William Tell 33


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Robert Flood
Date: August 24 , 2018 until August, 26 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 24th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 26th 2018

Event site:
Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds
16 Fairgrounds Rd Skamokawa, WA 98647


Come enjoy River’s Bend’s William Tell Tourney XXXIII at the
Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds.

The Annual William Tell Tourney and other Archery and Thrown
Weapons competitions, the Adult/ Child Team Shoot, children’s
archery, and the Beast Who shall Not Be Named are in the
covered     arena so you can once again shoot
and throw without the weather interfering. Also evening events may
be scheduled as we have night lighting! A special children’s
archery event is planned as Last year’s Children’s Apple shoot was
so successful.

 In addition to the weekend of target related events, a
rapier tourney is scheduled. The Guillermo da Serra Patace Memorial
Bocce Tournament for the ladies and the Scottish Rules Croquet
Tournament are on tap. And new to this year a
Saturday evening brewing competition with 3 divisions – mead, cider

There are horse stalls available to rent for camping. Fee is
 $15.00 per stall for the weekend and must be prepaid by
August 18 to guarantee your spot. Stalls are 10×10 and directly
across from the covered arena. Payment needs to be sent to Shire of
River’s Bend, c/o -Exchequer David Stredwick,1204 N. Pacific Ave.,
Kelso, WA. 98626. Include your Modern and Society Names and make
checks out to “Shire of River’s Bend, SCA Inc.”.

There is shade for camping. Water and Electric for wheeled
campers! Indoor Restrooms!!! A shower!!!  Just a short walk
from the Fairgrounds is the Duck Inn, for those that don’t wish to
cook their own meals. Ice will be available on site at 10 -10:30 Am
and 5-5:30 PM for $1 a bag. 

The Friday night Travelers soup available for a mere $4.00!!
Dessert and bread are included. Coffee will always be on in the
covered arena.

Saturday night there will be a campfire bardic at the permanent
fire pit, which we invite and encourage all to participate. 
Additional wood burning fire pits are not allowed by the
Fairgrounds.  If you use one for cooking, you may use charcoal
or briquettes. 

New this year is a brewing contest on Saturday evening. Contact
the event steward for details on the divisions.

Sunday morning brings the Scottish Rules Croquet Tournament!!!
 Bring your Bribes! Bring your people! Bring your plaids!!!
 HL Magda will need a few judges so let her know on site if
you are available for this.

This year for the Purple Beast that Shall Not Be Named
Tournament the Contestants shall be required to wear PURPLE in some
form!! Extra points are available for those who bring a new purple
beast for target purposes!!

Merchants: contact Magda Murdoch of Derhirst (Margaret Volkrodt)
at moc.ohay@82ybrettulfelprup/
360-431-8307     if you are interested!
 The Merchants are also in the Archery covered area with their
camping right next to this. The merchant fee is an item for the
prize chest!!

 Site opens at 12Noon on Friday and closes on Sunday at

Please remember: 1) All dogs on leash and under
control per Kingdom Law!! Those not adhering to this will be warned
once. A second occurrence will result in being asked to leave
without site fee being returned.  2) Observe good manners
regarding people’s camping spaces. Do not walk thru a camp without
permission 3) Pick up your litter. There is a large dumpster to
deposit your trash. 4) Smoking only in your camps or on graveled
areas. Observe Kingdom law about no smoking near erics.

At this moment we do not know about the safety of the wooden
playground equipment. Last year it showed structural rot and will
be off limits to everyone if it has not been repaired.

 Check the shire webpage for updates

 Site Fees:



$20.00* for Adults (18 and up)    Under 18



Day Trip:

$15.00* for Adults (18 and up) Under 18 free

*$5.00  Member
Discount for adults applies to day trips or camping.

Make checks payable to “Shire of River’s Bend, SCA, Inc.”


