Skull ‘n’ Crossbones Tavern


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Thomas Wollffe
Date: November 12 , 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 12th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Cornwall Alternative School
40 Dixon Crescent Regina, SK S4N 1V4

THESE ‘ERE WORDS! Tis time once again for the Skull
‘n Crossbones Tavern to open her doors to the scum and
villains of the Seas of Avacal (and all others interested in
drinkin’ too!). On this November, the 12th day, a
Saturday, the Tavern will open at noon (that’s 12:00pm)
for her seventh run in the fair Shire of Sigelhundas (Regina,
SK). The place of the Tavern is Cornwall Alternative School,
40 Dixon Crescent, Regina, SK, S4N1V4 ‘Tis suggested
that everyone try to be somewhat nautical in appearance but
‘tis not necessary. After all, not everyone can look as
good as a Pirate, and we be needin’ someone ta rob on
the way home! Besides the usual drinkin’ that tends to
go on at things like this, there will be a few contests as
well, them bein’: 1. The Best Dressed Pirate fer age
groups: 5yrs and under, 6yrs to 12yrs, and 13yrs and up. Yes,
that be right, 3 contests! 2. There will be a Tablero de
Gucci Tourney! Rules will be posted at the Tavern. 3. A
Rapier Tourney run by Lord Connel MacGreagor 4. Best Bardic
Presentation with a Pirate theme (sing, dance, tell a story
or a joke, whatever youse wants ta do) 5. The Worst Dressed
Pirate fer all ages. This ones fer them fancy fops types who
dare not to try to dress like a pirate. 6. Bodice Contest run
by Lady Isabetta. Each entered contestant must construct a
bodice that will be worn for everyone to see (yes it must be
visible). The populace will submit votes for the best looking
bodice as well as most supportive bodice. 7. Principality
Games Championship. The contest is open to all Avacalians,
and the Champion Gamester should demonstrate a knowledge of
and willingness to play a variety of period games involving
both skill and luck. The champion competition shall involve
four parts: 1. Chess – one of three chess games will be
chosen at random on the day of the tournament. The forms are,
Medieval (Shantraj), round, and oblong. 2. Board games other
than chess – one of three board games will be chosen at
random on the day of the tournament. Alquerque, Draughts, or
Nine Men’s Morris. 3. Skilled Chance – one of three games
involving both skill and chance will be chosen on the day of
the tournament. Piquet, Noddy, or Tabula Players will compete
in one tournament for each of the 3 categories. Points will
be awarded as follows: Chess – Greater Win = 5, Lesser Win =
4, Draw = 3, Lesser Loss = 2, Greater Loss = 1 Other Board
Games – Win = 5, Draw = 3, Loss = 1 Skilled Chance – Win = 5,
Draw = 3, Loss = 1 Bonus – 10 points awarded to the winner of
each of the three tournaments 4. Chance – Time permitting,
all players will participate in a game of Goose, wagering
points rather than coins. The player with the highest overall
score shall be Principality Gamester Champion for the year.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact
Lord Morgan ap Hugh, Principality Gamesmaster at 775-3759 or
moc.liameonac@nos_citlec Tavern fees: SCA Members: a paltry 8
gold for those not eatin’ and if yer comin’ to
eat, its gonna cost ya 15 gold. Non-members kin add 4 gold to
those prices. Wee ones (under 12) are in for 4 gold and can
eat for 7 gold. Them wee ones under 5 be free. Fer those with
families (2 Adults, 2 or more children): SCA Members: a mere
20 gold if you don’t eat, 37 gold if you do.
Non-members kin add 8 gold to those prices. The Tavern has an
actual cook agin, an this year she’s workin’ one
sumptin’ special! When decides what that is, I’ll
let you know! There be only 40 seats in the Tavern for eating
this year so if’n ya want ta eat, youse had better reserve!
Ta reserve just drop me a line and let me know yer comin’ (no
need ta pay beforehand – I knows where youse live!). I hears
that there be a few of ye out there who like the taste of
rum….. If ye be coming, let me know and I’ll have a bottle
of it waiting for ye. The Tavern Keeper welcomes anyone who
has gold to spend with open arms so stop by if yer not doing
anything or if yer just travelin’ through! It’s a good
time for all! (Just ask them what survived last year!) Tavern
Keeper: Cap’n Thomas Wollffe Ph# 789-3185; e-mail:
moc.liamtoh@tenom_ed_samoht Cook: Al-Sayidda Umm Bishar
Fatima Amatallah Bint Dirar Al-Qurtibiyya Ph# 775-3759

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