Adiantum’s Midwinter Feast


Hosted by Device of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ayla Roth
Date: February 8 , 2020
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on February 8th 2020
Site closes at: 9:00 PM

Event site:
Long Tom Grange
25823 Ferguson Junction City, OR 97448

Their Excellencies Adiantum do invite you to join them for their Midwinter event!

The year has been long and Adiantum has been very busy. She has seen a new Baron and Baroness begin their tenure and has hosted two Kingdom events. Their Excellencies wish to provide an opportunity for the Barony and her friends to come together in amity to reconnect with dear ones and celebrate the success of such a full year.

Three Championships will be held: Arts & Sciences, Rapier, and (newly moved to this event) Cut & Thrust!

Come vie for one or all of the available championships. Personal indication of your intent to enter should be given to the Baron and Baroness beforehand.

In lieu of the traditional served dinner feast, we will be having a potluck buffet lunch feast. But, as we are Adiantum, it cannot be a simple potluck, oh no! Fancy yourself a pretty good cook? Have you found the BEST recipe for stew, pie, or cheese goo? Well, then take up the gauntlet! For there shall be quite the coveted prize for the person who wins the crowd’s favor! Rules: An attempt should be made for the dish to be period or period-inspired. An ingredients list shall be provided for the submitted dish. Serving dish(es) and utensils shall be provided by the entrant. The dish should serve 20 or more people.

But, oh! What shall we do after court if there is no dinner!? Do not fear my friends. For we shall have silly audience participation games, dancing, songs and stories. Come join in our revel!

Adiantum Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship  2020
This year’s Championship competition I would like encourage others to try new activities and hopefully find excitement in A&S.
Requirements are:
1) An object/example of your art. This can be in progress, completed or a combination.
2) Documentation. Please do not be intimidated by documentation. This will be the written portion of your project. Please include examples or information regarding your process, tools, applicable historical (and/or SCA) uses for the item. This can be physical examples or photos. Blog posts, handouts, also can be submitted as part of documentation.
Everyone, regardless of experience level is encouraged to participate. If you feel you may be intimidated by the competition itself, this is a great opportunity to display and get feedback from judges.
Included is a link to the Kingdom judging forms for A&S.

Any questions can be addressed to


Adiantum Baronial Rapier Championship 2020

As the seasons change, so too must the defenders of our realms change. Come rapier fighters one and all to compete in a grand tournament to determine who shall guard the gates of Adiantum henceforth.

The tournament shall be one to of endurance. Each combatant shall hold the field against all opponents and stand as long as they are able.

The style shall be double round robin. The fighter in the field shall keep their wounds between bouts and will be scored based on how many times they die while holding the field.


Adiantum Baronial C&T Championship 2020

The format shall be dependent upon the number of entrants. Round Robin, Single, or Double Elimination.

Finals shall be fought in multiple styles.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Summits

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Accessibility Information

Parking, Ramps, and ADA accessible toilets are available on site. The site is on a single level. Benches are provided in the main hall.

Site Fees

Fee TypeCost*
Adult Day$15
Youth Day$0
Child Day$0
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

9:00 AMGate Opens 
10:00 AMInvocation CourtMain Hall
10:30 AMA&S Championship Judging BeginsMain Hall
11:00 AMLists OpenMain Hall
12:00 NoonLunch Potluck & Competition BeginSecondary Hall
1:00 PMRapier Championship BeginsMain Hall
3:00 PMCut & Thrust Championship BeginsMain Hall
4:00 PMCourtMain Hall
5:00 PMDancing/GamesMain Hall
7:00 PMClean Up 
9:00 PMSite Closes 

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