Tymberhavene Birthday Bash


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Adhipati Kanavati
Date: September 25 , 2015 until September, 27 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 25th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 27th 2015

Event site:
West LaVerne County Park
NSA Coquille, OR 97423

Good Gentles come
gather amongst the ermine trees one last time in your tents before
the joyous feasting season begins. 


The Shire of
Tymberhavene requests that one and all gather for a celebration of
the founding of our humble shire. 


Friday night, let
us welcome you again to our lands with a variety of warm soups and
breads. An offering from members of our shire for those who travel
great distances and have a camp to set up. Let us take the worry of
preparing food from you this night!

Saturday our Shire
will hold many tournaments in which we will select

~Heavy Defender
Tourney. Format to be determined. 

~Rapier Defender
Tourney. Format is dependent upon the amount of entries and will
most likely be a round robin. 

~Thrown Weapons
Defender Tourney. This will be a night throw with axes only!! A
nocturnally glowing rod will be adhered to your ax to illuminate it
during the dark evening hours as it flies towards its

~Archery Defender.
Format to be determined. 

~Bardic Defender.
Format to be two entries. One historical with a brief backstory and
one of free choosing. Held during our potluck


Pot luck Feast on
Saturday night! The Shire will be provided the meats and the
current plan includes: salmon, prime rib and black

~Please feel free
to donate salads, side dishes and desserts as follows with modern
last name:



Side Dishes



Also, new to this
festivity is Tymberhavene Tag! There will be a youth division, 17
and under, and an adult division. Upon arrival to the event, at
gate, you will have the opportunity to decide to join the TT lists
(TT=Tymberhavene Tag). If you so decide to join this game you will
be given a ribbon to wear upon your person, so as to indicate to
others that you are part of the frivolity. The first person to sign
up in each division will be the first chaser (it). Once you are
tagged by the chaser you become the chaser. The chaser may be
sneaky, fast or slow, and use any responsible means to choose the
next chaser. The only restriction is that once chosen as chaser you
may not immediately chose the last chaser as the new chaser (no tag
backs) Each time you are tagged we ask that you honorably see a
judge to have your ribbon marked. The individual in each age
division with the least number of marks by the end of the potluck
Saturday night will become the first TT champions and receive a


Shire Of
Coos and Curry
County, Oregon

Tymberhavene Birthday Bash, September
25-27, 2015

Lady Onóra Inghean Chormaic
(Darcie Gutierrez) 541-254-4358

Adults 18 and over $15, Day trip adults
$10, Children 17 and under free, $5 Non-member

Please make checks payable to The Shire
of Tymberhavene, SCA Inc. 

*5 per night additional fee for use of a
RV space
This site has
both hot showers and flushing toilets!

Site opens 3:00pm Friday and closes
3:00pm Sunday

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