An Tir 12th Night


An Crown event of Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

and Device of Principality of the Summits

The Principality of the Summits

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Mistress Yseult Broceliande
Date: January 10 , 2020 until January, 12 2020
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on January 10th 2020
Site closes at: 11:59 PM on January 12th 2020

Event site:
Valley River Inn
1000 Valler River Way Eugene, OR 97401




Directions to Valley River Inn:

From I-5 North or South, take exit 194B, Highway I-105 West for 5 miles to Exit 1, Delta Highway / Valley River Center / Airport. Go north on Delta Highway and take the first exit, Valley River Center. Curl to the right up over Delta Highway, following signs for Valley River Center. At the stoplight, turn left (south) onto Valley River Way. The Inn is at the end of the street.



Hotel Information:


Weapons Policy:

The hotel does not allow guns of any kind. There will be a sword check available at the bar/restaurant.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Royal Presence - Summits
Royal Presence - Tir Righ

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Registration Information

Greetings An TIr! We look forward to hosting that most glorious of events, 12th Night once again!  Please visit the event website at  to find sign up sheets for meeting space, a list of currently confirmed meetings, a class sign up sheet, and more.

We will have Paypal available or we accept cash (US$ only please) or make checks payable to “SCA, Inc. Barony of Adiantum.” There is an ATM on site.

Event Gate opens at 3 pm Friday, Jan. 10. You can check in to the hotel any time.

Please note the following:

  • All the rooms at Valley River Inn are booked, and there is a VIP block reserved for Royals and their retinues, Princes and Princesses, certain Great Officers, merchants, and vigils.
  • VIP block rooms will be allocated next fall, after September Crown Tourney so that we can consult with the outgoing and incoming Royalty as to their wishes.
  • All the rest of the rooms at the hotel fall into the SCA populace block with the discounted room cost.


  • If you do want to cancel your room at Valley River Inn, send an email to and state clearly who you are and what type of room you reserved. We have a list of all the room reservations and will make notes as to who wants to cancel. 
  • If you have someone who wants to take over your reservation, please send their modern and SCA names, email and phone number along with your request to cancel your reservation. We will contact the new person and verify the transfer, then make that change with the hotel while preserving our discounted rate. We may have to make those changes with the hotel all at the same time, which means that they may not formally take place until late December.
  • If you would like to be on a waiting list for any DISCOUNTED SCA RATE ROOMS that are cancelled without a named replacement, you must send an email to Include your modern and SCA names, email, and phone number. We will save all your emails, which are time/date stamped, and make a list of requests. Nothing can be done about a substitution until we receive notice of cancellation from someone, and that will probably not occur until the month before 12th Night.
  • Again, we don’t expect to hear of any cancelled rooms until next November or December when life will have caught up with some people and they realize that they can’t attend 12th Night.


The following hotels offer a discount for people attending 12th Night in Adiantum.

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Eugene, 155 Day Island Road Eugene, OR 97401,
541-344-8335. Discount= 10% ranging from $134-$160 (free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free parking, pool & fitness center included). Identify yourself as attending the SCA event at Valley River Inn.

Even Hotel, 2133 Centennial Plaza, 97401 (a new hotel within sight of the La Quinta). Rooms $109 + 11.3% tax for 1/10/19 and 1/11/19. Free breakfast, parking, wi-fi; fitness center. Offer is good until 30 days before the event. Click here to request a room

America’s Best Value Inn, 1140 W 6th Ave., Eugene, 541-343-0730.  Mention SCA or Barony of Adiantum.  $54 for one bed, $66 for 2 beds. 

Courtesy Inn, 345 W. 6th Ave., Eugene 97401, 541-345-3391. $79.99 + tax a night. 

Timbers Motel, 1015 Pearl St, Eugene, 97401, 541-343-3345. QQ or K for $99 or a Q for $89. “Full hot breakfast” and a drink ticket are included. They offer local beers and wines.

