Valentine’s Castle of Love and A & S Champ.


Hosted by Device of Cold Keep

The Shire of Cold Keep (Prince George, BC )

Event Summary

Date: February 14 , 2004
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 14th 2004
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Cold Keep’s Valentine’s Castle of Love & A&S Championship

February 14, 2004 – 12pm to 12am
The Eagles Hall
6742 Dagg Road, Prince George
Site fee: adults: $7.00 (no Non-Member Surcharge!)
children: $4.00
babes-in-arms: free

Come and join Cold Keep to celebrate the season of Love. An Arts & Sciences
Championship, Heavy tourney, Tavern and Court of Love will appeal to all
types of appetite!

Arts & Sciences Championship:
“Love looks not with eyes, but with the mind.” – William Shakespeare

The following is the rules of competition for the Cold Keep Champions

All Entrants must declare intention to participate prior to February 1st,
via email (ten.sulet@ailatan)

.Each entrant must submit three projects for judging. Two entries can be
combined as one project, but all three entries MUST not be represented by 1
project. The entrant must show diversity and breadth throughout the Arts &
Sciences. (Example: calligraphy, calligraphy, calligraphy – will not be
acceptable as diverse, HOWEVER; calligraphy, illumination, embroidery – will
be acceptable as diverse)

.All three entries must be documented.

.The new champion of Cold Keep is expected, but NOT required to proceed to
principality novice Triathlon, or experienced Pentathlon (and therefore must
declare intention to enter to Principality A&S Champion by 6 weeks prior to
the Principality A&S championship. (It is therefore advisable that all
entrants into the Cold Keep Championship declare their intent to enter the
Principality tournament prior to January 10th to ensure eligibility). (Prior
commitments taken into consideration).

.A&S Champion is expected to work with the A&S Officer to foster the Arts
and Sciences within the shire. In the absence of an Arts and Sciences
Officer, the A&S Champion is expected to act as a mentor for fostering A&S
within the shire.

.The A&S Champion is expected to care for and add to the Arts & Sciences
Champion regalia.

.The A&S Champion is expected to represent the shire at events by attending
and encouraging attendance amongst other shire members.

Single entries are encouraged!! In order to prompt the populace to
participate in the Arts & Sciences, the outgoing champion, Lady Natal’ia
Volkovicha is sponsoring a populace choice Arts & Sciences Competition in
addition to the championship. Bring your finished and unfinished projects
(with some documentation) and enter into the single entry category. All
attendees of the event will have a ballot to vote for their favourite entry.
A prize will be awarded for the most popular entry.

Heavy Activities:
“Love from one side hurts, but love from two sides heals.” – William

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