Event Steward:

Robert Food (Eric Barnett)

Site Info:
Name: Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds
16 Fairgrounds Rd
Skamokawa, WA 98647

Directions to Site: Take I-5 North or South to
exit 36, Follow the signs to West 432/west 4/Longview/Long Beach
and merge onto West 432 towards Longview for 2.7 miles to the 3rd
Ave. exit, at the bottom of the ramp turn left onto 3rd Ave. for .5
miles, and get into the right lane, turn right at the next light
onto West 432/Industrial Way, Continue on this for 7.1 miles to
West 4/Ocean Beach Hwy., turn left at the stop light towards
Cathlamet /Long Beach. Continue on West 4 for 26.2 miles to East
Valley Rd., turn right just before the bridge, take the first left
onto Fairgrounds Rd. Signs will be posted once you get to East
Valley Rd. in Skamokawa, WA.  Google says it is 37.2 miles and
takes about 45 minutes from I-5. 

Tentative Schedule:
Friday August

Noon – Gate opens  

5:00 pm Ice available until 5:30

6:00pm – Traveler’s Soup Dinner (soup, bread, dessert)

8:00pm – Community Fire Gathering


Saturday August

7:30am – Wake up Cry (listen for announcements)

8:00am – TAM class at the range.

9:00 am – Archery and Thrown weapons Ranges Open (with
Marshal present) (Check at the range for the Thrown Weapons

10:00am – Rapier Armor Inspection

–          Social
area opens in covered arena

–          Ice
available until 10:30am

11:00 am – Rapier Championship’s
Tourney begins

3:00pm – Guillermo da Serra Patace Memorial Bocce

–  Thrown Weapons Novelty Shoot

4:00pm – Children’s Apple shoot

5:00 pm – Adult apple shoot 

–          Ice

6:00pm -Brewing competition:    mead, cider, and
cordial divisions

7:00 pm – Evening activities in the covered arena

8:00pm – Bardic at Community Fire Pit


Sunday August

8:00am – Wake up

9:30am – Scottish Rules Croquet

 – Archery/Thrown Weapons Ranges opens with Marshal

  -Atlatl Competition in the Arena 

10:00 – Ice available until 10:30

11:00am – Adult/child Archery Contest

Noon – Novelty Shoot – Purple Beast that shall not be

2:00pm – Shire Award Moot at Arena 

6:00pm – Site Closes

*Rules for
William Tell Archery Competition


1.)  The tournament will consist of Royal
Rounds only.

2.)  If you are entering the William Tell
Shoot, you must shoot in two different classes.  Your choice of classes will be open
class (Recurve only), longbow class (either 1 or 2), or cross bow.
These classes include the period version of each class. The highest
of your rounds in each of the two classes you shoot will be added
together.  The overall
winner will be the person with the highest total score for two

3.)  The winners of each division will be
decided by their highest single Royal round shot.

4.)  You must use your highest attained
ranking in any weapon style (i.e. – You are a Master Bowman in open
class and an archer in crossbow.  You would be scored as a Master Bowman
for this competition).

#Rules for the Adult/Child
Archery Contest

1.  The adult asks the child to shoot as
their partner.

2.  Each team of archers will begin with 6

3. The contest
will begin with the children shooting at 10 yards and the adults
shooting the remaining arrows at 20 yards.  A second round will be shot at 15 and
30 yards respectively, etc.

4. The contest
will be a ring shoot based on the Adult’s Archery Rank and the
Child’s Division.

5. Junior Children
just need to hit anywhere on the paper.  Senior Children must hit a scoring
shot within the White Ring or better.  Adults must hit as follows: Novice and
Tyro Archers need to hit white ring or better; Archers must hit
black or better; Bowmen must hit blue or better; Master Bowmen must
hit red or better; and Grand Master and Ludicrous Bowmen must hit
Gold.  Your partner will get
to shoot an arrow for every arrow that was a scoring shot. The
contest will begin with the child shooting 6 arrows and then the
adult shooting a number of arrows based on their partner’s scoring
shots. They will continue alternating this way until one team has
any arrows remaining at the end of a round.  The remaining team will be declared
the winner.

For this
competition only the Child’s division is as follows:

Junior Children
are 5-10.

Senior Children
are 11-15.




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