Sport of Kings, Academy of Armored Combat


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ulfred
Date: August 2 , 2002 until August, 4 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 2th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 4th 2002

Event site:
Milo McIver State Park
24101 S Entrance Rd. Estacada, OR 97023

Lara Baker-Olin moc.oohay@ajlahk

Greetings all,

August 2-4, 2002, the Barony of Three Mountains
(Portland, Oregon) will be holding an event focused on
the tournament and the tournament fighter. It will be
an event with classes for those interested in
furthering their fighting skills and those interested
in supporting one of the central activities of the

To this end, we would like to include a track of
classes that focus on heraldry as it pertains the
armored combatant and the tournament.

We would like to include classes on Field Heraldry,
and one on the importance Heraldic Display at a
minimum, but would welcome suggestions for other
heraldry classes that fit the event focus. Perhaps
one called, “What every fighter should know about
Heraldry”… ?

If you would like to instruct on one of these topics,
please contact me at moc.oohay@ajlahk as soon as

For more information about Sport of Kings: The Academy
of Armored Combat, you may wish to visit our website

Thank you for your consideration.

Khalja Khorkoi
Supervising Autocrat Sport of Kings

P.S. I would very grateful if someone could forward
this to the An Tir Heralds list.

HL Khalja Khorkhoi, AoA, GdS, JdL
Ulfredsheim, Barony of Three Mountains, An Tir
Academy of Armored Combat

August 2-4, 2002
Milo McIver State Park, Estacada OR (Barony of Three Mountains)
Tanya Guptill (Mira Silverlock) gro.segaelddimtnerruc@kcolrevlis

The website for this event is

PRE-REGISTRATION: Is NOT required for camping. However, pre-registration
is strongly recommended for the classes. Pre-registrations must be
postmarked by July 25, 2002–no exceptions. More info on
pre-registration can be found at . If
you are not able to access the internet, send a self-addressed stamped
envelope to Sport of Kings
c/ o Topaz Faulkner
234 NE 24th Ave.
Portland, OR
97232-3111 for a packet of information.


Want to polish your skills as a tournament heavy fighter by learning
from some of the best of the best? Want to learn more about how to make
a tournament more colorful, better run, more chivalrous, or how to
improve your favorite fighter’s wardrobe? SPORT OF KINGS is a learning
event for students of all interests and backgrounds, and will have
classes and focused training on all the activities that support and
glorify the tournament. It is a unique opportunity for aspirants to
martial skill to learn from accomplished practitioners.

Scheduled armored combat instructors include:

* HRM Wilam Tjorkilson
* Duke Paul Belatrix
* Sir Heinrich von Salsa
* Sir Donnan
* Duke Steingrim
* Sir Qorin Kanne
* Duke Thorin
* Duke Tjorkill
* Sir Fiach
* Sir Atais
* Graf Berek
* Duke Uther
* Master Grendel

Here are some of the confirmed non-fighting classes for Sport of Kings:
*Lists- Master Trahearn
*Marshalling – Countess Aryanna Silkenfyre
*Beyond Jeans and a T-shirt: Clothing for the Fighter – Marquessa
Laurellen de Brandevin and HL Achaxe
*Banner Making – Marquessa Laurellen
*Gambeson Making – HL Gulenay Khazari
*Waterbearer – HL Aine, Kingdom Waterbearer
*Autocratting a tournament – Khalja
*Field Heraldry – HL Ciaran
*Heraldic Display – Mistress Tessella and Meister Walram
*Heraldry for Non-heraldic cultures – Dame Zenobia
*Overview/History of the An Tir Book of Combat or…”What you always
wanted to know about the ABC but didn’t know how
to ask…”
*Traditions Conventions the An Tir Book of Combat or …”We’ve done
it this way for years!!!!” – Baron Dungadr Ravensfuri
*Consorts: Being an Inspiration (Care and Feeding of Your Fighter)–
Grefyna Asa & Dame Mira

Saturday night there will be a multi-prize tournament, with categories
including Best Death, Overall Conquering Contender, Ladies Gallery
Choice for Chivalry, and many more.

PRE-REGISTRATION: Is NOT required for camping. However, pre-registration
is strongly recommended for the classes. Pre-registrations must be
postmarked by July 25, 2002–no exceptions. More info on
pre-registration can be found at . If
you are not able to access the internet, send a self-addressed stamped
envelope to Sport of Kings
c/ o Topaz Faulkner
234 NE 24th Ave.
Portland, OR
97232-3111 for a packet of

AUTOCRAT: Jarl Sir Ulfred Drommfjell–email is moc.ibtta@drannebl
(503)-245-7687 . SUPERVISING AUTOCRAT: Her Ladyship Khalja Khorkhoi

LOCATION: Milo McIver Park, Estacada Oregon. This is a nicely wooded
site with some permanent biffies and covered shelters.

