Summit’s Fall Coronet


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Keith The Wanderer
Date: September 16 , 2011 until September, 18 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 16th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 18th 2011

Event site:
PP and L Park
16295 PP and L Park Road Keno, OR 97627


Change of

Summits September
Shire of Southmarch

September 16-18,
Klamath County, Oregon 97627


As the leaves fall and the winds change so it is time once again
to witness the victory of the heirs to the Alpine
Thrones.   Prince Brian and Princess Acacia, welcome all
to the Shire of Southmarch as they seek to find their
heirs.   The tournament format is a double elimination,
best 2 out of 3 finals. Weapon choice is the fighter’s.  One
special thing we are requesting is that each couple who is entering
the tournament come and present themselves for an informal chat
prior to the processional. We just want to have a personal chat
prior to the tournament.

 Along with the heavy tournament, other activities

     Archery – Royal Rounds (adult and
child), thrown weapons, a 3D trail shoot,  Poker shoot and
spear throwing. 

     ARTist’s Showcase- All day Saturday

     Arts and Sciences Black Box
competition.  Embelish pouch starting at 10 AM
4 PM.  Embelished pouch to be donated to largess.

     Scribal Competition and Showcase- 
All day Saturday

     The Journey of the Spice Trail 
(cook off).  Four teams of four compete, cooking the best
entrée dish for the Saturday Night potluck Feast. Meat and
mystery ingredients provided.  Contact Keith the Wandered if
you wish to be the captain of one of the four teams. 

      Not enough fighting on Saturday-
be sure to join the Sunday Morning War practice.

For More details see Event Schedule below.


Merchants welcome with a donation to the prize chest. 
Please RSVP with the event steward by September 6, 2011. 


Event Steward: Keith the Wanderer mka Keith Snow  (541)
331-7339 or moc.oohay@0enabsnogard


Cost for the weekend is $15 Adults,  $ 7 children ages 8 to
17.  Family Cap $40 (immediate family only, does not include
NMS, no SCA households)   $5 Non-member surcharge
applies.   Make Checks payable to the Shire of Southmarch
SCA Inc.


Site Info has


Keno Park

16295 PP and L Park Road Keno, Oregon

Site opens Friday at 2 PM and closes Sunday 2 PM


Site has flush bathrooms and showers.  A small playground
for smalls is in the day use area (where all the activity will be


The Park closes its gates at 9 PM every night.  If you
arrive at gate after this time please call the autocrat and we will
come and open the gate.  541.331.7339


Site is bordered by the Klamath River.  Smalls need to be
supervised at all times.  Due to the Blue Green algae there
should be no swimming in the water at this time.  Fire
restrictions at the time will apply.  Rattlesnakes, scorpions
and ticks are possible if you venture out of the park and into the
rocky areas down by the river.  Expect that nights will be
chilly (40 degrees) so come prepared. 



  Proposed Schedule

8 – 8:45 Pelicans
9 – 9:45 Laurels

9-11 Archery Royal Rounds

10-10:45 Chivalry

10 – 4 Black Box Arts and Sciences Competition
11- 12 Trail Shoot

11-12 Consort’s Tea
12-12:30 Intent Meet & Greet
12:30 Processional/1st Court
1 – ? Tournament
1-2  Poker Shoot

2:30 – 4:30 Spice Trail Cookoff

3-4 Thrown Weapons

? – ? Style Tournament (LOTR/VE meeting during)
~5 pm Court

Potluck Feast  ( please bring enough to serve 10) 
Post Court – TAH Meeting w/ The Order of the Summits
Meeting of the Order of the Wings

? 9 am Curia
? 9:30 Moot




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