The Long and Short of It


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): William Brannan
Date: June 17 , 2016 until June, 19 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 17th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 19th 2016

Event site:
Stonehenge Farms
9755 Willamette St. Aumsville, OR 97325

Thundering of hooves, Flights
of Arrows, Splintering of shields, Ringing of Steel;

all this and more await you at this year’s Long &
Short Of It event.

Mark the third weekend of June on your
calendar and make your plans now to attend this combined martial
event. With the return of this event to Stonehenge stables in
Aumsville, we mark the second year where this event includes
Equestrian, Archery, Heavy, and Rapier; truly something for

Those wishing to bring their horses, or with
any with questions about this year’s event, should contact
Sir William Brannan – moc.htiffirgyort@yort

Long and Short

Riders can expect the level of
challenge they have come to expect when taken part in on of Sir
William’s challenge courses; in other words, test of a wide range a
mounted skills. The challenge will consist of three parts,
Freestyle Riding Phase, Mounted Martial Skills Phase, Working
Skills Phase.

The Freestyle Phase
will be judged. Here the rider will show off their connection and
relationship they have with their horse as well as their level of
riding and training of the horse. This ride should last no more
than 2 minutes and should include (if the rider and mount are able
to safely) walk, trot and canter, a lead change and lateral
movement. Costuming and heraldry will be taken into

The Mounted Martial Skills
will consist of a timed run demonstrating the rider’s
skills with the following weapons, Heavy Lance (Multiple Quintain
hits), Light Lance (Rings and Tent Pegging), Javelin (off side
throw), and Sword (Heads in a variety of configurations). Weapons
will be staged on course, or carried by the rider when they begin.
Time will be added for any targets missed or elements knocked over
by other than simply the force of a blow.

The Riding and Training
Skills Phase
will consist on a wide array of riding challenges
and obstacles, included Gate, Bridge, In-out with a Bell, Side
Passes both directions, Poll Weave, Figure 8, Clover Leaf, Pole
Slalom, Small Jumps, Water Fall, and Scary Footing. This will also
be a timed course, with time added for being unable to complete a
challenge, or knocking over an element.

Now for the

All three challenges will
be run consecutively, without interruption, with the rider choosing
to either begin with the Freestyle Phase, or end with it. The
Martial and Working Phase can be done in either order, but must
follow one another as the time keeping will be run from the
beginning of the first to the end of the

The winner will be determined
by taking the score for the Freestyle Phase and subtracting it from
the total time of the timed phases.

This will be a “Noblesse
Oblige” prize event, with each and every rider taking part
providing a prize commensurate with their rank. At the end of the
competition, every rider will choose on prize from all those
provided, with the lowest scoring rider choosing first, followed by
the next lowest, then the next and so on.

Terra Pomaria Heavy
Defender Tournament A.S. LI

Combatants entering the list to vie for the honor of becoming the
next Heavy Defender of the Barony of Terra Pomaria must be
authorized fighters of good standing within the Barony. A consort
to inspire deeds beyond oneself is encouraged, but not required. A
display of heraldic arms during presentation to Their Excellencies
Terra Pomaria is also encouraged, as is an attempt at
period-appropriate armor.

The tournament shall be single sword, fought over a stile or
barrier, to three counted blows. The combatants’ off-hands shall
grasp the top-most horizontal surface of the stile or barrier.
After a counted blow, the combatants shall reset and commence
fighting on the marshal’s command.

Tournament Format:

The format shall be
circumstantial of the number of entrants into the list. Larger
numbers shall have a double elimination format, the final round
being a single round of five counted blows. Smaller numbers shall
have a double round robin format, the final round being a single
round of five counted blows.

“Princess Bride” Themed
Rapier Tournament

Summary:  The tournament
will be fought in Three rounds. The first round will be a timed
scenario with the fighters paired off by random draw.  The
results of the first round will seed a single elimination bracket
for the second round.  The second round will be a single
elimination bring your best tournament.  The third round will
be the finals which are a best three of five fight.


