Hosted by Device of Wastekeep

The Barony of Wastekeep (Tri-Cities, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ciosa Fioravanti
Date: December 12 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on December 12th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Waitsburg Town Hall
121 N Main St Waitsburg, WA 99361

As the weather turns cold we gather for our annual Yule
celebration and ask that all who wish,  join us as
we mingle with friends in the warmth of our
banquet hall.  We will have games to enjoy and a
served feast for all.  Following feast and court, we will
move aside the tables and dance!


We are also searching near and far for new Baronial Champions in
both Bardic and Arts & Sciences. Our current champions will
host the competitions. Bardic competition will be held between
the feast removes.

For all those for which their talent lies with the bardic arts,
a message has been delivered from our current champion, to aid you
in preparation for the competion to come.


‘Tis the season, my Lords and Ladies! Though winter’s sun is
early to bed, our spirits may be kept awake with camaraderie and
merriment. Let us sing the sun to its nightly rest with

As we both are and are of the people, this year’s Bardic
Baronial Championship will be a FESTIVAL OF FILKS! ….or for those
with grievances, a FESTIVUS OF FILKS.

Come to the bardic competion with a filk to sing.  It can
be one you wrote or one  written by someone else (please give
credit if it is due).

Winner will be determined by the ever-popular populace


Rashida bint Yusuf

Bardic Champion of Wastekeep


The next A&S Champion of Wastekeep will be decided by
decision of the judges.  In addition there will be prizes for
populace choice (It looks like the populace will be busy!) and “the
most unusual entry”.  There will be plenty of time for all to
oohhh & ahhhh and vote.


We will also be having Santa Baron time, please bring a gift
with your child’s name on it for handing out during this portion of
our celebrations.

Not to be forgotten, the adults (and near adults) can
participate in the secret gift exchange.  If you wish to join
in, please bring a small wrapped gift (no names please) and rules
of the game will be explained at Yule (yes, this is intentionally


Steinbjorn, Baron of Wastekeep, would like to invite all heavy
and rapier fighters to participate in the Cold Turkey Turkey of
Tournaments. This is for all of you crazy enough to brave the
weather in search of great rewards (also known as prizes) and
honor. Both heavy and rapier will be held at the same time due to
time constraints, so for those with talents in both areas, a
decision will have to be made as to which you would like to
participate in. The style of tournaments will be determined by the
number of participants and our baron.  Winner of each
will receive a frozen turkey and there will be other prizes to
be had.


The site will open at 10:00 am and closes at 7:00pm. There is a
$5.00 feast fee for each adult, no site fee (therefore there will
be no non-member charge.)


The schedule (or as close to a schedule as you can get in this
wonderful game we play):

10:00am Site opens, displays set up for Arts & Sciences

For those who have no wish, desire or ability to face the cold
turkey weather, games will be available for our enjoyment.  If
you have a game you would like to share, please bring it to both
play and teach.  Instead of classes we can learn new games and
improve our knowlege of others. There will also be an area set
up for children’s activities.

11:00am Lists open for both heavy and rapier

11:30am – 2:00pm Cold Turkey Turkey Touney of Tournaments

2:15 pm Competition for Arts & Sciences closes (we have to
give those fighters a chance to come in and vote before it is

2:30pm Feast starts, with Bardic competition between

Santa Baron and adult / near adult gift exchange to follow
feast, with court to follow.  Then the tables will be moved
aside for a bit of dancing before all journey home.


If any would like to volunteer for gate, lists, kitchen help or
general minion we will be glad to keep you busy.


Looking forward to seeing the warm smiles of  all who brave
the travel through the cold of winter to join us in this
celebration of friendship.


Ciosa Fioravanti


The menu for the “not so period feast”:

Lunch will be potato soup.

Feast: Fruit & cheese, followed by Pork roast, carrots,
cabbage salad & bread, with Gingerbread last.

Please bring your favorite drinks and feast gear.


In keeping with this season of giving, His Excellency has asked
that if anyone would like to assist in providing gifts to families
registered through CBC resource center, we will set up a collection
area at the event.  In addition to basic toiletries and
household items here are a few specifics from a couple

Adults female 36, size xl shirt, Male 27 size lg shirt, female
17 size small shirt, special gift requests – gas card, male 6months
size 9-12 month clothing, special gift request learning toys.

Adults female 33 shirt size xl, male 40 shirt size xl. Children
female 8, size 8 – Barbie, female 7, size 8 – sofia toys, male 6
size 7 – Ninja turtles, female 2 – size 2 – age appropriate



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