Winter Defenders Tourney (A&S and Bardic)


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Caemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais
Date: February 26 , 2011 until February, 27 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 26th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on February 27th 2011

Event site:
Masonic Hall
508 Agnes Street New Westminister, BC

Teaser Edition:



A New Day has Dawned!

In just over six weeks, We come together once more in
brightening glory of our land to witness a wonderful
As February draws to a close, we call upon You to Come and
Witness the triumph of not one, but TWO Baronial

One will emerge atop all others as Artisan destined to
represent the Barony for the coming year.

One will bring the words and skills needed to capture hearts
and souls and wear the Bard’s belt come Sunday.

For those who choose to take a pass on competition this year,
I have more to offer you!
We will be having classes. They will be focused on the
interests displayed this weekend, namely, Bardic and Arts
& Sciences.
And of course, NEWCOMERS!

Sort of.

Let me Elaborate, if you will. We will have a collection of
classes for Newcomers of ALL STRIPES. Another way to look at
it will be “Classes for the Intermediate and the

Have you ever taken a basic tunic class and wanted to know
what do do next?
Have you ever learned the Field Divisions of Heraldry and
wanted to know how to be the guy or gal talking in Court?
We will have a series of classes for those who are ready for
their next step, or who are brand new but ready to jump in
with both feet.

Below are the Entry Requirements should YOU choose to Stand
and Defend Lions Gate!

“The competition for Lions Gate A&S this coming February
will be:

Two entries in the same medium, plus one additional page of
about the type of person who would have made/used one of your
entries in the
SCA time period.

So, that means that it is not persona restricted to your
persona, but you
must have a little information about the people who would
have made/done
whatever it is you are entering.

—-The Honorable Tomas de Courcy (GdS)”

“The Bardic Defender Tourney will take place at Lions Gate
Winter Defender Tournament on February 26-27th. Rules for the
Tournament are as follows.

1. Each combatant vying for the Defender Belt will have the
option to perform one or two pieces. The first piece must be
from or based on a period source and documented.
Embellishment is allowed.

2. Combatants must declare themselves to be competing in the
tournament and be prepared to abide by the expectations for a
Defender of Lions Gate. Please let me know by email by
February 21 if you are competing. We will try to make time
for all performers whether they are competing or not but
priority will be given to competitors.
3. All performances will be public performances.
4. All pieces will be scored separately. However, for bards
performing two pieces, their score will consist of their
highest scores received and one half of the score for their
other piece.

Winners will also be selected from all the performances for
the following categories. The judges reserve the right to
remove categories if there are no entries and to add new
categories at their whim.

    *Minstrel – Individual musical
performance (vocal or instrumental)
    *Troupe – Group musical performance
(vocal or instrumental)
    *Poet – Individual poetry
    *Actor – individual performance of
monologue from a period piece
    *Company – Group performance of a
scene from a play
    *Puppeter – Individual or group
performance of a medieval puppet show
    *Juggler/Tumbler – Individual
performance of physical entertainment like juggling,
tumbling, or flag tossing.
    *Brave New Bard- this category is for
competitors who have been performing for less than a year,
and who have never won a
       bardic competition.


In Service,
Your Current Bardic Defender
Baron James Wolfden”

Still with me?

Saturday Feb 26th
9:00am – Gate Opens

9:30am – Opening Court – ALL COMPETITORS MUST BE IN

10am to 11am – Bards for Scribes – The art of writing the
wording for scrolls and charters is a place that the bardic
and visual arts come together.  Let’s make some words to
articulate the way we feel about our Baron and Baroness and
Their Inspirations, Defenders, Lions Claws, Seargentry, Knot
Yetts and other awards.

10am to 11am – Introduction To Medieval Fixed Form Poetry –
This one hour class will cover the basics of medieval fixed
form poetry. We will begin by looking at how rhyming
sequences are outlined, how to create your own rhyming word
stockpile, and then we will jump straight into fixed form
poetry. So if you enjoy poetry, enjoy punning or wordgames,
or want to be able say more than duh when you see something
beautiful than find two words that rhyme with gate and one
that rhymes with true and I will see you in class. No cost.
Teacher: Master John MacAndrew

10:30am to approximately 12pm – A&S Championship

12pm to 1pm – Veils – How to secure various types of veils
and head wraps. Students should bring (if they have them),
square/rectangular veils, and straight pins, hairpins (not
bobby pins unless your hair is very short), elastics and
ribbons. No cost. Teacher: Her Ladyship Tanikh

12pm to 1pm – Cordial Making – Learn how to make delicious
cordials. No cost. Teacher: Baroness Margaret Hamilton of
Stirlingshire and Lee-Erin

12pm to 2pm – Presentation Skills for A&S Competitions –
Are you hesitant to enter A&S Competitions because the
idea of speaking before a panel of judges scares you? This
class will look at techniques to help reduce nervousness when
presenting information. You will learn how to anticipate
questions and present information using either the inverted
pyramid or the story technique. Bring some notes from a
project you are working on or have done in the past.
Potential instructors of UTR or Ithra classes may also find
the session useful. No cost. Teacher: Baron James Wolfden

2pm to 4pm – Bardic Championship

2pm to 4pm – Haversack Class – Learn how to make a haversack.
The cost of the class is $4.00 or a ball of wool. Teacher:
Mistress Caitrin ni Cingeadh

2pm to 4pm – Period Armour to Fit Your Persona – This is an
armour themed A&S class with discussions on recreating
armour that looks authentic and is persona appropriate. No
cost.Teacher: Sir Griffin ap Bedwyr

5pm – Revel Begins (TBA)
7pm – Evening Court as Needed
7pm – Gate Closes
10pm – Event Closes

Sunday Feb 27th
10am – Event Opens

10:30am to 11:30 am – Persona Class – Find out how to create
a persona and develop it into every day life. No cost.
Teacher: Mistress Agnes Cresewyke

10:30am to 12:30pm – Elizabethan Embriodery – Learn how to do
Elizabethan Embriodery. No cost. Teacher: Her Ladyship Aelana

10:30am to 11:30am – Tir Righ Submission Process – Learn all
about the new Tir Righ Submission Process for Heraldry!
 This class would be a valuable asset to anyone
practicing Heraldry or working as a Branch Herald. No
*SPECIAL NOTE: If you have a submission ready for the College
of Heralds, drop by and save yourself the postage!*
Teacher: Her Ladyship Caitrina inghean Aindriasa, Silver

11am to 1pm – Rapier Tourney

12pm to 1pm – Service: Where & How Can I Serve? –
Everyone hears about doing service in the SCA but what
exactly is it and how do I begin? This class is a discussion
about what to do besides waterbearing, gate and who to talk
to? No cost. Teacher: Her Ladyship Ceara inghean ui

12pm to 2pm – Painting Charters –  This class is all
about how to paint charters. Beginners welcome! No cost.
Teacher: His Lordship Miles FitzHubert

2pm to 4pm – Fingerlooping Braiding Class – Learn how to
create beautiful designs with fingerlooping braiding for
tunic embellishments. No cost. Teacher: Lady Myrrim de

2pm to 4pm – Leather Bound Book Class – Learn how to make
leather bound books based on the Nag Hamadi books discovered
in jars in the desert. Cost: $5 for materials. Teacher: Ylas
Anasdoter of Lions Gate

4pm – Classes End

4:30pm – Closing Court as Needed

6pm – Event Closes

Slann go foil,
  HL Caemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais
  Event Steward

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