Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ysabella Greene
Date: June 9 , 2017 until June, 11 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 9th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 11th 2017

Event site:
Horn Rapids County Park
NSA Benton City, WA 99320

June 9-11, 2017

Horn Rapids
Park, Richland Wa

Her Excellency
Katherine of Akornebir, Baroness of Wastekeep invites you to attend
Wastekeep Springfest event to vie for the honor of being Her
Champion. There will be tournaments in Heavy, Youth Armor Combat,
Sr. and Jr. Archery and Rapier.  If you are in need of RV
space, would like to merchant, teach a class or have questions
please contact Mistress Ysabella Greene at moc.liamg@nehcraprehtaeh or 509-750-5636 please
no calls after 8 pm.

Site opens at
3:00 pm.  Cost of event will be $25.00 with a $5.00 discount
to SCA members (proof of membership must be shown to receive
discount) Youth 17 and under will be admitted for free. 
Please remember if you are bringing children that are not legally
yours you must provide the proper paperwork.  http://legacy.antir.org/Pubs/forms/04_MinorMedical_US.pdf
,  http://legacy.antir.org/Pubs/forms/05_Minor_Consent.pdf 
two copies of each 😊

We will be
having a food vendor on site. They sell Turkey legs ($6.00),
chilled dill pickles ($1) water and soda.  bring

Jacquline will
be there with her baked goods also! Bring your cash and enjoy
scones, muffins and breads!!




Friday June 9,

3:00 pm          
Gate opens to populace

6:00 pm          
Game of Goose out for populace to enjoy


Saturday June 10,

9:00 am          
Wakeup call

10:00 am        
Morning Court

10:30 am        
Intro into Voice Heraldry (help us herald the

11:00 am        
List and Armor inspection for heavy and Rapier Fighters

11:30 am        
Champion tournaments start for heavy and Rapier

Archery Range opens for open shooting


1:30 pm          
Jr/Sr Archery Champion Tournaments

3:00 pm          
Family Activities learn more about heraldry

3:00 pm          
Intro into Marshalling with HL Brother William

4:00 pm          
Evening court


7:30 pm          
Bring your makings for smores to the Eric and share the fire,
stories and songs!!

11:00 pm       
Quiet time


Sunday June 11,

9:00 am          
Wakeup Call

List and Armor inspection for YAC

Depending on marshals Archery Range may be open

10:30 am        
YAC Baronial Champion Tournament

Final court to be 30
minutes after YAC Tournament to end



Baronial YAC:
Young Lords and Ladies!  Test
your skill in youth armorned combat and show your chivalry to the
populace as we determine who our next Wastekeep Baronial YAC
Champion will be.  Tournament style will most likely be single
or double round robin.
Loaner gear will be available, but all
combatants are responsible for bringing their own primary
protection and having an up-to-date authorization card.
 Please arrive as soon as armor inspection and lists open if
you need a new card signed.
We’re still using the 2008 An Tir YAC
Combat book for our rules and conventions.
Questions go to Baronial YAC Marshal
Rashida: alkoppel at gmail
The Archery and Youth Archery
Champions of Wastekeep will be determined in separate shoots hosted
by our current Archery Champ, HL Archos Ronan Mackay.  He is
tight-lipped about the adult competition, but says our youth
contestants will find themselves on a bear hunt!
Yes, Archery loaner gear is available,
but you might have to share.
Are we still doing “phrasing”? YES.
ALL THE TIME, and Her Excellency Wastekeep is perturbed. She
believes the populace could strive to put more thought into their
speech and clarity into their statements.
This crime and its punishment will not
go unnoticed at Springfest this year, and you can help!
1) If you notice an egregious use of
poor Phrasing, be a good citizen and report that person to either
Her Excellency Katherine or to your Baronial Defenestrator, the Red
Archer of Wastekeep, Rashida bint Yusuf. The worst offender shall
be dealt with appropriately at closing Court.
2) How should we punish Phrasing?
Write down your idea and turn it in to either Her Excellency or
Defenestrator Rashida. If your punishment is fitting and clever
enough, you might find yourself selected to be our next



Also available is a facebook events page if
you would like to get more up to date infomation: 

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