Springfest & Newcomers


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Caterina Giovanna Antelini
Date: June 2 , 2006 until June, 4 2006
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 2th 2006
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 4th 2006

Event site:
River Ranch RV Park
104 Rose Gulch Rd. Dayton, WA

Welcome to all good gentles of Antir! This year the Barony of
Wastekeep and the Canton of Akornebir are pleased to be
combining Wastekeep’s Springfest and Acornebir’s
Newcomers. Join us just off highway 12 for a weekend of
learning, feasting, and tournaments for fun and for the
titles of Champion of Wastekeep and Wastekeep’s Boffer
Champion. There will also be a fight of words as the Baronial
Defenestrator is chosen by the best written description of
torture, presented during evening court. We shall also have
bardic and drumming each night, so bards and entertainers
come and practice your skills. We are also having two new
activities this year. 1st a pied piper contest, so if you
have an activity you’d like to hold, contact Milord
Felwyn at moc.nsm@nedyah_nodnarb and he`ll get your name on
the list. Contestants must be added to the list by May 21st
to compete. 2nd we’re having a free raffle for newer
people to the SCA. If your interested in helping out new SCA
people please donate your old garb, feast gear, jewelry,
armor and anything else you think a new person in the SCA
might need. In case there are any leftover items they will be
auctioned on Sunday afternoon towards the SCA youth programs.
Items can be given to Lord Morgann of Chrysalis Keep, he can
be reached at moc.nsm@1roniga. Schedule of Events Friday Noon
Gate Opens 5:00pm Travelers Soup Starts 8:00pm Bardic at the
ship Saturday 8:00am Breakfast 9:00am Opening Court 10:00am
Lists Open Intro to Speaking Forsoothly Pied Piper Activity
10:30am Armor Inspection(Rapier) Presentation on the
Chirurgeonate 11:00am Rapier Ship Battle Noon Lunch 1:00pm
Armor Inspection (Heavy) Basic Garb 1:30pm Tourney Begins!!!
3:00pm Pick-up Fighting on the eric How to run a Tourney
Kitchen 3:30pm Etiquette in the SCA 4:00pm Lapidary Class
5:00pm The Feast Begins!!! 6:00pm Intro to SCA Dance Pied
Piper Activity 7:00pm Evening Court Following court check
your raffle ticket & Auction 9:30pm Bardic at the ship
Sunday 8:00am Breakfast 10:00am Lists & Armor Inspection
(Boffer) 10:30am Boffer Tourney Noon Closing Court 5:00pm
Site Closes Feast Information: Locals please bring main
dishes or desserts. Out of town folk bring cold dishes, fruit
or vegetables, etc. We are suppling what`s listed below. Menu
Friday Evening Pumpkin Soup Chicken Soup Sliced Apples Bread
Saturday Breakfast Oatmeal Brown Sugar Pancakes Maple Syrup,
Berry Syrup & Butter Sausage Eggs Coffee Creamer &
Sugar Hot Tea Milk Apple Juice Sliced Apples Orange Smiles
Saturday Lunch Sandwich Makings Bread, Turkey & Cheese
Apples Oranges Celery Carrots Leftover Soup Saturday Feast
Beef Steamed Green Beans Glazed Carrots Bread Tossed Salad
Dressing Olives Cheese Sunday Breakfast Oatmeal Brown Sugar
Pancakes Maple Syrup, Berry syrup & Butter Sausage Eggs
Coffee Creamer & Sugar Hot Tea Milk Apple Juice Sliced
Apples Sunday Lunch Leftovers Gate Opens at noon on June 2nd
and closes at 5 p.m. on June 4th. Fees: Adults $8 day trip,
$15 all weekend, Children 12 and under $5 day trip, $8 all
weekend. Children 5 and under are free. $3 non-member
surcharge is in effect. Dogs are not allowed on site. Site
owner`s request. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of
Wastekeep. RV hook-ups available, please contact the autocrat
about prices and availability. There are flushies, showers
and biffies on site. Merchants: Regular site fee required
plus a donation to the prize chest. New Site: River Ranch RV
Park, 104 Rose Gulch Rd., Dayton, WA Dirrections: From the
south (Walla Walla), take Hwy. 12 east toward Dayton. Take a
left turn about a mile after you get to Lewis and Clark Trail
State Park. From the East: Take highway 12 west towards Walla
Walla. Go through Dayton. Turn right about a mile before
Lewis and Clark Trail State Park. From the Tri-Cities: Take
Hwy. 124 east toward Waitsburg. Follow the signs to Highway
12 – Dayton. Follow the directions from the East above.
Autocrat: Lady Caterina Giovanna Antelini (Rachel Nelson),
908 W. Nixon St. Pasco, WA 99301 Phone: (509) 545-8214
e-mail: moc.nsm@1roniga

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