 We do have a space in the main hotel for you to keep bags and baskets- it is not locked, but is tucked away behind a door, so bring yourself, bring your arts, your crafts, and your enthusiasm! Come celebrate the Glorious Kingdom of An Tir!!

Walk the Chartres Labyrinth at 12th Night.Friday and Saturday evenings the labyrinth room overlooking the river will be open for a quiet, meditative walk. The 20’ x 20’ design is the core of the larger Chartres labyrinth.

Enjoy the luxuries of the Mediterranean! The hot tub and men’s and women’s sauna areas at Valley River Inn will be decked out Roman and Minoan style for your bathing pleasure.

Please contact us if you would like to try to work either of the above into your Vigil. Just fill out a Meeting request form, and let us know which one, and which evening, and we will try to reserve your Vigil some time with either of these experiences. Please be aware outside food may not be possible in these spaces.

We will continue to work with Valley River Inn to bring you all the wonderful things you have come to expect from 12th Night in Adiantum: the Mediterranean  Baths, the labyrinth, the visit to actual medieval and Renaissance manuscripts at the University of Oregon Library, craft beers and knowledgeable local brewers in the hotel bar, a bar party Saturday evening, more than enough meeting rooms for everyone, etc., etc.

Your event stewards are Baroness Yseult of Broceliande and Baroness Marian Staarveld. You can contact them Messages will be forwarded to them.




Accessibility Information

We plan to have sign interpretation, an available quiet room, accommodation for those who can’t kneel in court, and are open to suggestion!

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult 18 and over 30.00
Minors 17 and younger Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
1 2 3

Meal Information

The hotel restaurant will be available all weekend, and the chef is working on period food to include in the buffet Saturday night. We are also right across the parking lot from a largish mall, and next to several restaurants and a World Market. The Hotel will also be running a snack bar with extra coffee availability, and quick to grab food options in the gift store.

Merchant Information

Shopping opportunities!


Book Universe & the Gold Key Booth – books, sundries

BronzeHammer – jewelry

Hurricane Hair Wraps – hair wraps

Jalida’s Millinery – hats

Laurie Cavanaugh, Goldsmith

Lykos Leather – Scandinavian jewelry & accessories

Nordic Traders – jewelry

Pastiche – books, notions, fabrics

Reannag Teine – pottery

Red Troll Forge – knives

Redwolf – pewter

Rose City Acupuncture & Massage – acupuncture & medical massage

Sign of the Hawk – leather

Silvertide Jewelry – jewelry

Sparrowhawk Studio – textile supplies

T and T Creations – tapestries

Thistillium Pottery – pottery

Vandy Hall Designs – glass

White Hart Pottery – maiolica pottery

Wild Woods – baskets

Wise Crafts – pottery & wood crafts

Classes Offered

Subject to change, and please stay tuned for the schedule!

12th Night 2020 Class List

Beyond the Binary: Trans experience in History and the SCA

Teacher: Lordship Marcello Fornarius

1 Hour

No Class Size Limit

All Ages

This class will provide an overview of some historical examples of people who don’t fit in a binary gender

classification as well as information about common courtesies for modern Trans* folk in the SCA.


Aristotelian Logic

Teacher: Master Feradach mac Tralin

1 Hour

No Class Size Limit

All Ages

Aristotle is foundational to medieval philosophy and understanding Aristide’s system of logic is

fundamental to understanding his philosophy.

This class will look at the history of Aristotelian logic, the fundamental principles, and the impact on

medieval philosophy.


Pattern Truing Essentials

Teacher: Ladyship Taran daestingr

1 Hour

Class Size Limit: 12

Ages 18+

Learn a few simple checks and corrections that will make your hand drafted or heavily modified patterns

work better, fit better, and look more professional.

Students are invited to bring along patterns to check in class.


Pad Stitching 101

Teacher: Ladyship Taran daestingr

1 Hour

Class Size Limit: 12

Ages 11+

Come learn the easiest “advanced” sewing technique found in 16th century (and likely earlier) garb. Make

the standing collar you’ve always wanted and much more!


