Tavern Night


Hosted by Device of Lyonsmarche

The College of Lyonsmarche (Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Alvar Guerrero
Date: November 22 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 22th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Schierman’s Clubhouse and Event Center
3225 Robinson Park Road Moscow, ID 83843

Fighting, Food
& Fun. The College of Lyonsmarche will be celebrating the fall
with a gathering for mutual merriment and learning. This is a Free
Event! Event’s tentatively planned include; Classes, Outdoor chilly
Heavy Champion Tourney & Rapier Tourney, a potluck feast,
Persona Battle, & Bardic Competition.


1:00pm – Site

1:30pm – Heavy
Armor Inspection

1:30pm – Class
1 – Welcome to the SCA (Mistress Morgina atte

2:00pm – Heavy
Champion Tourney (On the Patio) – Pickups after tourney in Field
next to the Patio, weather permitting.

2:30pm – Class
2 – Nålebinding (Honorable Lady Tova

3:00pm – Rapier
Armor Inspection

3:30pm – Rapier Tourney – *Winner receives an original composition
about them by Kingdom Bardic Champion Honorable Lady Emma. Pickups
after tourney in Field Next to the Patio, weather

3:30pm – Class
3 Silk Banner Painting (Baroness Katherine)

4:30pm – Class 4 – Beginners Bardic (Kingdom Bardic Champion
Honorable Lady Emma)

5:30pm – Small Baronial Court

6pm – Final Prep for Potluck Feast.

6:30pm – 8pm – Feast, merriment! 

* Persona
Battle (Participants shall rise at their table and recount a
typical day in the life of their persona, after which they shall
select the next participant, and so forth, winner shall be
determined by populace choice)

* Bardic
competition – Bring that filk, lute, or storytelling, winner
determined by populace choice.

8ish to 9pm – Goodbyes and clean up. Many hands make light

Class Descriptions

1) Welcome to
the SCA or “Why is that big dude wearing strawberry

An intro to the SCA, we can talk about the history of the SCA, the
Kingdom of AnTir, the College of Lyonsmarche. We can talk about
traditions, sumptuary laws, old stories, notable people, and old
jokes. Things you might want to know to feel more comfortable at an
event, or just because you are curious about how things work. Come
with questions. Brought to you by Mistress Morgina atte

3) Introduction
to Silk Painting Class:

This class will provide the sum total of knowledge that was
gathered at the wonderful class at September Crown from Archos
Aline de Seez and our experience teaching at Oktoberfest. We will
cover transferring your design, application of a resist and the
painting, or dyeing, process. You will have a ‘ready to be set’
item when you leave. The class will take approx. 2 hrs as the
resist and dye need to dry in sequence. Cost: $5 to cover

Please bring a
blow-dryer if you have one to aid the drying process. Also bring a
10″ x 10″ design to trace. All other supplies will be

Limited to 10(ish) participants. You can sign up here, or message
me and I will put you on the list – or you can sign up at Tavern


4) Intro to

“Interested in
bardic but not sure how to get started? Come chat with HL Emma
Godwif, the current Kingdom Bardic Champion, about bardic arts,
performance, and how to combat common hurdles to presenting your
stories, music, magic, and lore to your fellow



Tavern Night is upon us and what better way to end a glorious day
of learning and fighting than with a feast!

Greetings from
the Feast o’Crat, Patricius.

This will be a
potluck type feast, with meat (lamb and chicken) provided. Since
this will be a relatively small group, rather than the standard A-Z
assignments, I have provided a list of dish categories for those
who will attend to sign-up for. Please email me with a category of
dish that you will bring.

To ensure a
well balanced feast, once a category is filled, I will ask you to
pick another category. Make sense? I will update categorical status
regularly. This will only work through email contact and my email
responses. Let us make this work!

I would like to
emphasize that people should use old world ingredients, unless
their personae is later than 1500, or if common substitutions (i.e.
carob for cocoa) are cost prohibitive. Also, considering this will
be the first official Lyonsmarche Branch Heavy & Lentil Cup
Championship in some time, Lentil dishes are highly recommended!!!
(email me if you have questions on old world versus new world

Every person in
attendance should bring a dish to feed 6+ people. No additional


5 people:
bread, cheeses, hors d’eouvres, 

(Patricius and
Cwen will bring a vat of homemade hummus)


4 people:

6 people: other
side dishes (not salad, not rice/lentils)

4 people:
Lentil/garbanzo/pea/rice/grain dishes (emphasizing

(soup is
usually a pain in the rear to deal with, so no


4 people:

(as always, if
your dish contains ingredients of common food allergies, please
bring a list of ingredients; nuts, eggs, shellfish,

Best regards to
all that attend. Let’s make this a night to





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