Round 1 is a timed melee scenario.  The
round will involve three teams of two. Team A will be the team
being timed.  They will enter the lists at one end.  In
the first half of the field will be Team B armed with Rapier and
Cloak.  Scattered around that half of the list field will be
the rugs representing portions of the field that the fighters can
not step on.  This will also be the area where the audience
can throw the two hula hoops into the list field creating two
additional obstacles.  At the far end of the fields will be
Team C protecting the stuffed animal Team A is trying to get
to.  Team C is armed as they choose.

When team A enters the field a timer will
start the timer will stop when a member of team A reaches the
stuffed animal (Princess Buttercup) at the far end of the
field.  First they will encounter the perils of the fire
swamp.  The lightning sand that suck anyone in if they step on
it represented by the area rugs set out randomly in the first half
of the field.  In the first half of the field will be team B
armed with Rapier and Cloak representing the rodents of unusual
size.  And lastly the fire spurts which can appear anywhere
and hurt anyone will be created by having members of the audience
throw the small hula hoops into the list field at their discretion.
 The second half of the field is held by team C representing
guards keeping princess Buttercup prisoner.  Team C is armed
as they choose and are the last line of defense on the field. 
If a member of Team A dies they must go back to the start and
reenter the field.  Teams B and C are out of the scenario once
they die.

Lists will keep track of the completion times
for each team.

Round 2 is a simple single elimination format
bring your best tournament.  Tournament pairing will be based
on the times a pair earned in round one.  The fastest team
earns seeds 1 and 2.  The next team being seeded as 3 and 4
and so on until all participants are seeded.  The actual
member of the team to save the princess gets the higher position in
the bracket.  The tournament will require one marshal and a
field herald to announce the pairings.

Round 3 is the finals.  The finals are a
3 out of 5 fight.  The first touch both fighters will be
fighting single sword with the blade in their non dominant
hand.  After a fighter has lost one touch they can transfer
their sword to their dominant hand.  After a fighter has lost
two touches they are allowed to use an off hand weapon.  The
person who loses three touches is out. 


Archery Champion:

Archery in Terra Pomaria is a time honored and
highly valued tradition.  Come, show your skill, and compete
for the title of champion.

This year’s competition will be open to
all members of the society who are 18+ years old.  Competitors
for the Archery Championship must present and declare themselves to
their Excellency’s Terra Pomaria in opening court. A letter
or token of intent is expected and required!

The competition will include but is not
limited to:


  • Circles and Squares – Focus on the center of the circle,
    but avoid the center of the square!
  • Enemies at the Gate – many foes face you here, but
    shooting one of your spies is a negative!
  • Five Golden Rings – Ring shoots were common in
    period.  Distance adds challenge!
  • Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker – each competitor picks
    a target for everyone to shoot, closest arrow scores –
    (period roving shoot)
  • Finals will be ‘last arrow’.  Arrows falling
    outside the scoring area will be ‘lost’.  Distance
    from the target will begin at 15 yards and increase 10 yards
    between ends.  If all finalists’ arrows are
    ‘lost’ at the same end, that end will be re-shot from
    the same distance until at least one arrow scores.

Questions may be addressed to the current
Archery Champion.

The Honorable Lady Johanna, Archos



12:00 Site Opens

4:00 PM EQ Ground Crew Class


8:00 a.m.: Gate Opens

9:00 a.m.: Opening Court

10:00 a.m.: Equestrian Activities Begin

10:00 a.m.: Heavy Prize Tourney

12:00 p.m.: Heavy Defender Tourney 

1:00 p.m.:  Archery Championship

2:30 p.m.: Rapier Tourney

6:00 p.m. Closing Court


4:00 p.m.: Site closes

Site Information:

Quiet Hours will begin at 10:00PM.  All
event attendees will be required to sign the equestrian waiver.

Site Fee:

Adult Event Registration; $20, Adult Member
Discount Event Registration $15
Adult Day Trip Feel; $15, Adult Member Day Trip Fee $10
Under 18 Free


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