An Tir Heraldic Symposium


Event Summary

Date: March 23 , 2002 until March, 24 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 23th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on March 24th 2002

Sound the Trumpets!!

Announcing the 2002 An Tir Heraldic Symposium!

We Want You!! Yes, You!!

Discover the secrets of what heralds and scribes REALLY do! The An Tir
College of Heralds invites you to join us at the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium,
March 23-24, 2002, hosted by the Barony of Glymm Mere.

The best part is you don’t have to be a herald or a scribe to attend! This
event is open to everyone — especially welcome are folks who want to learn
about all the fun things heralds and scribes do in a relaxed setting.

On Saturday (March 23) we have a full day of classes planned for scribes,
for book heralds, for court heralds, for field heralds, for heraldic
artists, and for illuminators. Get expanded information on the classes
listed below at the Symposium website, To pre-register for a
class (strongly encouraged) contact Baron David of Moffat, E-mail
moc.onuj@taffomataffoma. Classes are $1 per class to cover the handout, to
be paid at gate in addition to the site fee. Additional fees for supplies
may be collected by the instructor(s).

By special request, a new class is being offered, “What Their Excellencies
Meant to Say…” It is designed for non-heralds in particular, and will
feature tips for working with court heralds at all levels — Baronial,
Principality, Kingdom, and Known World. Nobles and those who aspire to
Crown or Coronet will get valuable insights on what they’ll need from the
herald, what the herald needs from them, and much more. Retinue members and
scribes will benefit from this class, too. New heralds just starting to do
court will find this a treasure trove of helpful ideas.

Sunday activities will include a Black Lion staff meeting, followed by a
Laurel Roadshow, and Lion’s Blood (Kingdom submissions herald) decision
meeting in the afternoon. The Laurel Roadshow and Lion’s Blood decision
meetings are open to all. The locations for these meetings will be
announced on site.

The Classes: (Instructors names in parentheses)
Track 1: Basic Book Heraldry (Elisabeth de Rossignol), Basic Voice/Field
Heraldry (Ciaran Cluana Ferta), Basic Protocol Heraldry (Beatrice Domenici
della Campana), and What Their Excellencies Meant to Say… (the new class)
(David of Moffat, Natasha Orionova and Kateryn of Falconkeep).

Track 2: Name Pronunciation Tips for Court and Field Heralds (Ciaran Cluana
Ferta), Heralds in History (Zenobia Naphtali), Researching and Preparing a
Scroll (Cystennin Ap Gereint), and How to do Effective Commentary (Teceangl

Track 3: May the Furs be With You (Iago ab Adam), Gottingen Model Book
Illumination (Cystennin Ap Gereint), Egg Tempera Painting (Aelana
Cordovera), and Silk Banner Painting (Adrianna the Fierce).

Directions: From I-5 north or south, take Exit 104 (Highway 101). (This
busy interchange is just slightly south of downtown Olympia, and is steeply
banked from either direction. Please be careful!) Shortly after you pass
Mud Bay, exit to the right to stay on 101. (Do not exit at Mud Bay.)
Travel on Highway 101 to Shelton, and take the first Shelton exit (Highway
3), turn right at bottom of ramp. Turn left at Cota Street (4th stoplight),
continue 5 blocks to Civic Center on the left. There are approximately 80
parking spaces outside the Civic Center.

The Shelton Inn (motel) is within easy walking distance, as are food
establishments including a coffee shop next to the motel. The phone for
motel reservations and information is (360) 426-4468 or (800) 451-4560. A
variety of lodgings is also available in the Olympia/Tumwater area.
(Shelton is about 25 miles from Olympia.)

Site fee includes the potluck feast with the Barony providing the main dish.
There is a kitchen on site for refrigerated storage and reheating prepared
dishes. Please bring a potluck contribution to feed 10 people.

Site opens 8 AM 23 March. Site fee $7, classes $1 per class, please make
checks payable to Barony of Glymm Mere, SCA Inc. Autocrat: Natasha
Orionova (Scotty Zdarsky), (360) 493-6084 (before 11PM), E-mail

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