September Crown Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Isobel Marmande
Date: August 31 , 2002 until September, 2 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 31th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 2th 2002

Event site:
The Solar Dairy and Farm
19330 SR 530 NE Arlington, WA 98223

Please link to the web site for September Crown

Please Note – Bring your own potable water.

Directions to the site are as follows:

From I-5 north or south take exit 208(Arlington/Darrington) to highway 530. Follow highway 530 east 4 miles through Arlington (follow signs thought town). Go 10 miles east of Arlington on hightway 530 just past milepost 31 (a total of 14 miles from the freeway). The site is on the right. Look for the S>C>A> signs. Follow the traffic cones around the barn to the Troll Gate.

Barbara Gordon ac.civu@nodrogb

Greetings from Linnet,
Here is the (current) plan of activities for Crown. If you have questions
please email me at moc.liamtoh@lertsektennil
(unless they are questions about the Apprentice Tourney or Artisans
Display, in which case email the people listed for those)
Please feel free to forward this to other lists as appropriate. Thank you.


Period Encampments Contest
There are some encampments that bring the Middle Ages to life for us, where
you seem to be stepping into the life of the past. We hope to recognise
this at September Crown, with the prize of a banner. Please bring entry
information to the A&S Pavilion before noon on Saturday (earlier is
better). You may enter your own encampment or inform the judges about
someone else’s.

Banners and Heraldic Display
The A&S Pavilion will host a display of banners on Saturday, any format
welcome. Banners will be hung from the supports of the pavilion, so if your
banner requires any special support, please bring that as well. Setup is
9-10am Saturday, takedown 6-7pm.

Classes and Workshops
Classes and hands-on workshops on bannermaking will be held at the A&S
Pavilion throughout the event. Check at the Pavilion for schedule and
details. Tentatively scheduled – silk-painting demo by Adrianna the Fierce,
woodblock workshop by Gordon Redthorn, stencilling workshop (children
welcome) by Linnet Kestrel.
Ithra classes may be offered. More information as it becomes available.
Badgers Den will be hosting informal classes on Merchants Row. Check at
their website for more information. Schedule will be posted
onsite at Badgers Den and at the A&S Pavilion. If you are interested in
offering a class, contact Jasmina at moc.nedsregdab@renwo

Board games and games of skill and chance will be hosted at the A&S
Pavilion throughout the event. Check at the Pavilion for schedule.

Apprentice Prize Fair
If you have any questions please contact Yrsa Kettilsdottir at ac.wahs@nitsirc
In company with the Squires Tourney on Sunday, Apprentices are invited to
bring examples of their work for display and as prizes for the Squires
Tourney. Please be sure to mark which pieces are for display only and which
to be given as prizes! As with the Squires Tourney, non-Apprentices may
apprentice themselves for the day to a willing Laurel. Check at A&S
Pavilion for times.

Grand Artisans Display / Uber Phred
Please contact Dame Tamlyn with any questions or to sign up.
ten.etg@nylmat or 425-880-6209

Do you have a spiffy project that you’ve been working on that you would
like to show to other people? Would you like to perform that piece you’ve
been working on to an appreciative knowledgeable audience? Do you want to
get help with that project that’s got you at an impasse or find ways to
improve it the next time round?
Come show your endeavors in the Arts and Sciences at September Crown on
Sunday. We encourage you to bring works-in-progress or recently completed.

Information on Displaying and Schedule:
I would like to encourage those displaying objects to sign up ahead of time
so we can provide adequate space and let people know what kind of things
will be on display. If you have a table you can bring for your display
please let me know before the event. If it is a large table you may be
asked to share it. If your piece does not fit on a table please let me know
your requirements.
It is also recommended that you sign up for your Bardic Presentation ahead
of time. Make sure that you’ll be onsite by the time setup starts. If you
haven’t checked in by half-an-hour before your performance slot it may be
given away. Individuals will be given 5 minute performance slots, groups
may sign up for two slots if schedule permits. After 2 pm unfilled slots
will be allotted to any performer, preference to those who have not yet
performed. You may perform outside the schedule but do not expect silence
from the other activities.

