Royal Retinue & Preferences

Royal Retinue

Each Crown who sits the throne appoints a team to coordinate the administration of their Royal Reign. The team members and roles may differ from reign to reign at the discretion of the Crown.

Mistress Emma von Bern

Head of Retinue

The Head of Retinue is in charge of all of Their Majesties’ retainers, guards and ladies in waiting. He or she makes sure that Their Majesties are well attended, well fed, not thirsty, and takes care of other necessary administrative things at Their Majesties’ discretion.


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Baroness Constance Davies

Court Coordinator

The court coordinator is responsible for preparing and organizing the court docket and making sure that Royal court flows smoothly. If you would like to request time in court, please contact the court coordinator.

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Duchess Hlutwidge Wolfkiller

Royal Scribe

The Royal Scribe is responsible for the award documents of the reign. He or she oversees award charter production (design, wordsmithing, calligraphy, artwork, printing, distribution, painting, and personalization), commissions custom scrolls and/or objects given as awards, sees that awards are signed and sealed as needed, and works closely with the Court Coordinator to deliver all these in a timely manner.

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Constantine Trewpenny

Recruiter/Head of Personnel

The Head of Personnel reports to the Head of Retinue and ensures that Their Royal Majesties have attendants as and when They travel throughout the Kingdom.


Mistress Morgaina atte Wodelonde and Lady Juana Juchau

Royal Largesse Coordinators

The Largesse Coordinators receive, organize, record, and assist in the appropriate re-distribution of gifts received by the Royals.

About King Sven


His Royal Majesty Sven generally portrays a Viking-age persona but has an interest in German, Roman and Greek cultures as well.

Sven lives in the Barony of Wealdsmere and enjoys all facets of the SCA but his passion is armored combat. He also loves it when we all benefit from when Her Royal Majesty Raoukinn makes cool things happen.

Sven’s favorite colors are blue, black and silver but His Majesty has opened his eyes to other colors as well, including orange.

Food and Drink Preferences

His Royal Highness has zero food allergies and enjoys FOOD – all food.

Favorite drinks include water, Coke Zero, Arizona Green Tea Zero, and all types of alcohol.

About Queen Raoukinn


Her Royal Majesty Rauokinn generally portrays a Viking-age persona, but she loves to dabble in other centuries and cultures.

Rauokinn lives in the Barony of Madrone and enjoys armored combat, costuming, painting shields and making cool things happen.

Rauokinn likes color – all of it. She has a soft spot for orange and teal but pretty much embraces the rainbow.

Food and Drink Preferences

Her Royal Majesty has no food allergies, but her husband describes her as a “picky eater.”

She does not eat seafood. At all. She enjoys a high protein diet, which includes a lot of Greek yogurt, chicken, beef, deli meats and cheese. She loves berries and oranges.

Rauokinn has a bit of a sweet tooth and will indulge (in moderation) in milk chocolate and sour gummies.

Her Majesty drinks water, diet drinks (Coke Zero and Orange or Lemon Rockstar Recovery are her caffeines of choice), and chocolate milk.

While Rauokinn is not a big alcohol drinker, when she does partake it is usually a fruity cocktail, cider or fruity beer.