Wealdsmere Sergeants Trials and Newcomers Event


Event Summary

Date: July 11 , 2014 until July, 13 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 11th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 13th 2014

Event site:
Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291 Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026

On behalf of the Baron and
Baroness of Wealdsmere….THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Please see
the message below:


We have been following the fire situation near the Sergeants
closely.  The fire is currently still spreading with the risk
of wind
driving it faster.  Due to the close proximity we would have
warning should the fire turn toward our event.

While I’m sure it would have been as entertaining as years past, we
in good conscience hold the event under such risky
conditions.  Therefore,
it is with a heavy heart that we must cancel Wealdsmere’s
Sergeants/Newcomers event this year.

Yours in service,
Sir Lars Gunnarrson, Baron
Her Excellency Kara Bjornsdottir,

Her Excellency Kara Bjornsdottir would like to invite one and all
to Wealsdmere’s Sergeant’s Trials and Newcomer’s Event July
11-13 at HL Michael of Lancaster’s beautiful estate. This is a
great chance to learn and get to know the local Sergeantry and
Their Excellencies!


Norse Fare will once again be feeding the populace on Saturday
(donations accepted, but not neccesary).


And best of all, this event is FREE!


In lieu of gate fees we are requesting donations of cinder blocks
as the land is generously being donated for the weekend.

1.  Did you know this is a FREE event (plus a donation of
cinder block)?

2.  There is a populace lunch provided by the Norse

4.  Archery, A & S, Heavy Combat?

5.  Classes for all to learn new exciting skills

6. Potluck feast and Bardic





  Site Opens
       Opening Court
10am      Rapier Armor Inspection
10:30     Target Archery Marshal Class Begins
Making Class
Tournament Begins
11:30      YAC Armor Class
12:30      YAC Armor Inspection
       YAC Tournament
       Chain Maille Class
       Sergeants Meeting
5:30        Evening Court
6:30        Potluck Feast and Bardic
8ish        Heavy Torchlight Tourney
Class Details
Target Archery Marshal Class with Lord Will Fletcher
The class will be limited to 8 people, and you must be of legal age
and an SCA member to participate.  The class will be divided
into two parts.  
The first part will be at Sergeants and cover basic range set up,
running the range and more.  With supervision we will run
Royal Rounds for some good hands on.
The second part of the class will be taught at Border War where the
students will be setting up the range and again running the range
for additional experience.  You must attend both classes to
all the experience needed to be warranted.
hand out will be given. Students should bring a writing instrument
and clipboard if they have it in case they want to take notes.
 They should also bring their archery equipment to assist in
YAC Armor Class
There will be a YAC Armor class before the YAC tournament taught by
Lord Ceawlin Silvertongue
Lady Una will be
teaching a cheese making class.

Lady Avacyn will be
teaching will be teaching a beginning inkle weaving

Lady Diana will be
teaching a beginning chain maille class. There will be a small
material fee for this class, but the students will get to keep
their project. The class will be limited to a maximum of 10 and
charge a $5 fee. If the students have would like to take the pliers
they will be using home, then that will be an additional


 Please feel free to contact the Event Steward with any


Honorable Lady Fina


Some Basic Rules

Please respect the site and hospitality
and follow the rules.



Minors may not attend the event without a parent/legal
guardian unless the adult accompanying them has signed consent from
the parent and a Minor Medical Authorization signed by the

All pets must be at owners control at all

Clean after your pets.

There is potable water on site, but if you want to bring
drinking water, please do so.

All trash is to be packed out.

Diapers must be properly disposed of in the trash and not
in the biffies.

Fire pits above ground and ashes must be empty at Bardic

We won’t know about fire conditions until the day of event;
so, this information will be posted at Gate.

shall not violate any state, federal or local laws.  Illegal
substance use and underage drinking will NOT be tolerated and are
grounds for IMMEDIATE removal from site and notification of modern

In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants
should follow modern law, both State and Federal.  As it is
still illegal under Federal Law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA
functions. January 2013 Board Meeting.



Site Info:

Name: Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291
Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026

Directions to Site:


Coming from the I-90 West and East;

1. Take the 281 exit to Hwy 2 (N. Division).

2. Go North to W. Francis make a left at the W. Francis

3. W. Francis is also Hwy 291.

4. Continue west; stay on the right lane, until W. Francis turns
into N. Nine Miles Rd.

5. Drive North passing Nine Miles Falls (on your left), keep going
North on Hwy 291.

6. You will enter Stevens Co.

7. Continue north, you will pass a Zip’s on your left, a
small shopping center and gas station further on the right, you are
now getting closer.

8. Continue north, you will see mile markers, pass marker 16 at
your left, you will see Sundown Rd, Villier Rd and to your right,
mile marker 17, the next left is the site, it will be clearly

From N. Stevens Co.

Take Hwy. 395 south, it will turn into Hwy 2 or N.

Continue south until you reach N. Francis, take a left at N.
Francis and follow the directions from # 4 above.


Take Hwy. 395 south until you reach Hwy 231.

Take Hwy 231 south take a left into Hwy 291.

Continue on Hwy. 291 pass the town of Tumtum; continue south the
site will be to your right.



If you look it up in Google Map, as you come from the south, the
site will be directly to the left of a red building pass the
Corkscrew Canyon Rd. letters on the map, the road is marked but not
named. The Hwy 291 number and the number 6318 are right pass the





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