Both displayers and performers should bring a cover sheet. This is an 8 1/2
x 11 sheet of paper, with a brief description of the piece, including
where, when and in what culture it would have existed, your name, branch
and contact information, along with a photograph of yourself (preferably
showing the piece as well). The cover sheets will be kept by the organiser.
Besides the cover sheet you may bring documentation or handouts about the
work, tools or materials that you used, and business cards (or equivalent)
to share your contact info with interested visitors. You will be given a
chapbook for comments, either general or detailed critiques. Note that if
you choose the critique chapbook you are agreeing to hear specific
criticism of your object or performance. Those giving critiques will
identify themselves and provide contact information. You should bring your
own goblet, snacks and chair.

All times tentative!
Noon-1:00 p.m. Setup at the A&S Pavilion. Please bring your work by 12:30
p.m. along with a cover sheet.
2:30-1:00 p.m. Polaroids taken for those who have not provided photos with
their cover sheets. Please make sure your contact information is noted down.
1:00 p.m. Display open to the populace. Remember to introduce yourself and
ask your visitors to introduce themselves. Take the time to look at others’
work when you are not busy.
1:30-2:00 p.m. Bardic presentations. First session. Bardic presentations
will take place in a separate area near the A&S Pavilion. Performers should
introduce themselves and speak briefly about the piece. Cover sheets are
required for performers. Comment sheets will be available for the
performance as well.
There will be space for Bardic performers to put their paperwork and
performance schedule when not performing – performers are welcome to stay
with this information.
2:30-3:00 p.m. Bardic presentations. Second session (latecomers slotted
in here as schedule permits).
There may be a third session from 3:30-4:00 p.m. if necessary (at the
discretion of the bardic scheduler).
4:00-4:30 p.m. Takedown. Please make sure you pick up your pieces as
they will be unattended after 4:30
Colleen McDonald moc.eikcam@dlanoDcM.neelloC

Apprentices Prize Tourney and Display at September Crown

This is an invitation to all artisans in the Kingdom to come and show
your talents. The Apprentices Prize Tourney is a forum for apprentices and
apprentice-for-a day to come an show off what they do and donate items to
the Squires Tourney for prizes. In the past we have had items that range
from articles of clothing, gifts for the fighters inspiration, lunch baskets
of period food and many, many more. This is to showcase the talent in our
Kingdom and recognize our artisans and our fighters.

There are two tables – one is for prizes and one is for display only.
The tables will be set up shortly before the Squires tourney and taken down
immediately following. If you are donating a piece please deliver it at the
beginning of the tourney. If you are putting a piece on display, delivery
is the same time and pick up is immediately following the tourney. A write
up about your piece or documentation is always welcome for this as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at
ac.wahs@nitsirc as I am not on most of these lists. Also forward this
message to as many people as you feel would be interested.

Yours In Service
Yrsa Kettilsdottir

posted by request.
—The Abbey of St. Incipient returns, at September Crown—

All are welcome! The abbey is a non-religious activity center meant to
encourage in-persona play and amazing medieval experiences. Forsooth
language is most excellent, but not required. Just come with an idea of who
you are, and act appropriately. Know us by our gray archways, on merchant’s
row behind the A&S pavilion.

The cloister schedule includes new and wondrous things:

— Covered work space for scribes. Bring your project & your chair. Limited
table space. Please pack up before dinner on Sunday.
— Scribal brunch, 10-noon
— “Practical Herbology” class, noon to 2 p.m., Patricia McAndrew teaching.
— A Handicraft Fair, noon to 5 p.m. in our open-air courtyard. Here is thy
chance to try selling or bartering handmade or medieval items, on a limited
basis. Bring your odd and wondrous items, sell from your basket or blanket.
Merchanting fee shall be 1 Barak.
— Scribal class (calligraphy hand to be announced), 4 p.m.
— Torchlight dancing (with a dance instructor, you don’t have to know what
you’re doing) at dusk Saturday. Bring a chair and pull up to the brazier if
you just want to watch.
— In-persona potluck breakfast, 8-10 a.m.. Bring feast gear and food to
share from thy period. The abbey provides it’s usual fair, dark beer and
— noon to 2 p.m. Apprenctices’ bardic competition (Phred).
— Castle plans, 2 p.m. All would-be architects are invited to bring and
compare their plans for what comes next after winning the lottery. Consider
this a friendly discussion group.
— Afternoon classes to be announced.

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