Silver Arrow


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Malcolm Seintclerk De Bruce
Date: April 27 , 2012 until April, 29 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 27th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 29th 2012

Event site:
Shady Nook Community Hall
No Street Address Red Deer, AB

Silver Arrow 30th Anniversary

Shire of Bitter End

Red Deer AB

HL Malcolm Seintclerk de Brus


Reaching back into the distant past of great An Tir, prior to the
creation of fair Avacal was there a small shire on the shores of a
river that flowed through the heart of the grasslands between
Borealis and Montengarde.  A small band of hearty dreamers
set forth to create a land of bounty and prosperity to support our
King.  Thirty years
have come and gone since the small shire was formed that day and
now, we the people of that still small shire invite one and all to
come and partake in a celebration of our 30th


Let it be known that on the 27th to 29th of
April, 2012, the Shire of Bitter End will be celebrating its
30th Anniversary.  There shall be the traditional
Silver Arrow Archery tournament, Rapier, and Heavy combat
tournaments, much celebration, and a fantastic feast featuring the
talents of the McNeils in the kitchen once again!



Shady Nook Community Hall, there is no street address.


Site Fee:

Adults: $30.00 CAD

Youth 12-17: $20:00 CAD

Children 0-11: Free

Off board/wait list $15.00 CAD

Please remember that there will be an additional non member
surcharge added at the gate for non members.

There is a cap limit of 150 feast tickets, and off board/overflow
seating will be located in the upper room of the hall.

All checks are to be made out to ASCA Shire of Bitter


Please visit and
click on the reservation link to reserve for the event and the


Site regulations:

There will be no bar on site.

Animals are welcome but must be leashed, picked up after at all

and are not permitted into the feast hall

Please return all armor bags, sword cases, and large feast totes to
your vehicle to maintain the décor and room in the

Overnight outdoor camping space is available on site at no
additional cost

Merchants will be outside

All combat disciplines will take place outside regardless of

All legal laws and SCA laws will be in effect and abided


The Team:

Head Autocrat:  HL
Malcolm Seintclerk de Brus

MKA Asher Keim, 403-309-1753, no calls after 0900hrs


Deputy Autocrat: HL Gabrielle of the Leaf

Deputy Autocrat: HL Sybell Deya

Field Coordinator: Lord Gnar Grimskalla

Canteen Coordinators: Lady Oxara Grimskalla, Nadeya Maroon

Merchant reservations: Contact the Autocrat



Feast Plan:

topped Parmigana, Southern Germany/Northern Italian c.


(egg/wheat noodle pasta) Germanic/Arabic c.


French Onion
soup- Roman c. 200


platter, Edam, Brie, parmesan, Ricotta c.


platter (cold) c. 1000 Germanic


vegetable platters, period vegetables- cauliflower (c. 1600),
broccoli (c. 100), tomato(c.1540), onion(c. 5000bc), cucumber (c.
2000bc) European, Greece, Rus, Egyptian,


dip/bread bowl (Spinach is c.1200 in


Pickle Tray
(Cucumber, beet, cauliflower, carrot, onion) c. 2000bc European,
Greece, Rus.


c.1300 European.(Honeyed?)


whole grain bread/buns- c. 1500 European


Tossed mixed
greens (Salad) with salted oil and vinegar dressing.  Roman c.


Fruits/sugar Europe c. 1500 c/w Chocolate fountain (liquid
chocolate c. 1650)


à la créme
(cream puff)- c. 1650


anything else Sheila decides to make….like she always does.
( Warning: Not all foods are period, but all of them will taste


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