The Duncan Kerfuffle


Hosted by Device of Hartwood

The Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, Campbell River, Courtenay, Port Alberni, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Gwynafel ben Madhudhain
Date: May 12 , 2017 until May, 14 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 12th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 14th 2017

Event site:
Camp Caillet
4161 Biggs Rd Nanaimo, BC V9R

We must fight for our most
Southern Lands – the holding of Duncan, against 2 contenders! The
Barony of Seagirt AND a deed bearing Templar! Come all fighters of
Hartwood, Heavy, Rapier, Archers and Throwers and defend our
rightful lands as set by the Corpora! We need you now more then

Menu for Dayfood from Friday night to Sunday
The Tuck “Ers” Inn


Information:  May
12th to May 14th 2017.

Site info and Team List

Wendy Gwynafel Kennedy·

Site Fee: $20 with discount of $5 for Members

Class Fees: $4/head and sign up for whatever classes you like.
(Pre Reg will be posted closer to the event and will be

Location: Camp Calliet There is potable water and some
electricity hook up. Excellent sites for classes, and a big field
for fighting.

The Bunkhouse sleeps 16 people, only two couples beds, the rest
are singles. There are 6 outhouses, and two access ways into the
camp, one at the main entrance and one on the other side of the

Parking is limited and depending on how many attend we may have
to have folks park at their sites, which limits how many can camp,
but with 63 people attending last year, we had no troubles. We can
assess as we see how many intend to be there. In many cases, those
that lived in Nanaimo did not camp as they were very close by, and
the Bunk house made it easier still.

This is a Scout camp so dogs were allowed but we had to be
diligent about picking up after them. The creek is off limits.
The Team:
Adminstrative/overseer of all things NOT about Fighting – Lady
Gwynafel (Wendy Gwynafel Kennedy )

Anything to do WITH fighting – Sir Duncan MacKinnon ( Brian

Food at the event: Lady Giovanna (Don McConnell)
Class Organizer – Lady Aniko Melles (Leslie Eaton)
Gate Organizer – Maulana Halima Al-Rakkasa
Herald – Lord and Exemplar of Hartwood – Harold of Hartwood (
Howard Bevan)
Water Point – Lady Anna Jane Bird ( Heather Anne Armstrong )
Children’s Activities – At this time the Lady Seneschal of
Hartwood Archos Allison Aline Seez-Mail
Royal Liason – Archon John Mail-Macandrew

Martial Co-ordinator – Sir Duncan (Brian Weiser) MacKinnon

MIC Heavy Weapons His Lordship Lord Kjartan kraka (Jamie
MIC Archery Her Ladyship Athelina Grey
MIC Thrown Weapons Master Tristan of Seagirt (Paul Puhallo)
MIC Rapier Baron Connall MacLagmayn of Seagirt ( Nathan Brown )

Sir Duncan as offered to hold a fighting class or two on the

Please contact me at ten.sulet@oruiamw if more information is

The War Points are

1. Armoured Combat

2. Rapier Combat

3. Archery Combat

4. Thrown Weapons
– The full martial scenarios will be explained before the event by
Sir Duncan as well as at court.

5. Bardic
– A Poetry, Prose and Play Competition. Contestants will be asked
to present an original piece, for a maximum 5 minutes, with an
unlimited number of performers in the group, and the piece must
include the word, “kerfuffle, “ in it.

6. A&S
– An Illumination Challenge. Teams must have at least 1 scribe, and
1 illuminator (though you are not limited to these numbers, they
must be different people). At opening court the competing teams
will select one out of several pieces of foreign language, period
literature, with translation, (probably 10-15 lines of poetry/prose
in a random language). The team with then need to design, scribe
and illuminate the piece. Judging will be discussed at the war.

7. Children’s

– Will be broken down into 3 parts:
-Hunker Down
-And a race…which may include eggs….and a

8. Service
– Every hour of service spent working for your chosen side will be
tallied at gate. This could include but is not limited to retinue,
water point, sitting gate, marshalling etc.

9. Chilvalry Point
-Tokens will be given out to those who are most chivalric in their
actions throughout Saturday at the event. Bring your helpful, kind
and poetic side to the event my friends! More explanation will be
given in Court as to how this challenge will work.

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