Sir Edwards Tourney


Hosted by Device of Thornwold

The Shire of Thornwold (Bellingham – Whatcom County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Jadwiga Radomyski
Date: May 6 , 2016 until May, 8 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 6th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 8th 2016

Event site:
Deming Logging Faclties
3295 Cedarville Rd Deming, WA 98226

Note: We reccomend people coming form the South leave


The three lanes will
be reduced to two narrow lanes over the northbound I-5 Steamboat
Slough and Ebey Slough bridges this weekend (9:30
 through 5:30


Those of you who
traveled through the #SnoCoSqueeze last weekend know what a mess it
was…this weekend it will be worse.


WSDOT also reports
that next week they will “flop” traffic to the other
side of the bridge, returning the SR 529 ramp to northbound I-5 to
its own dedicated lane, “hopefully easing the weekday
congestion next week.”


The Shire of Thornwood Welcomes to you

Sir Edwards Tourney

Thornwood Champions and Public Demo


Event Stewards: Pani Jadiwga
 and Yzables de la Costa

SCA Memebers with Current Memebership:

  • Adult Weekend $15 Day $10
  • Youth (12-17) Weekend $10 Day $5
  • 12 and under Free!
  • Active Military w/Card: $10

$5.00 Member Discount Applied to the above


Noon Gate Opens for Merchants
3pm Gate Opens for Public

8am Gate Opens
10:00-2:00 Archery Range Opens / Public Demo Begins / Childrens
Scavenger Hunt Begins
10:30 Heavy 
11:30 Heavy Armor Inspection
12:00 Heavy Tourney Begins / Silent Auction Opens!
12:30 Rapier Lists Open / YAC Lists and Armor Inspection Begins
1:30 Rapier Armor Inspection
2:00 Rapier Tourney Begins / YAC Tourney Begins
4:00 Demo Area Closes / Silent Acution Closes / Unpaid Feast
Reservation Spots Open for Purchace
5:00 Feast Hall Opens
6:00 Feast Begins / After Feast Desert Auction
Sundown: Fireside Hangout at the Yac Field 

8am Pancake Breakfast 
9am Gate Opens
10:30 Sunday Tourney Signups Begin 
11:00 If enough people have shown up for the Sunday Tourney, they
will begin, Otherwise the Fields are open for Pickups.



HEAVY The Shire’s Premier Event.
This will be ran in two 30 min sections with a 10 min break
between. In traditional Holmgang style, Knights will start in
the lowermost ring, while all other fighters start in the uppermost
ring. Fighters will pair up in a ring and the rules of combat are
such: If a fighter steps outside of the ring they are eliminated,
for the first half of holmgang, any legal blow that makes contact
is a kill (“Viking” Style) the second half of the tourney will be
foughtto regular death (However, stepping out of the ring is still
death). The Fighter who wins moves forward, the fighter who looses
heads to the next lowest ring, or to the back of the line if they
are at the lowest ring. Winners in the uppermost ring will defend
their position, and gain a point for each foe they defeat. Only
fights in the uppermost ring count for points. At the end of both
sections the fighter with the most points is declared winner. If
there is a tie, it will be a fight, best two out of

RAPIER – Introducing Rapier Holmgang! This
event will run just as the heavy tourney, save that the rings will
be made much larger (for safety).

ARCHERY – What does our Archery Officer have
in store this year? Check back for more info soon! 

A&S – Any Item, Any Medium you wish to
use! Theme: Incorporate thorns/brambles/blackberries and a
Rabbit (without copying the shire device) for extra
points! Documentation required. Get extra points for your good

YOUTH – A simplified Holmgang for our Youth


We are pleased to announce a Demo Area from 10am-4pm. This is a
place for the public to come and learn about the SCA and have a
chance to try out some of the things that we do.

Currently we have:
Inkle Loom/Nailbinding/Emberodery – Headed by Adelia Baldrick
Childrens Scavenger Hunt, Coloing Pages and Bauble Table – Headed
by Robin and Aedla. 
Medieval Games – Headed by Theo

We are still looking for more people to demo to the public. Our
area is broken down into 3 stations each with 2 hour time slots to
fill. If you are willing to demo in one or more area, we would love
that! Please contact Genevieve DeMarais.

Largess Competition: More details to come,
but the basics are: six similar items, such as lengths of tablet
weaving, needle books, hats, hair pins, etc. Winner will be chosen
by populace vote, and will receive one item from each set

Things to Spend your Gold On

There are many great things to spend your coins on,

  • Silent Auction: Help raise money for the Shire to put on more
    events! Money raised will also fund new and improved equipment for
    all disciplines. who knows what you will find in the hallowed halls
    of our auction!
  • Dessert Auction: We conclude our feast with our famous
    dessert auction. Tasty cookies, amazing cupcakes, candied bacon,
    and castle cakes all featured last year. Who knows what will show
    up this year? Funds go to the Shire and to the Tir Righ Travel
  • Merchants: That’s right! If the food, and silent auction
    goodies weren’t enough we will have Merchants row overlooking the
    fields of battle! Interested in being a Merchant? Contact
    our Merchocrat!
  • Merchants at Eddies 2016:


Feast tickets are available for $12. 
To reserve your place at the feast, please contact Melitta
(moc.kooltuo@nisnirosm) with the names of everyone in your

Payment will be accepted at gate. 
This isn’t a pre-pay, just a reservation


Day food is provided by local food Truck Danielle’s Back East
BBQ. They will have lots of tasty yummys to fill your belly until
the feast time!

Site Rules:

Rules for the Eddies 2016 Site. 

These are the rules of the site, and include a few new ones for

All Animals must be on a leash. We understand that your animal
might be well trained, but regardless of its disposition, it must
be on a leash at all times. 

All animals must be picked up after. 

Smoking is to be done out in the parking lot. A sand-filled fire
pit will be provided. 

For all rules, Vaping is considered smoking for this

We follow Local, State and Federal Laws, as such marijuana cannot
be imbibed at this site

All children must stay within the view of their parents or
guardians. Guardians must be 18 years or older, we cannot have
older children watching younger children. 

You must have your site token with you when re-entering the site!
This is very important, due to issues that came up last year, only
those with a site token can be readmitted without repaying
gate. Please make sure you have one on your person if you
are leaving the site for any reason.



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