Tymberhavene Birthday Bash


Hosted by Device of Tymberhavene

The Shire of Tymberhavene (Coos & Curry Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Adhipati Kanavati
Date: September 27 , 2013 until September, 29 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 27th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 29th 2013

Event site:
Laverne County Park
61217 Fairview Road Coquille, OR 97423


Welcome good gentles as we celebrate the creation of our humble
shire. We take this time, before the chill of autumn sets in, to
camp and choose our defender and champions. Will you defend our
coasts and borders? How will you? Through Heavy combat, Rapier,
Archery or Thrown Weapons. The Shire of Tymberhavene also enjoys
the sounds of it’s populace and looks for a new bardic

We will have a welcome soup kitchen Friday night, which includes
a bread contest! A potluck feast on Saturday night in which the
Shire will be providing the meat.

Heavy Defender will be determined by round robin (subject to

Rapier Champion will be determined by round robin, wth a
possible prize tourney.

Archery Champion: There are reports of an invading army at
our borders. Our Archery Champion, Dominus Titus calls for archers
to take to the walls and defend our people. The person who takes
down the most enemies will become this years’ Champion! Come Defend
Our Homes!

Thrown Weapons Champion: To celebrate the five years our
glorious lands have been a shire, our defending Thrown Weapons
Champion, Lord Anvindr decrees
that each person up for the challenge of defending our borders by
the flight of knife, axe or spear, has five minutes to score as
many points as possible, using any thrown weapon/combination of
weapons of their choosing!

Bardic Champion: Prepare yourselves for the Tymberhavene
Bardic Championship!

Any bardic piece will do, however extra points will be given for
any Monty Python themed composition. If your piece is not a period
piece you will get bonus points for convincing the judges that it
is (be creative). 


1. Have fun!

2. Please be prepared to present two compositions. These many be
songs, skits, plays (10 minute time limit, unless you are doing the
entirety of “The Holy Grail”, but only if it is really good) ,
juggling, magic (not the card game), silly walks (must be approved
by the Ministry of Silly Walks) or other bardic skills not afore to
mentioned here.

3. Extra points will be given if your piece is accompanied by the
sound of coconuts. 

4. As documentation please present the judges with a…..
SHRUBBERY!!! (leaves, twigs, bark…really anything will do….no
need to write anything on it….just a shrubbery).

5. (See requirement #1)

Looking forward to experiencing Tymberhavene’s creativity!

Yours in Service, Mad Mordecai Bard of the glorious shire of

Site fees:

$12 for 18 and older

$7 for 12-17

NMS fee of $5 applies

All checks made to the Shire of Tymberhavene

Free for children 11 and under.

$10 additional for an RV site. 

Site opens on Friday at 3:00pm, closes Sunday at 2:00pm


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