All artisans and researchers of any level are
invited to display their work and skills.  A display could be
as simple or as complex as you wish.  A demonstration can last
for 15 minutes or all day.  Teach others a skill if you want,
at whatever depth or time you wish.

Performers are invited to practice, try out new works, or share a
favorite.  An area will be available for performances all

Book Sharing:
Bring three books to share and, if you feel comfortable doing so,
leave them in the supervised book area for others to browse. 
Consider bringing either the “Bible” of your art that everyone
should be familiar with, or those rare treasures that few of us
would usually have the chance to enjoy.

on Projects
: Use the central open space to work on projects,
chat, and just hang out!


Here is a schedule of when our expert
artisans will be available to give feedback and guidance on your
current and potential work at the Arts and Sciences Consult

AM – 11:30 AM

Countess Elisabeth de Rossignmol –
culinary, fiber arts, costuming

Mistress Ismenia Wystan – calligraphy,
illumination, storytelling

Maestro Giuseppe Giordano Maria Falconieri
– musical performance, accessing and interpreting period
musical scores

Master Sven Red Beard Einarson – Viking
age tools, including manufacture and use

 12:30 PM– 2:30 PM

Mistress Eulalia Piebakere – culinary,
13th and 14th century culture, research

Magistra Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais
– scribal arts

Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin –
costuming, oil painting, embroidery, jewelry

Lord Thangbrand, Jambe de Lion –
metalsmith, bladesmith, armorer, jeweler

 2:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Maestro Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia
– culinary, fiber arts, costuming, Italian Renaissance,

Mistress Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue –
vocal and instrumental music, costuming

Sir Michael Richard the Tall, Jambe de Lion
– leatherwork, shoemaking

Baron Stefan of Pembroke, Jambe de Lion
– metalworking, esp. lost wax and bronze casting



The Laurel Scavenger Hunt

Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes – weaving,
bookbinding, leather tooling

Dame Gwenllyen Potter – ceramics,
14th century costume

Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol –
culinary, costuming, Fiber Arts

Dame Ellen Fraser – needlework,
lacemaking, woodturning

Mistress Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue –
music, costuming

Magistra Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais
– scribal arts

Duchess Dagmaer in Hvassa –
embellishment, seam finishing, rectangular construction

Mistress Sine Gillian MacDonald –
Maiolica painting

Mistress Fjorlief in Haga – metalwork,
enameling, Viking age

Dame Esclarmonde de Porcairages –
women’s hairstyles, embroidery




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