Aquaterra Champions


Hosted in-person by Device of Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Camilla Valerian
Date: August 5 , 2023
Site opens at: 8:00 AM on August 5th 2023
Site closes at: 8:00 PM

Event site:
Dolman Properties EZ
21103 Tyee Rd Mount Vernon, WA 98274

Greetings Aquaterra and beyond from Their Excellencies of Aquaterra, Geirleikr and Zahra!

On Saturday August 5, 2023 we invite those who would like to represent our fine Barony in the following fields to join us for fierce combat and chivalric deeds at Aquaterra Champions 2023!

Heavy/Rattan Combat

Rapier Combat


Thrown Weapons


A verbal notice of intent to Their Excellencies is required, and a Letter of Intent should be prepared to present in opening court.

Specific requirements for our Champions this year are as follows:

We ask that our Champions be willing to swear an Oath of Fealty or Service to the Barony through Us.


We ask that your Service to the Barony be exclusive to the Barony for the 12 months of your term.*

Know that you will be expected to represent Aquaterra in the Kingdom and beyond, both in your chosen field and in your general comportment.

We ask you to share your knowledge and skills by teaching, especially among newcomers.

*Note, while we prefer those entering to not currently be the Champion of another Branch at the time of entry, we understand that schedules are tricky and we will consider those whose previous championship will end within 60 calendar days from Our championship, provided the other Branch agrees to this time share. Please bring a written statement with your Letter of Intent from the appropriate Coronet if said Branch is a Barony, or from the Seneschal for Shires/Cantons/Colleges.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Geirleikr & Zahra, Coronets of Aquaterra

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities

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Registration Information

Pre-registration is not available for this event.

Accessibility Information

Take I-5. Take EXIT 218 toward Starbird

Rd. Turn left onto Milltown Rd. Milltown Rd becomes Starbird Rd. Turn left onto Bulson Rd. Turn right onto Tyee Rd.

Please be aware that this is private property and the owners have dogs. Dry site, no smoking, and no pets. Parking will be available on site and drivers will be directed to a spot but overflow vehicles will be asked to park at the Conway School off of SR 534 and van rides to and from can be arranged.

Site Fees

Non-Members – $25
Members- $20
Children (<18) – FREE

Event Schedule

Site opens- 8:00am

Opening Court- 9:00am

Heavy and Rapier inspection immediately after court.

Heavy and Rapier tournament- 10:00am

Thrown Weapons tournament- 11:00am

Archery tournament- 12:00pm

Games tournament- 1:00pm

Youth workshop- 1:00pm

Medieval Gardening and Agriculture Class- 3:00pm

Court 5:00pm

Tournament Information

Games Championship

Games Championship will consist of a field game – Boccee, a race game – Pachisi, and a luck game – Game of the Goose. Points will be given for first, second and third in each game and the person with the most points at the end will be the winner.

Thrown Weapons Championship

The Thrown Weapons tournament will consist of half a royal round followed by a balloon animal safari.

Pointy things will be thrown

Balloons will be popped

Scores will be quasi logically be tallied

And a new champion will be chosen

Those seeking further details should drink heavily until questions are forgotten or no longer seem relevant.

Archery Championship

The archery competition will be a novelty shoot. Being present in closing court is required. No written letter is required but it really helps if you tie scores with someone who didn’t. The exact nature of the targets is a surprise.

Rapier Championship

The Rapier Championship will be a London masters format.

Round Robin format with competitors using a different weapon combination each round.

Weapon combinations are:

1. Sword and Open Hand.

2. Sword and Buckler.

3. Sword and Cane/baton/scabbard.

4. Sword and Cloak

5. Sword and Dagger.

6. 2 Swords, aka case.

Fighters cannot repeat combinations until after round 6.

Fighters do not have to match opponent weapon combination.

Minimum 6 fights. Possibly 12 fights depending upon number of fighters.

Some offhand loaner gear will be available upon request.

Written request to enter competition must be presented in morning court of the event to Their Excellencies.

A bonus point will be given for most eloquent or creative presentation to their Excellencies.

A bonus point will be given for chivalry on the field.

A bonus point will be given for best death on the field.

Heavy Combat Championship

The Heavy Combate Championship will be a round robin with multiple weapon styles.

Rounds will be decided by their excellencies rolling a die. Each round all fighters will use the chosen weapons. At the end of the round robin the top four fighters will be selected. Two by score card. One by fighters choice. One by chivalry on the field.

Semis will be best 2 of 3 and weapon combos will again be decided by die roll. The top two from the scorecard will face each other, and the fighters choice and chivalric fighter will face each other.

Finals will be win by domination. 3 unanswered wins. Weapon selection will be again by a roll of the die, to switch every two fights.

Weapon selection:

1- double daggers

2-mace and buckler

3-sword and shield


5-great weapon


A Written letter of intent to present in court is required. Bring your endurance and martial knowledge to the forefront of the competition and fight hard for the honor of their excellencies!

Youth Heavy Combat Championship 

We will not host a Youth Armour Combat tournament this year but we will have a workshop for anyone who would like to learn more about YAC. We will have information on what armor is needed, how to get authorized to fight and all the other requirements to get competitors ready.

Volunteer Information

Volunteer opportunities are always available. Please reach out to the event steward by email or on Facebook if you are interested in volunteering.

Facebook name: Nency Orozco

Merchant Information

Merchants will not be present this year.

Classes Offered

Her Ladyship Kathryn Garnett GdS, JdL will be a vailable to teach Raised (3-D) Embroidery
Description: This style of Embroidery can be found in clerical vestments from 1200s onward. With the desolution of the Catholic Church in England, this style of Embroidery became Secular, and can be found on both clothing and household items.

The Honorable Lady Athelyna of Oldenfeld will have a class on Medieval gardening and agriculture roundtable and seed swap, with discussion of what to plant now for spring crops.

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