Summits Fall Coronet & Bardic Championship


Event Summary

Date: September 19 , 2014 until September, 21 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 19th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 21th 2014

Event site:
No Site Name
90740 Poodle Creek Road Noti, OR 97461

Their Alpine Highnesses Amir
Diego and Amira Taraneh invite you to witness the pageantry of the
tournament to determine the heirs to the Coronet of the

Letters of Intent
for Coronet fighters, in your persona’s style, are due to Their
Highnesses by September Crown. Coronet tournament will be a
standard double
tournament, with the first round being fought with glaives. Their
Highnesses wish to see you out in all your splendor, so banners and
shield boards are required.

Hear the beauty and majesty that is our bards as they compete to
become the Bard of the Summits. 

Letter of Intent for Bardic Competitors are due to their Highness
and the current champion at least 2 weeks ahead of the event.
– You are required to perform 2 pieces, and have a minimum of a
notecard worth of documentation. Oral presentation of documentation
is encouraged as well.
– At least one Middle Eastern piece is strongly encouraged, and may
win the judges favor.
– At least one piece should be period/suitable for court
performance – this also means short generally.
– Second piece to be SCA appropriate. Think about how to describe
where your other piece would fit in a more informal setting like a
bardic circle.

For guidelines on documentation in general and for different types
of bardic-ing (composing in a style, for example) and any
additional questions please email The Bard of the Summits at
Single entries for those wishing to perform but not compete for the
title will be welcome as time allows.

Largess Competition:
There will be a dirty dozen largess competition. Enter 12 similar
items into a competition to go to Principality and Baronial
Largess. There will be prizes for Queen’s Favorite, Princess’
Favorite and Baroness’ Favorite.

Rapier Tournament:
While the Peers meet, watch the rapier fighters of the Summits
compete for bragging rights and prizes.



2 pm – Site opens


8:00 AM – Laurel’s Meeting

9:00 AM – Knight’s Meeting

9:00 AM – Largess Competition Drop-off Start

9:00 AM – Coronet Lists Open.

10:00 AM – Pelican’s Meeting

10:00 AM – Rapier Tournament

11:00 AM – Finals of Summits Archery Championship

11:00 AM -LOVE/LOTR Meeting

11:00 AM – YAC Tournament

11:30 AM – Consort Tea 12:00 – Lists Close

12:00 – Largess Competition Drop-off Closes 12:30 – Herald’s

1:00 PM – Procesional Starts

1:30 PM – Coronet Tournament

1:30 PM – Bardic Competition will occur between rounds of the

5:00 PM – Kingdom Court

6:00 PM – Principality Court

8:00 PM – Bardic Around the Fire


10:00 AM- Moot and Curia

Financial Committee meeting following Moot and Curia

3:00 PM – Site Closes

Site Fees: Adults (18 and over) $20, Youth (10-17) $0, Children
(0-9) Free, NMS $5 per Adult not included in Family Cap. Checks
payable to “Barony Of Adiantum, SCA Inc”

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