Adiantum Yule


Hosted in-person by Device of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Murchadh Monaidh Chraoibhe
Date: December 17 , 2022
Site opens at: 9:30 AM on December 17th 2022
Site closes at: 9:00 PM

Event site:
Pleasant Hill Lutheran Church
84421 Gaupp Lane Pleasant Hill, OR 97455

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Calling voices of bass or treble to join us at Adiantum’s Yule Revel! Do you sing? Do you play? Come sit with us and spend the day! Games and song and stories told.

Fun and feast for the young and old! Don’t be late and don’t leave early Court held all day intermittently!

Calling all Bards! Adiantum’s Yule will be held Revel style! A B.C. (Bard of Ceremonies) will facilitate bardic performances throughout the day. Sign up on site and show us your stuff! There will also be plenty of period tabletop and audience interactive games to play or watch. Baronial and Principality Court will be held throughout the day so come early and stay late so you don’t miss out!

Pleasant Hill Lutheran Church

84421 Gaupp Ln., Pleasant Hill OR 97455

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Summits
Accepts PayPal
Has Bardic activities
Offers a feast or meal

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Accessibility Information

Facility is ADA accessible

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult Gate Fee $10.00
Minor Gate Fee Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
9:30 Site Opens
10:00 Court will open and continue throughout the day with frequent breaks for Bardic performances.
4:00 Feast (approximately) and Court will continue throughout the day with frequent breaks for Bardic performances.
8:00 Site closes for clean-up, all assistance appreciated.

Meal Information

Beverage station (hot tea, coffee, spiced cider, apple juice, water, and ginger beer) open throughout the event.

We will have roasted New World turkey, chicken, pork and beef. Sides, salads, and deserts are Potluck. Due to the extremely limited space for this event, and the very small kitchen (for a feast) we have made the following decisions:

*All food is to arrive ready to be serve on its serving tray, including serving utensils.

*Food is to be kept in your vehicle until feast time unless it is for the snack trays. This means it should be on ice in your car.  Food safe to keep at room temp for hours (bread etc.) will also be kept in your car.   Foods requiring they be served hot should be in a hot box in your car. You can create a hot box by using an ice chest dedicated to hot foods only.

* If you’ve got a crock pot (we would prefer not to have them as plug in space for foods is limited) it must be plugged in near the kitchen but must be preauthorized. It also must be able to be served in that container, as you will be asked to bring it to the food service table immediately prior to the feast.

* An announcement will be made when it is time to bring in pot luck contributions. At that time everyone will (mass exodus) go to their cars and bring in ONLY the already prepared serving trays, with serving utensils. Each person will then place them on the main serving table or on the dessert shelves, as is appropriate.

*Ice chests etc. will then immediately return to your vehicle as there is no space inside the building to store them.

*Once the feast has ended an announcement will be made that everyone should then reclaim thier serving trays and utensils and return them to their vehicles.

*There is no space and no manpower to wash these in the kitchen. Sorry. That must be done once you return home.

*Foods that are brought for the snack trays MUST be safe to eat if left at room temperature for several hours. These items are to be brought to the kitchen early in the day (before 11am) so that they can be assembled on snack trays which will be placed on the tables for nibbling throughout the day.

*There will only be 2 or 3 preauthorized people in the kitchen for that purpose, due to the small size of the kitchen.

* Once the feast is served any remaining snack tray foods will be added to the serving tables by kitchen staff.

*The refrigerator is not available to chill potluck items as it is also too small to cope with an entire feast.

We ask that you also bring your sack lunch and your feasting gear. Plan on taking feast gear and serving dishes home to wash due to space.

Youth and Family Activities

Please bring a game to play and your hand crafts to work on as we enjoy our Medieval Hall on a winter’s day. There is a playground for the little ones and Muirenn O`Cleirigh is putting together some games and crafts to keep little hands busy.

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