Three Mountains Ethereal New Year Court


Hosted by Device of Three Mountains

The Barony of Three Mountains (Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, OR)

Event Summary:

Date: May 29 , 2021 until May, 29 2021
Online meeting begins at: 9:00 AM on May 29th 2021
Online meeting ends at: 10:00 PM on May 29th 2021

Event site:
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Greetings to all who read these words. Their Excellencies Three Mountains invite you to join Them on May 29th for the Three Mountains Ethereal New Year Court and Zoom event.

Classes are being planned and will begin at 9AM and run throughout the day.

An evening meal menu with advance videos will be available to anyone who might like to share the evening meal.

Baronial Court will take place in the early evening with a Bardic Circle to follow.

Come celebrate the New Year Anno Societatis with us!

Event Steward: Hlutwige StormMaker


Lois Hale (Hlutwige) on the Book of Faces.

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted.


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Is conducted online

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Meal Information


Tournament Information

Greetings from Hlutwige, StormMaker!
The May StormMaker “Duke Skeggi Build a Sword Challenge” will take place at this event at 10 AM and is dedicated to Masters Mishka Ravensfury and Sean ap Llwyd.
Modest prizes and brilliant bragging rights will be awarded to the Challenger of the StormMaker’s choosing.
Missing Crown and Egils? All those pick up fights? Longing for an excuse to make that last minute effort to build a new weapon? This timed challenge is for you. His Grace Skeggi is known to build a new sword the morning of Crown Tournament. Choose your rattan and hilt, prepare your supplies and get ready! One hour is the time you’ll have to create your sword. Rattan may be cut to lenghth before the Challenge begins.
Challengers must decide if they will choose to plane, carve, or drill the sword though no planning, carving or drilling may happen before the Challenge begins. At 9:45 AM Challengers will meet in the StormMaker Breakout Room. The StormMaker will begin the Challenge at or about 10 AM and will end one hour later. The finished sword must be suitable for use in an An Tir Crown Tournament. Extra points will be awarded to finished swords that go above and beyond – thrusting tips, artwork along the blade – however you have time to “fancify” your efforts will be rewarded.
If you are up to this Challenge, notify the StormMaker Hlutwige either on the Book of Faces or via email at

Youth and Family Activities


Classes Offered

9:30-10AM – Persona Building with Matt Blazik

– Redacting Medieval Recipies with Fina

-Care and Mobility Excercises for Fighters with Agness Bonsuer

9:30-10:30AM – Care and Feeding of Vegitarians with Magdalena Grace Vane

10AM – Medieval Maps with Bergdis Thorgrimsdotti

10:30-11:30AM – Fun with Lime with Helvi the Halfdead

-Humanism in Italian Renassance Art with Maude Louisina d’Orleans

-Intro to Pasta Making with Fina

1-2PM – Ghillies-Early Scottish Shoes with Ronan

-How to Shout Silently with Gabrielle d’Arcy

-Making Feather Picks and Noters Part 1 with Malek

1:30-2PM – Simple Marzipan Fun with Anja

2:30-3:30PM – Quail, From Egg to Plate with Misti Waters

-Playing with Feather Picks and Noters Part 2 with Khanzara

3-3:30PM – DEI Bystander Intervention Training with Nina Marie


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