Skull ‘n Crossbones Tavern


Hosted by Device of Sigelhundas

The Shire of Sigelhundas (Regina, SK)

Event Summary

Date: November 13 , 2004
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 13th 2004
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Skull n’Crossbones Tavern
November 13, 2004
Regina, SK


‘Tis time once again for the Skull ‘n Crossbones Tavern to open her doors to the scum and villains of the Seas of Avacal (and all others interested in drinkin’ too!).

Remember: there are NO Pirates in Avacal, but if there were, this is where they gather once a year!

On this November, the 13th day, a Saturday, the Tavern will open for her sixth run at 1:00 pm in the fair Shire of Sigelhundas (Regina, SK). Site closes at midnight. The place of the Tavern is St. Luke’s Hall on 3233 Argyle Road., Regina, SK S4S 2B5

‘Tis suggested that everyone try to be somewhat nautical in appearance but ’tis not necessary. After all, not everyone can look as good as a Pirate, and we be needin’ someone ta rob on the way home!

Besides the usual drinkin’ that tends to go on at things like this, there will be a few contests as well, them bein’ announced at a later date (meanin’ I ain’t thot of ’em yet).

Tavern entry fee shall be a paltry 8 gold for those not wishing to eat. If yer comin’ to eat, its gonna cost ya 14 gold. Non-members kin add 4 gold to those prices. Wee ones (under 12) are in for 4 gold and can eat for 7 gold. Them wee ones under 5 be free. Make cheques payable to QCSCA The Tavern has an actual cook agin, an the food will be homemade beef stew, bread fer dippin’, to be followed by a dessert of some sort or ta other!

I hears that there be a few of ye out there who like the taste of rum….. If ye be coming, let me know and I’ll have a bottle of it waiting for ye.

The Tavern Keeper welcomes anyone who has gold to spend with open arms so stop by if yer not doing anything or if yer just travelin’ through! It’s a good time for all! (Just ask them what survived last year!)

Tavern Keeper: Cap’n Thomas de Monet Stuart Glennie 3242 Athol Street, Regina, SK S4S 1Y9 Ph# 789-3185; e-mail: moc.liamtoh@tenom_ed_samoht

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