The Ball of Masked Champions


Hosted by Device of Seagirt

The Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Anastasia Daysshe
Date: October 2 , 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 2th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Eastern Star Hall
3281 Harriet St. Victoria, BC V82 3S3

The Ball of Masked Champions

When you ask – Oct 2

What time you ask – 3 pm till 11 pm.


Opening Court is at 3:30 pm for those wishing to enter the


There is an Arts and Science Championship. The Previous
Champion has written thus below

Greetings onto the wonderful
populous of Seagirt!  This is your current Arts and
Science Champion, Alezzandra Duffrin speaking!

My “tenure” is
almost up.  Although I didn’t achieve exactly what
I wanted to, I hope my last acts will inspire some to apply
to fill my position behind our Baron and Baroness in the line
of their other Champions.  The Arts and Science
Championship competition will be held in the beginning of
2010 at the “The Ball of masked
.  The format to become
the next Arts And Science Champion is AS follows:

You MUST have:  An
ART (with documentation), a
SCIENCE (with documentation) and a
(Documentation NOT required, but

You will display your projects,
they will be checked by the judges, then you will be called
upon to defend your project, then a decision will be made
between the judges.  If you have ANY questions or
concerns, please feel free to ask, I am here to help you
achieve your goal. 

A word about

Take it from me, your
documentation is most VITAL and should be able speak for
you.  Take your time, research.  Fill in AS MANY
blanks and possibilities as you can.  Simple photocopies
of website pages or books are barely deemed as documentation,
and DO NOT give your work and knowledge justice.  Be
proud of what you created!   You should be able to
at least do 2 pages, with references. 

If you merely wish to submit an
ART or A science for feedback, feel free, as those are also
welcome to see and enjoy!!

Now, you may also be wondering
about SST and what we traditionally do at SST for the Arts
and Sciences.  I am adding a twist.  Instead of the
traditional ‘On Site Favour’, we are doing an
‘On Site FLAVOUR’. 

I wish for you to create a dish
by using the local ON SITE flora and fauna.  I have
created a list of edible plants found at Camp Barnard for you
to help.  Yes, some plants are not period, but create
the dish in a period manner.  If your recipe calls for a
protein, please DO NOT hunt the local WILDLIFE!!!! 
Substitutions for proteins are acceptable!!!  Chicken
can be bunnies!!  Please, also respect the site and do
NOT destroy the forest and land.  Take only what you
need, which should be very small.  All plants are safe
to consume and are pesticide/herbicide free.

If you are interested in
creating the ON SITE FLAVOUR, let me know
and I will give you the list of plants to choose from. 
It give you time to think about what you wish to
create.  Thank you, have fun, create and learn something
new, above all, RESPECT our land!!!!

Alezzandra Duffrin, AOA



Essex Eatery will be there with Food this year, A welcome
addition to the Ball. Feel free to stop in and see what
delights she is offering us.

Anna Jane and her staff are once more gracing us and bringing
forth her Tavern for those who feel dry and parched after the
long eve of dancing.


The Ball starts at 630 sharp. Sets are upon each hour, so
630, 730, 830, and 930


The Dances are as follows in the set, Set orders still to be



Rufty Tufty

St Martins

Hearts Ease

Hit and Miss

Around the Bend

Oranges and Lemons




Long Lines

Well Hall

Female Saylor


Christchurch bells

Hole in the wall



Hunt the squirrel

Faerie Queen if time



Gathering Peascods

Fickle Ladies

Jenny Pluck Pears


Mana vue


Gay Gorden

Juice of the Barley


Lines 3

Black Nag


Picking up Sticks

Upon a summers day

Chestnut – Optional

Scotch cap – Optional

Closing court to announc the winners will be within the sets
of dances, picked by the Baron and Baroness.

10:45 clean up

Out at 11:30pm


“Details are currently being worked upon by the
autocrat, HL Anastasia Daysshe, who can be reached either by
email ( moc.liamtoh@mdaisatsana
) or phone ( 205-474-6174 ) “




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