Summer’s End in Krakenfjord


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ravyn Katryn
Date: September 17 , 2010 until September, 19 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 17th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 19th 2010

Event site:
Cedar Falls Campground
7063 Tillicum Road Vernon, BC v1t 2m5




Summer’s End in Krakenfjord
Sept 17-19th, 2010 Vernon BC

Once again the roar of the Kraken can be heard across the
land “Come one, Come all! Come if you dare!”
Come if you dare test the strength of armored warriors,
or match blades with cunningly skilled Rapiers. We are
pleased to announce that both of these are prize tourneys
this year with a variety of unique items ready to be won!
Come with your art, your skill and your talent and compete in
A&S with the theme of “harvest”. Come with quick-tongue,
your wit and your wiles for our first ever Bardic “Duel of
Insults”! Come if you dare try to out-drink our champion in
the ever-popular “Beer for Bards”. For those who do not wish
to compete there will be music, games and classes available.
Merchants are welcome to ply their wares. There is no
merchant fee, but please inform the autocrat prior to
the event so she may plan for space. A travelling
kitchen will have on-site food and beverages throughout the
event. Delectable fare at affordable prices!
Come one, come all. Come for fellowship, for challenge,
for laughter and fun. Come and be a part of our best
event yet!
Autocrat: Lady Hrafn,(mka
Marlaine Matson)  ac.wahs@knyvar 
Site fees: Weekend:
$15 Adults (Plus NMS)
$10 12-18yrs
$0 under 12yrs
Family cap: $40
Saturday Day Fee:
1/2 weekend fee (plus NMS)

see  information listed under “Site Info” for fees
required when using main campground

Gate: Opens 5pm Friday and closes 3pm Sunday
Location: Cedar Falls Campground
7063 Tillicum Rd
Vernon BC V1T 3N9

