The Betrayal of the Treaty of Westphalia


Hosted by Device of Hartwood

The Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, Campbell River, Courtenay, Port Alberni, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Maria of Hartwood
Date: May 27 , 2006 until May, 28 2006
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 27th 2006
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 28th 2006

Event site:
Tarran’s House
2148 Akenhead Rd. Nanaimo, BC V9X 1T9

.The Betrayal of the Treaty of Westphalia from Noon Saturday,
May 27th, until “Noonish” Sunday, may 28th, At Her Ladyship
Tarran’s Hartwood is in Need of Help! Recently, Hartwood
finished creating it’s Heraldic Banners, and sent letters to
Lion’s Gate, Seagirt, Cragmere, False Isle, and Ravensley;
inviting them to witness the unveiling. The Couriers were
trusted men all, known and respected, yet as you may have
noticed, the letters have not arrived… After sending the
couriers, the band of mercenaries hired to protect them has
turned on our brave men. The mercenaries have done away with
the couriers, and torn the invitations, leaving bits and
pieces everywhere. The Mercenaries have even turned on us,
and are laying siege to our very shire. We can only assume
that they mean to sow dissent, and destroy the sovereignty of
all our lands. On top of everything else, the keepers of the
banners were told not to reveal them to any, lest they hold
the letter of the banner. So we need your help! To reveal the
banners, we need to find the letters. To find the letters, we
need to find the pieces, but none of this can be accomplished
less these vile mercenaries are distracted by combatants for
our cause! So come one and all, Come quickly, and come
bravely, for your help is dearly required, this is too much
for Hartwood to handle alone, and without your help, Our
heraldic banners will never be revealed! Event Details; a
Contest for a Seige-food Feast! Make the best tasting food
while making it look like something eaten in desperate times
(rats, mice, or even dog)! All entrants must make enough for
10, and the prize shall be won by entrant acclamation!
Combat; both Light and Heavy, help stop the ruthless
betrayers! several group scenarios or just fun practice,
bring your armor and help stop the vile ones! A “treasure
hunt” to find the letters, whose pieces are scattered over
the area, each letter found by the time of Feasting shall
reveal a Banner or two… Even a revival of The Stagger’d
Inn, by way of a games-pavilion during daylight, and
gathering place at night…. Come one and All! Children are
welcomed and encouraged. Marshmallows will be provided for
the children to build, and raze, castles. Combat, Archery, or
any other activity you’d like to partake, or bring! Site
Details; Site opens Noon Saturday, at with a gate fee of $6
Warning; Water is Sulphury, yet drinkable (bringing your own
is strongly recommended). Address and directions: 2148
Akenhead Rd. Driving on the grass is discouraged, and there
will be no house access. The “site proper” is in the back
field Any other questions or concerns can be Forwarded to the
Autocrat- -Valentine at moc.liamg@enolc.eht.natS; or

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