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The Barony of Borealis (Edmonton, AB)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Neegahnee
Date: June 15 , 2007 until June, 17 2007
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 15th 2007
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 17th 2007

Event site:
Sandhills Community League
52032 Range Road 270 Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3M4

Silverwolf Champions’ Tournament

Barony of Borealis (Edmonton Alberta)

June 15 to June 17, 2007.

Site opens at 6pm Friday and closes at noon Sunday.

Come join Borealis as we compete in feats Martial and Artistic to determine our Baronial Champions.

Site fee is $8 for the weekend and includes outdoor camping;

Feast is $10 and will be a tour of Italy (please contact Aelfic at (780) 440-5014 for menu and/or allergy concerns) 

Please ensure you bring your membership card.  Non-Member Surcharge is $4

Make cheques payable to ASCA Barony of Borealis.

Merchants are welcome.  Please contact the autocrat to reserve merchant space.

For more information and to make reservations contact the event autocrat: Neegahnee (Chris Hepburn) at ac.oohay@etaagaaz (780) 440-5014 or c/o 10991A 124 Street Edmonton AB T5M 0H9. 

Saturday Schedule

9:00    Site opens, A&S registration and set-up begins
10:00   A&S competition begins, rapier lists open
11:00   Rapier tourney begins
12:30   Heavy lists open
1:00    Rapier ends
1:30    Heavy tourney begins
3:30    Heavy tourney ends
3:00    Archery registration
4:00    Archery begins
5:30    Archery ends, feast set-up begins
6:00    Feast
Court time to be announced
Celebrations to continue into the night

With Regard to the Championship Tourneys:


Good Archers and to all populace who appreciate the sport:

I would like to extend the invitation to attend the archery tournament at Silverwolf on June 16th, 2007. It is a Champion Tourney for the Barony of Borealis. If you are a citizen of our fine Barony and wish to try your skill to be in the running for our new Champion, we welcome with open arms. Our one and very important request is that you have an inspiration to fight for. Before the tourney, you will present yourself and your inspiration to the court. Now don't run away!!! It's a simple, Good Day Your Highnesses, M"Lord and Ladies, I am ——– and my inspiration is—–.
We will be running royal rounds late morning. (SCA time) The archery registration and weapon check starts at 3P.M the tourney starts at 4 pm until 5:oo pm.
Good Luck, my friends (that's a clue for you, by the way)
Always in service and friendship


The title of Silverwolf Champion for Arts and Sciences will be
bestowed at the Silverwolf event being held on June 16, 2007.

If the below does not answer your questions as to how to enter, please
send an e-mail to myself and/or Guillaine with any questions you may have.

All entries for the single entry category, and the championship
category must have a written letter of intent submitted by May 21st.

You must describe your entry in basic, but specific terms. This will
enable judges and space requirements to be arranged to show your
entries at their best!

Letters of intent should be forwarded to the following people:
Silverwolf Champion,
(Guillaine de Gualle: tkdpayne@yahoo. ca)

Their Excellencies Borealis
(Vic: slikboy@shaw. ca, Inga: Michelle.Height@ ualberta. ca)

Borealis A&S Minister
( Ann Fawkes: sjmckit@telus. net)

The Rules:

Borealis Arts and Sciences Championship Rules and Guidelines

1. All entries must be within the time period 500-1600 CE, and be of a
European culture, or from a culture that had contact with Europe at
that time.

2. Champion competitors must have at least 3 separate entries in order
to be eligible to become the overall winner of the Borealis Champion
of the Arts and Sciences. You may enter four items, in which case
only the best three will count toward your total score.

3. Individual objects may count toward no more than two entries
(i.e.: 10th Century gown with embroidery may count as a Costuming and
an Embroidery entry. Bear in mind that for such cross-entry, each
entry should be adequate to stand up as a full entry on its own and
have individual supporting documentation. ). All objects must be
announced prior to the event.

4. While there are no specific categories for the competition,
entrants are expected to describe their entries with enough
information to determine suitable judges, and thoroughly document the
focus of their entry for the competition.

5. All entrants will be expected to identify themselves and their
entries, and must be available during their scheduled judging periods
to answer any questions regarding their entries.

6. Entrants may not enter the same object in more than two Borealis
A&S Competitions, nor is it permissible to enter objects previously
entered in a Kingdom or Principality Championship.

7. You must be a resident of Borealis to become a champion and you
must be willing to maintain a membership during your time as champion
of the Barony. There is no membership or residency requirement for
single entry participants.


Impression and Presentation: 30 points

Research and Documentation: 70 points

Technical ability: 70 points

Complexity of subject: 30 points

Bonus: 10 points

Responsibilities of the Champion:

To swear fealty to your Baron and Baroness

To encourage and promote the Arts and Sciences

To help run the next championship with the Baronial Arts and Sciences


Here are the propossed rapier tourney at Silver Wolf. (subject to
change depending on the numbers of rapier fighters that show up)

All rapier fighters are welcome to participate but only those local to
Borealis will become Champion.

I am planning to hold five single elim tourneys each one of the
disiplines of rapier (other than case). In other words it a London's
Master Tourney. You need to know your basics = open hand, dagger,
baton, shield and cloak.

The top three Borealis finishers in each tourney will recieve points.
1st = 5 points 2nd = 3 points 3rd = 1 point. The fighter with the
most points will win the championship. If there is a tie then we will
have quick best out of 5 to determine the champion. For the other
rapier fighters that participate, they will be having the same done for
them but they will be playing for a prize.


Arterius Heronimus

Rapier Champion of Borealis


The Silverwolf Heavy Championship Tourney will be a
60 min. Iron Cross to select a final group (depending
on list size) for a best two-of-three single
elimination final. All tourney legal combat styles are
allowed. The final group will be locals only but there
will be an open prize for the highest finisher in the
Iron Cross.

MERCHANTS: Bring your coins and prepare to be amazed at Borealis' merchants.  This year we have

Bronwyn selling jewelry, circlets and such; 

Cennet with his blades, jewelry and all things Celtic;

Maoiliois selling marvels made of maille;

Coryn with her awesome garb;

Cath selling food at lunch on Saturday with proceeds to go to the Baronial Travel Fund; 

Raven selling various and sundry treasures;

Sheila with her pottery jugs, plates, and chalices;

Thorgeir selling all things Norse;

Neegahnee with various and mysterious things,

Morgan with crystals and other esoterica; 

Yamadi with general items both new and gently used;

Galena, who has some of the finest garb around!

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