Non-Combat Challenges:
A&S– Krakenfjord encourages all to enter
our new A&S challenge! The theme is “Harvest” but there
is no restriction on the type of entry, so be creative and
enter something that displays your own unique skills. Some
examples would be: actual harvest products such as preserves,
home-brewed mead or beer, pies etc. Leather, pottery or
scribal work with depictions of harvest fruits or scenarios,
gourd-crafts, home-made fibres, dyes, or whatever else you
can think of that would fit into the idea of a harvest
celebration. Documentation is not required. The winner will
be chosen by a panel of judges. He or She will be
announced during the Saturday evening meal/gathering and
presented with their prize.
Bardic Duel of Insults- In the spirit of
good friends, laughter and funny words, please join us in our
first ever Duel of Insults! This began as an idea to keep
modern swear words apart from shire activities and
developed into something fun and educational to share with
everybody! What better way to learn speaking forsoothly than
to insult one of your friends in medieval
terms? Practice with friends and shire-mates over the
next weeks! Do some persona-specific research. Learn a
new word or fact, but most of all HAVE FUN!! This is to
entertain challengers and audience alike. Insults can be
clever, long, short, goofy, elaborate or anything else
you can think of with the single rule being NO MODERN
Rules- Challengers will be put into pairs. In each
round the challengers must perform 2 insults each for a
total of four per round. They will draw straws for the
right to decide who goes first. Then the first will
present his first insult and his partner will reply. Here
there are four points available to win:
1-  Audience favorite; the point goes to the challenger
who had the greatest audience reaction AT THE TIME OF THE
INSULT. Should there be no clear winner then the point will
go by applause.
2- Persona relation; each challenger has a chance to explain,
if they wish, how their insult fits with their persona. A
judge will award the point appropriately. (Note: This IS a
bardic competition; a wily story MAY get one as far as good
research if told well enough.)
3- Elaboration; a judge awards a point to one challenger for
how elaborate or cunningly put together the insult was.
4- Groan Factor; which one of these is ACTUALLY the more
terrible thing to have said to you? A judge awards the point
to the creator of the nastiest, squirm-inducing,
ear-reddening insult of the pair.
         After points
are tallied the challengers get one more insult each, being
one more chance to earn up to four points for the round.
Before the final number is revealed, however, there is ONE
more point that may break a tie and send one challenger to
victory. It is the PHYSICAL point. That’s right! This is a
DUEL after all, so at the end of each 4 insult round this one
bonus point will be awarded to the challenger who throughout
the round really hammed up the spectacle! Was your
masterpiece delivered with a flourish at the end of an
imaginary blade? Did you clutch your cheek and stagger when
your opponent dealt you a particularly terrible turn of
phrase? Then YOU could get this bonus point. You may sit and
not move at all, if you wish, but this final point COULD make
all the difference!
   After the four insults and the bonus point is
awarded, the whole round is tallied for a total of 9
points and the challenger with the highest total moves to the
next round. Each round proceeds with the same rules until a
winner is decided. So keep in mind, depending on the number
of challengers, one may only use two insults or they may
need several. Come prepared or improvise, whichever you
   This challenge will take place during the
Saturday meal as entertainment for the feasters. Now get out
there and work thy forked tongue, ye bandy-legged
Beer for Bards- The less official and more
simple of our bardic challenges…and it has beer! Our
resident champion bard (Naccarajin) will have purchased a
case of beer whereby to encourage bardic fire participation.
This is for the bardic fire on Saturday evening. Come on out
and sing for your beer! Or tell a story, or a poem. She’s not
fussy. It doesn’t have to be a great Norse saga; come and
tell a war story from years past, or a funny anectdote as to
how you got your name. Do this, and do it with
respect for your fellow bards and the circle and Naccara
will grant you a beer. This will continue until the case is
all gone or the stories no longer make sense.
(There will be some Coke, however, for bards under 19 should
they wish to participate as well.) Come out and do your piece
or Naccara will drink it all! (She will, I’ve seen her do
The Runes- Taught by Hengest the Saxon, this
class is an introduction to Norse Runes, including some
background and history as well as instruction on doing rune
readings. If participants have their own runes, they are
welcome to bring them to the class. Hengest has been studying
runes for over ten years.
Lampworking- Taught by Tara Steck, this
class will familiarize the participant with the tools
required for making glass beads with torch and
mandril. Tara will demonstrate various bead-making
techniques and participants will be able to try their hand at
their own beads. All levels are welcome, some to try their
first beads and others to learn a new technique! Tara makes a
wide variety of beautiful jewellery from her beads. Some have
likely seen her vessel beads in the Tir Righ travel fund
auctions, or her earrings and bracelets being proudly
displayed by ladies.  $2.00 per person.
Norse Wire Weaving- Taught by Laoghaire. A
popular return from last year for those that missed it! A
common form of carrying wealth, Norse wire weaving involves
wrapping wire in a certain weave around a piece of dowling
and then drawing it through progressively smaller holes until
the desired width and length are aquired. The end product is
beautiful, period, and useful for necklaces, bracelets,
belts, trim, and a variety of other creative applications.
$2.00 per person. 
Fabric Dyeing Forest Hunt- Laoghaire is
going to show you how to dye some fabric that she has, but
first she is going to send the class to find some dye to do
it with! The forest all around us (and our beautiful
campground) is a natural resource rarely tapped into today,
but it was all they had available in the middle ages.
Discover the wealth of this world and see what it can do for
you and your fabrics!
Candle-making- Run by Rowena. Fun for all
ages! Children and adults are invited to make their own
dipped candles. Fun and easy to make, they can also be
scented with citronella to help keep your campsite
mosquitoe-free. $5.00 per person.
Felting- Taught by Sigrunn, our own Arts and
Sciences minister, this class will teach felt-making by the
wet felting method. Fun, and at times delightfully messy,
this class has endless period applications. There is no
charge, but space is limited to 5 people so preregistration
is recommended to ensure a spot.
Buckler use in Rapier

by Draven Mac Raith, Tiarna
Cost: none

Dress Required: garb acceptable, no
rapier armour required

Materials needed: a
rapier, gloves, and a buckler.  Extra supplies will be
provided for this class.

Class Description: This class will cover
the history, theory, and application of fighting with a
buckler.  The history of the buckler, its various forms
and usage will be discussed  to introduce the students
to this fighting form.  The theory of buckler fighting
will draw from these period masters; Achilles Marozzo,
Giacomo Di Grassi, and Camillo Agrippa.  The application
of techniques through drills, scenario based slow-work, and
collaborative discussion; will allow students to increase
their knowledge and skill with fighting with buckler. 
This class promises to be informative and will open the
student’s eyes to this practical and effective form of

Pied Piper Activity:
In addition to classes that children may participate in etc.
we will be having a special young person’s scavenger hunt on
Saturday. We do ask that children be accompanied by one
guardian, for their safety in the camp and surrounding
Class times are not yet on a strict schedule. We will post
specific times as more information comes in. Please contact
the autocrat with any questions you may have beforehand.
Onsite Food:

Fernow’s Camp

Greetings unto the hungry masses, for
your dining pleasure we will be serving Breakfast, Lunch and
Supper over the Summer’s End Weekend.

