An Tiir Arts and Sciences

The mission statement of An Tir Collegium:

An Tir Collegium shall support the people of An Tir in the pursuit and development of the medieval arts and sciences in a way that nurtures all and challenges the people of An Tir to advance these arts to the glory and enrichment of our populace, our Kingdom, and our Society.

By order of Their Majesties, Eirik and Driffina, a new Kingdom event was created in A.S. LI: An Tir Collegium.

An Tir Collegium is a venue and a mechanism to encourage people to participate in the arts and sciences, and guides them through this process in a way that does not compromise the gains made in the artistic and scientific communities to date. More directly, Collegium gives the populace of An Tir a way to bring themselves up to the level that has made A&S in An Tir great and makes that goal achievable. An Tir Collegium provides a format for all of An Tir to learn and improve in the arts and sciences.

Collegium is for everyone! It is for those contemplating their first sewing project, for those honing their research in preparation for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, and for all in between.

Current and Past Collegium Events

Click on the event name below for more information about that event. Past events will have archived class and handout information only.