Táin Bó


Hosted by Device of Glyn Dwfn

The Barony of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Date: August 12 , 2016 until August, 15 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 12th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 15th 2016



The Shire of Glyn Dwfn
here by issues a formal challenge to all branches of the Society!
Do you have what it takes to best all other branches and become
this year’s Tain Bo Champion?! For those who have not yet joined us
for this event, Tain Bo is a branch war where all three pillars of
the Society are equally rewarded and encouraged! The more you do,
the more battle points you branch wins!

Nestled in a beautiful
group campground 45 mninutes outside of Ashland, Oregon and
alongside Howard Prairie Lake, Tain Bo will once again see branches
vie to show they have the best warriors, artisans, and devoted
servants around!

For those martially
inclined, we will have tons of activities to keep you

This event is
traditionally one of the biggest Cut & Thrust
events in the Summits. So if you like to do Cut & Thrust, come
prepared for 4 (yes, 4!) tourneys: A Round Robin Tournament, an
As-Armored Harness Combat Tourney, the traditional Tain Bo Cattle
Crest Pinhata Tournament, and a Trial of Skill of fighting through
increasingly difficult stations. There will also be an
authorization and marshalling class!

On the
Rapier side of steel, we are excited to have
several scenarios and tournaments to wet your steel appetite. Vie
in the grand Purgatory melee, the head-shot-only Zombie scenario,
and the native-forces castle siege battle, as well as a
double-elimination Tournament of Skill and Defense. If time
permits, there will also be a woods battle. On Sunday, Piaras,
current Captain of Cats, will lead another Blue Steel Rapier War
Practice. It is not necessary to have been at previous practices to
attend or get involved (friends of the Summits may of course join
as well!). Come help us build a strong and robust Summits War

shoot quickly in an archery battle-to-the-death in Glyn Dwfn’s 2nd
Last Man Standing Archery Championship. Zombie Hordes will be after
your brains yet again this year…Shoot straight and heads will
roll! If you escape with your brain, use it in a target memory
challenge while defending your cows from cattle raiders. Shoot for
4 days and accumulate points to help your branch win The Great
Cattle Raid! Do you prefer darts? Axes or Knives? There will be
targets up for you to hone your top scores all weekend long. Do you
At’latl? Join in our first-ever At’latl Challenge

Artisans and
, vie to prove your skill in our A&S
competitions! There will be a brewing competition, a cooking
competition, formal bardic performances, and an informal bardic
circle. We’re excited to have Tain Bo on the shore of a lovely lake
this year, so we’re having a “Build a Viking Ship” competition that
is open to teams or individuals. Build a model ship out of found
objects on site and earn points for the branch of your choice.
Ships must be built ON SITE during the event. Some tools and craft
supplies (as well as cloth for sails) will be available for use,
but feel free to bring your own tools, glue, paint, tiny crew
members, and other such things.

We will also repeat our
massively successful Arts and Sciences Competition, so bring your
favorite creaetions (with or without documentation) to earn points
for entering, points for winning, and extra points for cow-related

The Cow Pie Competition
and Welcoming Dessert Pot Luck will be Friday
evening! Come meet, mingle, and share! Every item brought earns a
point for you and your chosen branch. Interpretation of “cow pie”
is up to the applicant, so be creative! (just keep it edible). Keep
in mind that we will need gluten/dairy/sugar/other allergen safe
options along with the abundant cheesecakes and other gluten-y of

There will be a
Potluck for all to attend on Saturday
evening, so please bring a dish to share. Saturday Night Potluck
contributions will be organized by the first letter of your mundane
last name:

A – D: Meat or

E – L: Salads, fresh
fruits & veggies, or vegetable dish

M – R: Potatoes, pasta,
breads, chips, etc.

S – Z: Desserts or fresh

The cooking competition
will segue into the Saturday night potluck, and the brewing
competition into bardic. So bring beer, bring song, bring your best
baking, and be ready!

In additional to the
competitions, Tain Bo offers the following

  • Using Mullein as a Natural Dye by HL Felipa of Fenwald

  • An Introduction to Rapier and Dagger by Lady Aife

  • Tying Shipboard Knots by Captain Juan

  • Minoan Women’s Clothing by Viscountess Vesta

  • Minimalist Medieval Tents by Thorgeirr the Thirsty

  • Patterning Medieval Shoes by Taran

  • Medieval Millinery by Millisandia

  • Drive-by Peri9od Poetry by Mistress Sionnach

  • Informal Instruction in Giacomo di Grass’ swordsmanship styel by
    Iurii Belogorski

  • … and a selection of classes on Middle Eastern Drumming and Belly
    Dancing by Aelis, and by Master Conall mac Seaghain…

For those who devote their
time to helping others, we will need town criers, parking attendants,
marshals, list mninisters, water bearers, and many other
 Remember, 1/3 of all battle points are
warded to the amazing people who keep our game running! You can
volunteer easily online with this form:


HL Hrothric of Fenwald; HL Piaras mac
Toirdhealbhaigh (Daniel Tharp), 541-261-6307 or
Adult Member Registration
– $15, Adult Non-Member Registration – $20, youth under 18 – FREE.
Please make checks payable to “Shire of Glyn Dwfn, SCA,

 Gate opens Friday,
August 12 at 5:00pm. Site closes on Monday, August 15 at 12:00pm
SHARP (NO Exceptions!).

 Sugar Pine County
Group Campground, Howard Prairie Lake, Ashland, OR



Directions: Take
I-5 to Ashland Exit 14, then head east on Highway 66 for 1 mile.
Take Dead Indian Memorial Rd (Mountain Lakes) and go approximately
17 miles to Hyatt Prairie Road. Go approximately 5 miles to Dam
Road, then take Dam Road to Sugar Pine Park.

Please note that
parking will be tight, so carpool if you

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