Weekend Meal tickets can be
PRE ORDERED online and paid for at
for $40 per person. This amount will

Friday evening $5

Sat/Sun Breakfasts $10

Sat/Sun Lunches $10

Sat Evening Feast $15

(each meal includes Main
dish, dessert and a beverage)

Please send all Pre Orders


It is strongly requested that those who
want tickets to send in the pre orders so you get what you
want and save money too.

To Pre Order,

choose one item(A-F) from
each meal plan

The Menu: (prices listed are
for non Pre Orders)

Friday Evening

A) $7 Bukenade (Beef Stew) in
a trencher (bread bowl)

B) $5 Hearty Chicken
&Veggie Soup with Bread

C) $5 Greek Salad Wrap (add
meat for $2)

Sat/Sun Breakfasts
(8am – 11am sharp)

A) $5 Pancakes, Sausages,
Scrambled eggs

B) $5 Muffin served with
Fruit & Yogurt Cup

C) $5 Hot Oatmeal with maple
brown sugar and fruit and yogurt cup

Sat/Sun Lunches

A) $7 Bukenade (beef stew) in
a trencher (bread bowl)

B) $7 Ploughman (meat, cheese
&veggie plate) with homemade Bread

C) $7 Hot beef on a Bun with
Compost (coleslaw)

D) $5 Hearty Chicken &
veggie Soup with bread

E) $5 Greek Salad Wrap (add
meat $2)

F) $5 Vegetarian Chilli (not
that you would know it) and bread

Saturday Evening (5pm
– 8pm)

A) Baron of Beef (with
roasted potatoes and grilled veggies)

B) Roasted Chicken legs (with
roasted potatoes and grilled veggies)

C)Vegan meal selection to be

The following items
will be available through out the day as supplies

$2 Hot Dog

$2 Bowl homemade soup

$2 Jerky

$4 Sausage on a stick(smokie)
$5 with a cloak (bun)

$5 Bake Mete Pye (baked meat

Pork pyes are a traditional
medieval fare, a classic pye of pork in a honey and egg yolk
sauce flavoured with ginger.

Poulet Pyes (chicken)


(this is just a sample of
what will be available)

$1 extra bread/bun

$1 large muffin

$1 fresh fruit

$2 skoan with

$3 sticky bun

$3 fruit pye

$3 Payne Foundow (traditional
bread pudding)

$4 baklava

$5 2 large profiterole filled
with a very tasty flavoured cream custard and whipping


$2 Coffee (ready as early as
possible) $3 tankard

$2 Tea (various

$1 bottled water

$1 apple or orange juice

$1 coke or sprite

Hours of Operation(all times
are approximate)

Friday evening 4pm

Saturday Breakfast 8am

Saturday Mid Day meal 11am –

Closed Saturday 3pm –

Sunday Mid day meal 11am –

Saturday Evening 5pm –

Sunday Breakfast 8am –

To assist everyone
in having a great weekend (including the Kitchen Staff)
it is requested that you bring your own feast gear for all

Pre Registration for Meals is adviseable, all meal
ticket requests can be sent to the Feastacrat
.    moc.liamg@jpthgiaw

Just think…. a weekend event and NO cooking!!!!!
and for only $40 per person…WOW!!!
Merchants are welcome, there are no merchant
fees but a donation for prizes is most welcome (please
contact the autocrat in advance).

Make cheques payable to SCA Inc.– Shire of Krakenfjord.

Site info: Open field camping. Some
shaded tent pads available in a more private setting amongst
the trees. .There will be a bardic fire pit area (actual
fire may not be included)in the evenings; At this time there
is still a fire ban in place…and unless it rains a lot from
now til event time there will be NO FIRES ALLOWED. Flush
toilets, sinks and coin laundry on-site.  Dogs are
welcome but must be on-leash. The campground is a short walk
away from the BX Falls hiking trail. Due to the country
loocation of this campsite, wildlife is a definate
possiblity, so all garbage will be assigned a central
location and MUST be adhered to. Which is another
good reason to buy meal tickets no food is needed in
your camps:)

For those who are bringing motorhomes and require level
parking, there are campsites available near by.  The
cost for campsites are as follows: Tentsites $28.00 (incls
tax), Trailersites $34.00(incls tax) These rates are
based on 2 people per site.  if power is required a
$5 charge is added on.  If you are going to be paying
for a regular campsite, gate fee will be reduced to $5 per
adult (plus NMS) for the weekend. Anyone 18yrs old and
under will be free (plus NMS) if camping in the regular





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