Sergeants,Yeoman and Gallants : A Medieval AMA


Hosted by Device of Seagirt

The Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Lin Xiao Mao
Date: August 10 , 2018 until August, 12 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 10th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 12th 2018

Event site:
Cobble Hill Farmer’s Institute
3550 Watson Ave Cobble Hill, BC V0R1L0

The Barony of Seagirt welcomes all who would witness and
support this year’s candidates for the positions of Sergeant,
Yeoman, and Gallant.

Throughout the weekend the candidates will be tested in their
knowledge and skill of various medieval practices.

Members of the populace are encouraged to share their SCA
passion with others throughout the weekend so that we can support
each other in expanding our collective wisdom. Learning
opportunities and challenges will also be presented in games,
thrown weapons, and more

This is a camping event, with a sleeping area for those who
prefer not to camp. The site has flush toilets available and dogs
are welcome. An Tir leash laws apply. No brazier fires are
allowed on site; this will be strictly enforced.

Site Opens 16:30 on Friday 10 August 2018;
Site Closes 16:00 on Sunday 12 August 2018

Adult site fee: $30 for the weekend or $25 for
a single day;
Adult Member Discount Site Fee: $25 for the
weekend or $20 for a single day;
Youth/children aged 18 and under: free.
Make cheques payable to Barony of Seagirt.

So what’s this AMA thing?

AMA = Ask Me Anything

I think that’s a good way to describe the Sergeantry Trials for
someone who’s not familiar with them, as the candidates will be
tested not only on their martial prowess but on a wide variety of
medieval knowledge including dance, games, bardic and heraldry.

I also hope that we’ll be able to learn from each other
throughout the weekend. If you have something you want to share,
offer a one-on-one lesson or a pick-up class. If you see someone
doing something cool, ask them about it! While this is already a
part of SCA culture, it can sometimes get lost at events where we
are either entirely focused on our own discipline or have schedules
that are so full that we never get back to the thing we wanted to
learn, despite our best intentions.

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