Alchemy: Prima Materia and the pursuit of gnosis

Teacher: Viscount Antoine ‘a Langue d’Or

1 Hour

Class Size Limit: 30

Ages 11+


Consort 101

Teacher: Ladyship Maeve Cunningham

1 Hour

Class Size Limit: 20

All Ages

An educational discussion on the basics of being a consort. Topics include: what is a consort, who can be

a consort, what is the role, and finding/choosing a fighter.


Minoan Dress for Women and Men

Teacher: Vicaria Vestia Anontia Aurelia

90 Minutes

Class Size Limit: 5

Ages 18+

Class Fee: $2 for handouts

Develop your personal pattern for making Minoan clothing–ideal for An Tir summers–with this workshop

class. Pattern will be fitted to body; dress for ease of access. Please bring a pen/pencil for taking notes.



How to Create a Reporting Form With Office365

Teacher: Ladyship Alicia du Bois

1 Hour

No Class Size Limit

All Ages

We will go through the steps needed to create a reporting-type form using Microsoft Forms. Then we will

use Microsoft Flow to automatically capture the form submissions in a spreadsheet that can be sorted

and/or shared with other people.

Best practices for form creation/question formulation making a form that will get people to respond to it

will also be discussed.


Two Simple Cheeses That You Can Make

Teacher: Ladyship Anja Snihova’

2 Hours

Class Size Limit: 10

All Ages

Class Fee: $5 for Materials

Cheese is difficult, right? Nopity, nope. There are two very simple cheeses that anyone can make, that

appear all over the world and can even be done in camp over an open fire! Bring a 1 cup container to

take some home with you and a gallon milk jug, if you would like some of the whey. We’ll make/finish two

cheeses during class and spice them. The handout contains how-to’s, suggestions for equipment,

suggestions for “additions”, some recipes for using the cheeses, problems that you can encounter and

some whey recipes as well as a bit of history and the variations found around the world. Under-12’s need

a parental unit or reasonable facsimile there-of. Dairy allergies are a problem in this class.



Map Use and Design in Medieval Europe

Teacher: Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir

1 Hour

Class Size Limit: 20

Ages 11+

A survey of styles of map making in Europe in period, and what they tell us about the periods they

represent. Beginning in the Greek period up to the Mercator Projection.


Writing Your SCA Resume

Teacher: Lady Ladinn de Marest

1 Hour

No Class Size Limit

Ages 18+

Your SCA resume is useful for pursuing an office as well as becoming a

student/protege/squire/apprentice/provost. An overview of how your SCA resume differs from a mundane



Simpling and Herbwifery

Teacher: Ladyship Anja Snihova’

2 Hours

No Class Size Limit

Ages 7+

They didn’t have Amazon or even a corner drugstore! Where did folks get their OTC medicines? Where

did they get soap? How about things that smelled good? Flea and louse remedies? We will be covering

Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but the remedies of the people, not the doctors, physickers

and apothecaries. This is a “talky” kind of class, so kids who can’t sit still may need to be at the back of

the room.



TAK: A new “Medieval”; game

Teacher: Lord Seamus the Shameless

45 Minutes

Class Size Limit: 10

Ages 11+

TAK was invented long LONG ago, in the ancient court of Vintas. Played by nobility and commoner alike,

the game is easy to learn, and yet surprisingly complex in its strategy. It is scalable to different levels of

complexity, and can be enjoyed by children as young as ten, or adults as old as their hearts admit.

Actually invented in 2014 by Patrick Rothfuss and James Ernest, inspired by The Kingkiller Chronicles.

But, remarkably medieval looking, transportable, and a great pastime for SCA events.



Persona Development Through Song

Teacher: Lord Seamus the Shameless

1 Hour

No Class Size Limit

Ages 11+

Many songs exist (modern or period, filk or original) about period battles, eras, or important people. For

those of us who are a bit *ahem* less research-minded, dissecting the stories presented in songs

presents an easier entry point for persona development than a history book.


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