The Fowl War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Symonne du Bois
Date: August 9 , 2013 until August, 11 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 9th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 11th 2013

Event site:
Ravenskey Castle Site
5222 Kingston St Port Alberni, BC V9Y *H9

The Shire of Hartwood invites you, one and all to flock to
Ravenskey Castle for a Fowl War. 

Come and join us for heavy fighting, archery, A & S,
bardic and children’s activities.

A&S Competition:  Best Medieval use of feather ie.
homemade arrows, quill pens, garb etc.

Bardic:  Your most fowl story, song or poem.

War points given for all competitions including heavy fighting
and archery.

Site opens Friday 4pm and closes Sunday 4pm. 

Dry camping.  No potable water.

Potluck Feast Saturday evening.

Merchants Welcome

Site is dog friendly, but all dogs must be leashed at all

For many years Hartwood Lands have passed time without war.
These peaceful lands have become full life. There are prize swans
that have become fatter and more envied then any in the land. In
this time a great Lord by the name of Dayma Sith passed into
Valhalla. He passed into Valhalla with no heir to his wealth. 
This wealth is in the form of a castle in Hartwood. Knowing that
there was no one to leave this legacy to he decreed that the
strongest and most noble Warlord in Hartwood would gain control of
his castle. Lord Sith wanted to have the the best and most fearsome
fighter to hold his legacy. So to honor this nobleman we shall do
as he bid. We are calling for all the warlords to gather their
armies and combat for the honor of the land.  

During Participation: Every warlord will get 100 gold coins to
start to field his Army. To help out with set up if a warlord
registers a week or more before the event he will get 50 gold coins
to add to his purse. Every person that comes to Fowl War will get
10 gold coins to give to any Fighter or Warlord they wish. War
Lords may acquire more gold coins by getting there soldiers to help
within the camp.


  • 5 Gate per hour
  • 50 Teaching Classes
  • 20 Field Marshalling for the day
  • 20 Waterbearing, other for the day  

War Costs in Gold:

  • 10 Add a Fighter
  • 20 Add an Elite Fighter
  • 10 Regenration
  • 10 Negative Regenerration
  • 100 Remove One fighters arm for a round
  • 100 Remove One fighters leg for a round
  • 500 Challenge Single Combat
  • 500 Refuse Single Combat  

Saturday’s Itinerary

10am Armour inspection
11am fighting will start
2pm break from fighting
3pm Armour inspection  

To preregister as a warlord send an email to Sextus Equitus
Xubulus (moc.evil@1_b.m.r). With in the
email please state your SCA name, your modern name, and your armies

I look forward to seeing who is up to facing this challenge.

Event Steward:
Symonne du Bois (Taleah Cristea)

Adults $15 weekend/$10 day ($5 NMS fee applies),
Youth (12-17) $10 weekend/$5 day,
Children 11 and under Free.
$30 Family Cap
Please make cheques payable to Shire of Hartwood.

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