We hope to see you at Sport of Kings!
Tanya Guptill (Mira Silverlock) gro.segaelddimtnerruc@kcolrevlis

Noble friends, (please excuse the cross-posting of this message)

Here’s the latest re: the upcoming Sport of Kings Event, held August 2-4
in the Barony of Three Mountains:

–Duke Paul Belatrix’s Perception and Movement class is FULL. His
Saturday classes are getting full, but the Sunday one has several spots
left. There has been much interest in all the classes at this event. If
you are going to be taking classes, get your registration in RIGHT
AWAY. The event website is and has the class
schedule and registration info.

–Two new classes have been added:
* Track One – Tournament support skills on Saturday, 9am-10am
List Field Etiquette for the Non-Fighter taught by ban-Iarla
MacAoidh a’Mhonadh, ban-Bharan nan Tir , 50 cent fee
* 3pm to 5pm – Overcoming Gendercentric Cultural
Conditioning–taught by
HL Rauokinn Eyverska, 10 page handout, $2 fee, This class
will address from a woman’s perspective:
basic sword and shield technique, power generation, physical
psychological issues and non-issues, armoring so that you may
comfortably in your armor, and attitude on and off the field.
Bring armor. First half of class is to be lecture and
discussion. Second half is hands on in armor. If you do not
have armor, you can still take the class, there are plenty of
techniques that can be
practiced without armor

–T-shirts for Sport of Kings are still available–the cool main design
can be seen at

–There is a brown bag lunchtime chat with the Chivalry on
Saturday–Attributes of a Prospective Knight. On Sunday, there will be
an open critique session–Applying what You Learned.

We hope to see you there! 🙂
In service,
Dame Mira Silverlock, Baroness of An Tir
Lara Baker-Olin moc.oohay@ajlahk

Greetings all!

Just a note to let you know about the full classes at
Sport of Kings. If you haven’t got your class
pre-registration sent in, visit our website at:

The registrar says the pre-registrations are coming in
with more urgentcy. Remember, your pre-reg needs to
be post-marked by July 25, 2002.

There are still plenty of classes to take for fighters
and non-fighters alike!

The following classes are now filled:

F 1 – Basic Technique – Duke Paul of Bellatrix
F 8 – Alternate Weapons – Duke Paul of Bellatrix
F 13 – Perception & Movement – Duke Paul of Bellatrix
F15 – Fighting Seminar – Duke Skapti Thorinson
N 8 – Gambeson Making – HL Gulenay Khazari

These classes will soon be filled:

F 17 (two spaces left) – Basic Technique – Duke Paul
of Bellatrix (repeat of Saturday class)
F 19 (5 spaces left) – Three Dimensional Fighting –
Viscount Sir Donnan
N 11 (3 spaces left) – Beyond Jeans and a T-shirt:
Comfortable clothing for the fighter – Marquessa
Laurellen de Brandevin
N 12 (1 space left) – Banner Making: Design,
Construction and Style – Marquessa Laurellen de

New classes added since the last update:

1 pm – 3 pm – The Armored Rose
Instructor: Duchess Elina of Beckingham, Princess of
the Mists
[2 hours + Q&A]
Minimum: none
Maximum: unlimited
Cost: $1.00
Course description: A lecture on the psychological,
physiological and emotional differences between men
and women in fighting and how she can capitalize on
them. This is a class for anyone who fights, trains or
is a female fighter. Questions like: Why does she cry?
Why does she drop out when we start going full speed?
Why doesn’t the armor fit right? and How do I armor
her? are answered. Come, bring a snack, and be
prepared for an entertaining lecture

10 am – 12 pm – Whalebone and Boffer Fundamentals
Instructor: Lady Elise ingen Tomais
[2 hours]
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 20
Cost: $0.50
Course description: Learn the rules and fundamentals
of whalebone (ages 12 to 16) and boffer (ages 4 to
11). Participants will need elbow and knee pads,
groin protection (ages 10 and up), and for whalebone a
gorget. We will have a couple helmets available for
use, but if access to a hockey helmet or helmet used
in heavy-armored combat please bring it with you.

In service,

HL Khalja Khorkhoi, AoA, Gds, JdL
Ulfredsheim, Barony of Three Mountains, An Tir

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