Warren War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Khaidu Naranaimorin
Date: August 7 , 2015 until August, 9 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 7th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 9th 2015

Event site:
Hovander Homestead Park
5299 Nielson Ave. Ferndale, WA 98248

When: August 7-9, 2015

Where:  Hovander Homesead Park, Ferndale,
WA 98248
Steward:  HL Khaidu Naranaimorin


Greetings to the
Known World!

Warren War is
back!  Come join us as we prepare for a great weekend of fun
and mayhem!

Also, a new
addition to the fun…”Art’s & Arrows” where Archery and Arts
and Sciences are combined, almost an event in itself!

Site Fee:

-$20 for Adults ($15 Day

-$5 for Youths ages

-Free for 12 and

– NMS fee of $5 for Adult

– $12 per night RV

bring your own water!

UPDATE* Currently no recreational fires. No Tiki Torches. No Fire
Dancing.  Propane stoves only. Propane fire rings may be ok
(no guarantee, see autocrat first
). Fire Extinguishers required. Info will be
posted at Gate.

Schedule of


– 10 AM – Gate opens to

– 12 Noon – Gate opens to
the populace

– Last Light – Archery Equipment
Inspection (see Archery section)

– Dusk – Archery “Night


– 9 AM – Morning War

   – Archery
equipment inspections(see Archery section)

   – Start picking up
Siege cooking supplies

   – Pick up Siege
Embroidery pack at Gate

– 10 AM – Armor

– Archery Range open

– Thrown Weapons Range opens,
start signing up for the championship

– 11 AM – War Scenarios
start (see war section below)

– 12 PM -Thrown Weapons
Championship begins (see below)

– 1 PM – Stop picking up
Siege cooking supplies and start cooking

– 4 PM – Judging of Siege
Cooking begin

  – Turn in Siege
Embroidery projects for judging

   – Bardic
Championship begins ( Starting time likely to change, please check
at event! also see below)

6 PM’ish – Evening Court (after
bardic championship)


 – 9 AM
Archery Range

 – 11 AM – Archery Range

 – 5 PM – Please be
off site by this time

* Schedule subject to

War Scenarios:

Two forces both wish to occupy
an abandoned castle located on our fair lands, and must race to it,
keeping the other side at bay while attempting to gain advantages
for the final fight!

fighting schedule for Warren War:

10:00 –
Armor inspection

11:00 –
Scenarios begin

plan is to have a campaign of quick scenarios, each lasting 5-10
minutes, with 5 minute breaks between fights. The war point
scenarios all confer a small benefit in the final time castle
assault scenario, but each leadup scenario is fairly
straightforward. Archery will be in play every other scenario, in
order to have time to gleam and reinspect ammunition.

– Open Field Battle, 10 min, unlimited resurrection, last man
standing at 10 min.

two sides meet on the open field, and hostilties are not far

Champion battle, followed immediately by an
open field battle, no resurrection, archery allowed. Last man
standing claims the point. Champion battle is worth 1 war point,
with the field battle worth another 1.

bridge near the castle gives access to the moat, and must be

battle. 10 mins, unlimited resurrection, no archery. The objective
is to hold the center of the bridge for as much time as possible,
time will be recorded. There is a twist, there will be two boats,
one for each side that will be in play that can be used to assault
the bridge. Worth 1 war point. The winner of this battle will gain
the use of 1 boat to use in the final scenario.

keys to the castle have been lost in a nearby marsh, and both
forces seek to secure first entry to the castle.

battle: 1 resurrection, archery allowed. This will be similar to a
bridge battle, in that there are water hazards that seek to swallow
the unwary, but there are multiple paths that lead to the central
objective. The goal of this scenario is to get the treasure chest
in the center of the field, and bring it back to your resurrection
point. Chest bearers will need full gauntlets. Worth 1 war point,
and the winner will have choice whether to attack or defend first
in the final scenario.

field battle. 10 min, unlimited resurrection, no weapons over 6
feet, no archery. Last man standing called at 10 minutes. No war
points, this one is just for fun.

fighting has moved to the village outside the castle, as vital
supplies must be secured.

battle: 1 resurrection, archery allowed. There will be 3 buildings,
each containing a bag of food. Each bag that is brought back to
your resurrection point will give your side an additional
resurrection in the final scenario. Worth 1 war point.

