Winters Tourney


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Caius Marciuis Scipio
Date: February 4 , 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 4th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Albion Fairgrounds
23448 105th Ave. Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1G3

Winter’s Tourney is soon upon us!

This is a reboot year for the event, and as such, we will be
running Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, and Youth Armored

Prizes will be handed out for the winners, this is a
given.  However, the best prizes we will have available will
go to the fighters with…. wait for it…… the BEST Dramatic,
funny, serious death on the field. We have all seen fighters take a
hit, drop and that’s the end of the match. That’s all nice and
good, but where is the entertainment? Where is the “making the
crowd laugh to the point they have to hold their sides, or cry from
the drama of the death because lady so-and-so just lost her loved
one and he had to get back to her before he died”. So fighters
prepare, and come out to the fun.

Arts & Sciences, there will also be a contest for you! What
is this contest, you ask? A project that reflects how winter would
have affected your personae. This can be a creation, story, essay
or a song and should include basic verbal or written

There will also be TUTR classes these will also be announced

Last but not least, this Tourney will end in a feast. Yes,
that’s right, a winter-themed feast. Menu will be posted in the
next couple of weeks and tickets will go on sale at our neighbor’s
Baronesses Inspiration event. Feast tickets $15 children, 12 and
under $5 (does not include site fee).



Adult Registration $20

Adult Member Registration $15

Youth (18 and under) free

Feast tickets $15,  children 12 and under $5 (does not
include site fee)

Make checks payable to “Shire of Lionsdale”



Ye who are attending Winter’s Tourney, please join us for the
Feaste in the evening; tickets are available now! We will banish
the Winter’s cold together, and fill our bellies with fine fare as
the season and hunters provide.

roasted winter vegetable soup
grain porridge/pilaf
roasted/baked fish
roast beast with vegetable
baked stuffed apples with clotted cream
simple cheese platter with fruit 

(please keep in mind, menu is based on seasonal


Feast tickets $15, children 12 and under $5 (does not include
site fee)



(checks should be payable to SCA- Shire of Lionsdale and can
either be given to the event steward at Lion’s Gate’s Tuesday fight
practice or mailed to Lionsdale’s Exchequer, PM for details.)




9 am: Site Opens
9:30 am: Youth Armored Tournament
10 am:A&S Submissions Table Opens
11 am: Rapier Tournament
11 am:Class Mead 101
11:30 am: Class (TBD)
2 pm: Heavy Tournament
2:30 pm:Class Leatherworking
4:30 pm: Court (tentative)
5:30 pm: Clean up and set up for feast
6 pm: Feast
9 pm: Site Closed


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