Ancestral Rememberance Celebration (ARC)


Hosted by Device of Myrtle Holt

The Shire of Myrtle Holt (Josephine County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Bowen Doyle
Date: October 3 , 2014 until October, 5 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 3th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 5th 2014

Event site:
Flying B Bar Ranch
1100 McMullen Creek Rd. Selma, OR 97538

Join the Shire of Myrtle Holt for our Ancestral Remembrance
Celebration. What is the Ancestral Remembrance Celebration? The
A.R.C. is a chance for anybody to join us to gather and celebrate
the lives of those within the Society that we knew personally who
for one reason or another are no longer with us on our journey
through life.  A.R.C. is a day meant to be a celebration of
life, full of fun and games, tourneys and competitions, and other
such frivolities capped by a potluck feast, and finally an evening
of bardic offerings commemorating our fallen friends.  We pay
special attention at this event to providing lots of entertaining
activities aimed at pleasing the youths of our families at all
ages.  We want our SCAdian children to have an event that they
really enjoy going to. Tentative list of activities planned for
this year’s ARC event: Myrtleholt Heavy Defender Tournament, Ronald
Hawkwood Single-Sword Tournament, Myrtleholt 2nd Annual  Shire
Archery Championship, the 2nd annual YAC Castle Diablotin Defender
Tournament, The Tir Taingiri Estate Autumn Hunt (equestrian
archery), Castle Wall Defender Strafing (equestrian archery),
Classes, Childrens activities, Granny Grimm Kettle Toss, Garbology
Competition, Remembrance Bardic. Please visit back as we publish
more details.

Gate Fees:
Family Cap-$35

Tentative Schedule:

Friday Oct. 3rd
Noon:        Gate opens
All Afternoon:    Equestrian qualifying
4-7 PM:       Archery Range open for Royal
Rounds, as marshals are available

Saturday Oct. 4th
* 9 am:      Lists open — Heavy, YAC, and
Archery Tournaments/championships
* 9 am:       Silent Auction opens bring
an item and/or coin
* 9:30 am:    Set-up for garbology competition
This competition is done by using old/broken/used/scavenged mundane
to make a new period item. (Ex. Old tablecloth into tunic) Please
documentation of item. This is populace judged.
* 9:30 am:    Knitting class taught by Viscountess
Jennet Jennet Jennet (Janet Bianco)
* 9:30 am:    Equestrian storm the castle and
* 10:30 am:    Myrtleholt Archery Championship Part
1  – Tir Taingiri Walking Hunt
* 11 am:    Myrtleholt Defender/Castle Diablotin
Defender(YAC) tournaments begin.
Myrtleholt Defender tournamnent style will be wheel of weapons.
YAC rounds will be held in between adult rounds like last year.
* Sat. after lunch- Equestrian Tir Tangiri Autumn Estate Hunt
* 1:00 pm:     Wire ring class taught by HL Ellenwy
of the Rampant Squirrels (mka Jamie Smedley)
* Sat. pm:    (time determined by end of defender
tourney) Ronald Hawkwood Single Sword Memorial Tournament.
        This style is explanatory
with the exception that fighters that have
fighting for over a year must use non-dominant hand.(left for
righties/right for lefties)
* 2:30 pm:    Myrtleholt Archery Championship Part 2
– Castle wall zombie figher shoot
* 4 pm:        Auction closes
* 4 pm:        Target archery Royal
Rounds Range open, as marshals are available, until dark
* 4:30 pm:    Court
* 6 pm:     Feast! This is potluck, the details will
be updated soon.
* Sat. evening: Hus Vinatta brewing competition
* Sat. evening: Viking style trade blanket hosted by Tristan
Munroe(mka Skyler Sexton[Squee])

Sun. Oct. 6th
* 10 am:    Granny Grim kettle toss
* 10 am(ish):     Equestrian pumpkin fun shoot
* 5 pm:        Site closes

Myrtleholt 3rd Annual Archery Championship
This year we have a very special and fun championship put
together.  Based on people’s interest and
excitement over the Tir Taingiri Equestrian Hunt that has been a
staple of this event for the last few
years, we’ve decided to incorporate a walking hunt as part of the
Championship this year.  Fortunately,
this will involve less walking than doing a York Round as we’ve
done in years past, but do be prepared
to walk at least a 1/2 mile for Part 1 of the

Championship Part 1: Tir
Taingiri Estate Pedestrian Hunt  (Starting 10 AM Saturday)
Archery Championship entrants will have a
chance to do a ground-based hunt shoot at about 1/4 of the
that will be used in the Equestrian Hunt in the afternoon… PLUS
additional targets specifically for the ground archers on
the second half of the walking hunt course.

Championship Part 2 — Castle Zombie Fighter Shoot (Starting
around 2:30 PM)
As available and willing, fighters who were killed in our other
Heavy championships later in the day will be enlisted to rise
up from their graves to become zombie targets for the archers
to kill. Exact scenarios are still in consideration, but may
include: Keeping the zombies from escaping the castle,
Defending the castle from zombie fighters, etc.
This section will require competitors to be shooting live
(well, yes, zombie alive) armored fighters with combat arrows
so if you have combat arrows, please bring them. Competitors
will have the benefit of not having to be armored. Zombies will
only be killable by valid helm kill shot, and will hold the
of the slaying archer… scoring will be based on # of zombies
slain in each scenario. Zombie fighters enlisted will need to
have full armor and a demonstrated capacity to stagger slowly

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