2019 Entrants

Mistress Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue

I am Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue, O.L., O.P., from the Barony of Aquaterra. I have been in the SCA for more than 30 years. If I am chosen as Kingdom Bardic Champion, I will promote and encourage the bardic arts throughout the kingdom. I will travel and encourage bards to enter KBC in 2020. I will offer classes on how to enter KBC. Finally, I will have tokens made and will give them to bards who perform in any language other than modern English. This is to encourage performances in the many diverse languages and cultures that the SCA encompasses.

Master Jason ye Seolfer-tunged

Master Feradach mac Tralin mec Domongairt

My name is Feradach mac Tralin mec Domongairt. I am a master of defense who is interested in growing as a bard. I’m currently focusing on story telling. As the bardic champion of the Principality of the Summits, I am excited to elevate the honor of my home.

The Honorable Lady Andromacha of Lesbos

My name is Andromacha of Lesbos, Citizen of the Myrmidons, squire to Baron Geirleikr Veðrson of Aquaterra. I am the former bardic champion of the Barony of Dragon’s Laire (2013) and the Barony of Blatha an Oir (2017). In theory, my persona is that of a daughter from one of the noble houses of the Ancient Greek city-state of Lesbos, residing in the port city of Mytilene between the time frames of 600 to 500 BCE. It is around this time frame and the 5th century BCE that I draw my bardic inspiration. This is my second time competing for title of An Tir’s Bardic Champion and welcome the chance to perform against An Tir’s best performers.

Lady Dagrun Harasdottir

I am Dagrun Harasdottir, known as Runa to friends. I am also known as “Murder Bird Mom” and am probably best recognized with a falcon or owl on my arm. I am administrator to An TIr’s Hunt Guild and am the current Bardic Champion of Blatha an Oir. I enjoy story telling, singing, and friendly competition. When asked to write this, it was suggested we say why we would be a “wonderful Bardic Champion”. Part of my greatest joy in performing is engaging the audience and getting them to join in. As Champion, I hope to find a way to get everyone to participate in some small way, whether singing or clapping along or getting immersed in the performance. Regardless of who earns the title, I look forward to competing with some of my favorite bards of An Tir.

Rules for entry into the An Tir Kingdom Bardic Championship 2019

Entrants will be presenting three pieces before the Crown, Coronets, and the assembled populace.

  • Two pieces should be documentable as period.
  • The third piece can be anything that is SCA appropriate, including original pieces.
  • Presentations should be kept to 10mins or less. There are a lot of entries to get through. If a presentation runs longer than the allotted time, it may be cut short.


Documentation is required for the two period pieces.

  • Documentation should be a maximum of 500 words, with additional pictures, text & translations (if applicable), other supporting documents, & bibliography/citations (including websites, books, articles, CDs/DVDs, etc.) afterwards as needed.
  • Entrants are allowed to have others help with documentation (proofreading, formatting, typing etc.).
  • Entrants do not need to document the third piece, unless they wish to, or wish to provide lyrics/music in the case of original pieces.
  • Documentation is due by 11:59 PM, October 6th. Please email to the Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • Please send as a PDF file if possible. This just avoids formatting errors when opened on a different computer.
  • Documentation will be posted on the An Tir A&S Website for anyone who wishes to read it before the event (If an entrant does not wish to have their original piece posted, they should contact the Kingdom A&S Minister).
  • Entrants are to bring 4-5 copies of each documentation for display at the event.


There will be three rounds of competition:

  1. The first round will be Friday evening before/during evening court, tentatively scheduled for 9 PM.
  2. The second round will be Saturday evening, before/during evening court, tentatively scheduled for 8 PM. This presentation will be followed by a short Q&A, with questions from The Crown and/or populace. After the performances and Q&A, there will be a populace vote by ballot for their favored three performers. Those three chosen after the tally, will move on to the last round.
  3. The third round will be Sunday before/during court, tentatively scheduled for Noon. The remaining three entrants will perform their third piece.

After this round the winner will be chosen by The Crown, the 2018 Bardic Champion, and the Kingdom A&S Minister, and with consideration of the populace vote.