field battle. 10 min, unlimited resurrection, no archery, no
shields. Last man standing at 10 minutes. Another fight for the fun
of it, no war points.

castle is secured, and must be held against all comers!

assault. Both sides will have to attack and defend the castle, side
to do it faster wins the scenario. There will be a castle gate with
a bridge and moat. The winner of the Marsh battle will have choice
to go first or second. The winner of the Bridge battle will have a
boat to assist their assault. And finally for every bag of food
secured in the city fight your side will have 1 extra resurrection
when defending. Archery allowed, base resurrections for the
defender is 1, with attackers having unlimited. Worth 3 war points
to the faster time.

Scenarios planned out by Charles
 (Arabos), our Shire Warmonger. Feel free to ask
question or get clarifications, and looking forward to seeing you
all there!


Merchant Info:

Merchants please contact HL
Saikhan Naranaimorin at moc.nsm@mgehtm or

Food merchants please contact HL
Mattie of Temple Caffeina at moc.liamg@segapyttebeht

Merchant fee is $10 or donate an
item for prizes.

Please include a business card
or note with donated items.

Current list of

  • TEMPLE CAFFEINA – Specialty
    Coffee and snacks
    and accessories for adult and child alike done in the early period
    styles with the occasional foray into late period.
    Tapestries and Bags (These will be placed in Jan’s booth in “The
    Creativity Works”)
  • THE LITTLE THINGS – Soaps and
    Specialty items.

Archery specific

Archery Marshal: Isenbart Ironsparks

“Comrades in arms, take up your war bow and be ready to repel your
foe. Our foe will not stand fast to be vanquished. So steady your
aim and slay all who advance and invade our

Competition Themes.

Castle attack by day and night.

Schedule pending finalization.


Last light – Inspections

Dusk – Night attack


9:00 AM – Equipment inspections

10:00 AM – Range Open

Start Day Assault “Competition”

Start Novice Shoot

Start Hunt – “Arts and Arrows”

??? – Range Closes – Results tabulated

??? – Awards presented at ????

Dusk – Post Competition Night Shoot


9:00 AM – Range Open

11:00 AM – Range Closed for tear down.


Thrown Weapons

This Championship will be
marshalled by HL Phydeaux Weir.  There will be many different
challenges for Knife, Ax, Spear, and Darts so come out and bring
your “A” game for lots of fun!

10 AM – Range opens – Sign up
for the championship prior to 12 Noon.

12 Noon – Championship



The Championship will be run by HL
Samira Al-Waddi. More details coming  but here is the
preliminary setting.

– Who will be our next “Bunny

– Focus of this competion is to
“Entertain Us!” The competitors will enter two pieces with a third
waiting in the wings in case of a tie. No documentation!  The
entire audience will get to vote on their favorite bard and votes
will be tallied and the winner announced.  The importance here
is entertainment!  Bring your dinner or snacks with

Siege Cooking

There will
be 20 sets of food available, first come, first serve.  The
Competition will be held Saturday. Pick up your food at the A&S
pavilion between the end of morning court and 1 pm.

Entries must
be received back at 4:00 at the A&S pavilion for judging (so
plan on that for finishing cooking time)

The Scenario:
You have been besieged for months in your castle. Your supplies are
getting very low. You need to keep everyone happy and believing we
are doing well by presenting a good meal with what you

Everyone gets
a bag containing the same basic ingredients and amounts.

Then, each
team may add

  • One dried
    herb/spice (limited to 1/4 ounce )
  • One of any
    other item up to 1 cup
  • You may use
    butter or oil for cooking with
  • You may also
    add water anywhere it is needed

Criteria -100

  • 20 points if
    Teams can point to a medieval recipe as their source for each dish
    (10 bonus points for limiting it to a single time period and
  • 40 points for
    flavor/texture/appearance/aroma (10 pts each)
  • 10 points for
    using  each type of the ingredients given out (all of each
    type does not have to be included)
  • 10 points for
    best overall presentation (dishes etc.,  non food
  • 10 points for
    hot items hot, cold items cold
  • 10 points for
    judges choice

Siege Embroidery

– Pick
up supplies at Gate. (more details to be given at event)

– Turn in by
4 PM Saturday

Come back often, the schedule is
likely to change and 
more information will be posted


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