Yule Event


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Nichola inghean Muireadnacn
Date: December 5 , 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on December 5th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Grantham Hall
2505 Smith Rd. Merville, BC

Warning: Halima got a little… creative… in this
event copy… and nobody stopped her…

Natilus Sol Invictis!

Saturday, December 5, AS XLIV (2009 CE)
Courtenay, BC

Come and Celebrate! It is the Natilis Sol
in 3rd Century Rome!

The Olympics are in full swing!! The world is in our city!

We, the everyday people of the town, are out on the
streets, plying our wares and playing games to mimic our
richer cousins!

The city Elders have roasted a slaughtered Pig! We are all
to share it. (The Shire is supplying a roast pig.

The folks living on the street will be bringing out what
foods they have (simple fare!) and will be observing this
Festival with street games, good foods, and taking the time
to visit with their friends and neighbours. (It’s a
potluck; bring food. If it’s finger food, as you might get
from a Roman street vendor, all the better. Kebabs? Rolls?
With cheese and cold cuts? Sweets? ummm… Sweets! And…
Finger food means you can wander while you eat, visiting
and looking at displays of your shiremates’ latest
creations and works-in-progress.)

The Festival is a time of Joy; small presents and the
sharing of food and drink is the order of the day.

(A nice idea: Bring small tokens to give
to people who do a great job of garb, pot luck
contributions, decoration of their street
‘booth’ area, or anything else you feel is
deserving of recognition. Something with a Yule flavour
would be entirely appropriate!)

In recognition of the return of the invincible sun, bring
stuff to do Gilding. What better way to
reflect the sun than laying gold on paper, wood, etc.?
Halima will do a small demo on gilding, before dinner,
about 3:30. Doireann will tame fire to shape
glass in another demo (time tbd).

All are encouraged to bring their latest
projects to show, and possibly talk about.

The Minister of Arts and Sciences, His Lordship Ulric
Fredrickson, has issued a Challenge: to
produce a Roman subtlety. (Romans are
subtle? mmm… Dessert! Oops; did I mention that

There will be Olympic Games, peasant
style, following dinner. Are you ready for the challenge?
Have you the energy? The wit? Try your hand at the javelin
or the shot put! Come test your mettle! (Sorry: no
metal unless you have engaged appropriate marshals.)


Saturday, December 5, AS XLIV (2009 CE)
Doors open 3 p.m.

Site fees

Adults $15.00 ; Children $1 per year of age, up to 15
NMS ($3 per adult non-SCA-member) will apply

NOTE: there are no stores within easy
distance! Stock up in town!


Event Steward: Meredith of the White
Cliffs – ac.wahs@esuoh.yerg; email
is preferred method of contact. Lady Nichola’s mail will be
forwarded to Mistress Meredith.

Useful information:
Going to a Revel – what to expect; what
you need
Potlucking – includes ideas for
medieval-style potluck contributions
Minor Medical Waiver – (for those legal minors
attending event without a parent; parent must fill in this
form and assign a legal adult [who will be at the event]
supervision of their child for the duration)

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