September Crown Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Arontius of Bygelswade
Date: August 31 , 2018 until September, 3 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 31th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 3th 2018

Event site:
Townsite of Port Gamble, Washington
4839 NE View Dr Port Gamble, WA 98364

Site Fees for Participants:

Adults (Age of Majority and Over) $25.00 for SCA Members with proof of membership ($5.00 NMR applies for non-members); Youth UNDER AGE OF MAJORITY (18 FOR U.S., 19 FOR CANADA) FREE.

Make checks out to ‘SCA, Inc.; Barony of Dragon’s Laire’.



September Crown Camp Registration: CAMPING RESERVATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED



VOLUNTEERS! People of An Tir, we NEED your help!

To ensure an event like September Crown is successful, the help of many different people is required over the entirety of the weekend. Please seriously consider signing up NOW to volunteer a few hours of your weekend to help. The below link will take you to a form to make this easy. By scheduling your time now, we are helped in figuring out the most effective ways of covering everything that needs to be covered with volunteer efforts at the event.

Link for Volunteer Sign-Up:

Volunteer Sign-Up

We sincerely thank you in advance for your help!

September Crown Schedule (As Of August 5th) –

September Crown Schedule (As Of August 8th) –


10:00am: Gate Opens to Populace

NOTE: Gate opens earlier for royalty, equestrians with horses, and merchants by special arrangement



8:00am: Tournament Heralds’ Meeting – Black Lion pavilion on the Erics.

9:00am: Laurel Meeting (45 minutes)

9:00am: Lists open for Crown Tournament

9:00am: Marshals’ Meeting

9:45am: Pelican Meeting (45 minutes)

10:00am: Cook’s Playdate (6 hours) – A&S Village

10:00am: Bardic Stage: Musicantes Vagantes jam session

11:00am: Crown Tournament Processional & Invocation Court (1 hour)

Noon: Crown Tournament begins (4 hours)

Noon: Open Arena (Equestrian Field, ends at 5:00pm)

5:00pm: Black Lion Meeting

5:00pm: Bardic Stage: Lady Maire nic Shiobhan, performing Celtic Tales and 14th Century poems

5:45pm: Chivalry Meeting (45 minutes)

6:00pm: Bardic Stage: Dancing taught by HL Ranulf Mirthe

7:00pm: Royal Court

9:00pm:(Post Court): Play – As You Like It



8:30am: OotR/COVE Meeting

9:00am: Financial Committee meeting

9:00am: Lists open for the Equestrian Tournament

9:30am: Equestrian Marshall meeting

9:45am: Curia

10:00am: Siege Cooking Tournament (6 hours) Arts & Sciences Village

10:00am: Costumer’s Guild Meeting Arts and Sciences Village

10:00am: Youth Class: Block Printing Arts and Sciences Village

10:00am: Lists open for Squire’s/Cadet’s and Cut & Thrust Tournaments

10:30am: Cut and Thrust Tournament (1 hour)

10:30am: Noble Estate Meeting (45 minutes)

11:30am: Equestrian Championship Invocation & Tournament (2 hours)

11:30am: Cut and Thrust Melee

11:30am: Youth Class: Simple Bookbinding Arts & Sciences Village

Noon: Archery Ranges close to commence preparations for Kingdom Protector

Noon: Lists open for Youth Armored Combat (YAC) Tournament

Noon: Scribal Tea Arts & Sciences Village

12:30pm: Youth Armored Combat (YAC) Tournament

1:00pm: Squire’s / Cadet’s Tournaments (Invocation & Tournament (2 hours)

12:30pm: Lance et de Leon Meeting (or immediately after the Championship)

1:30pm: Lists open for Kingdom Protector Tournament

2:00pm: Work in Progress A&S Social (2 hours)

2:30pm: Kingdom Protector Invocation/Tournament (3 hours)

2:30pm: Seneschal(e)’s Meeting (30 minutes)

3:00pm: Embellishers’ Guild Meeting and Challenges

3:00 pm: Chatelaine’s Meeting

3:15pm: Exchequer Meeting (30 minutes)

4:00pm: Order of Defense Meeting (45 minutes)

4:30pm: Bardic Stage: Serena Zane, performing 16th Century voice and violin pieces

5:30pm: Order of the Grey Goose Shaft Meeting (or immediately after the Championship)

5:30pm: Bardic Stage: Leith/Alisaundre/Colette/Annik Farewell Concert

7:00pm: Royal Court

9:00pm: (Post Court): Chorum Leo Bardic Tournament



3:00pm: Site closes


Arts & Sciences Village – Scheduled Events & Activities

Saturday in the A&S Village, starting at 10 AM

  • Cook’s Playdate (6 hours), Culinary tent
  • Various Arts & Sciences Demos – all day
  • Music and spoon carving with Dame Elizabeth and Dame Eleanor
  • Pottery Play Area, An Tir potters (Dame Gwenllyn’s tent)
  • Weaving, Elisabeth de Besancan (Mistress Elisabeth’s tent)
  • Painting, Laurellen de Brandevin (Marquessa Laurellen’s round tent)
  • Alianora de Wintringham (Dame Gwenllyn’s day-shade)
  • Metalwork, HL Thangbrand (Baronial Dayshade)
  • Lace Guild display, Arachne’s Web (HL Kassandra’s tent)
  • Fiber Arts (Baronial Yellow Pavilion)
  • Wood working, Dunstan (Baronial dayshade)
  • Emily Guerrant (Marquessa Laurellen’s day-shade)
  • Bardic Stage (Padraig’s dining fly)
  • Arts & Science Village open for all Artisans – all day


Sunday in the A&S Village, starting at 10 AM

  • 10:00am: Siege Cooking Tournament (Culinary tent)
  • 10:00am: Costumer’s Guild Meeting (Baronial red pavilion)
  • 10:00am: Youth Class: Block Printing (Baronial yellow pavilion)
  • 11:30am: Youth Class: Simple Bookbinding (Baronial yellow pavilion)
  • Noon: Scribal Tea (Baronial red pavilion)
  • 2:00 to 4:00 pm: Work in Progress A&S Social (Baronial Red and Green pavilions and all over village)
  • 3:00pm: Embellishers’ Guild Meeting and Challenges (Baronial yellow pavilion)
  • All day: All artisans welcome to come socialize and demo
  • All day: Music and dance at the Bardic pavilion
  • Sunday’s Work In Progress (WIP) Arts & Science Social

Come join your fellow artisans in the Arts & Sciences Village for a Work In Progress Social! Bring your projects and a chair, enjoy cookies and lemonade, and enjoy this opportunity to interact with a variety of artisans to talk about your work, show off your latest creations, or just soak up the Artsy Geekiness. Think of this as an even more low-key Athenaeum! From 2 PM to 4 PM at the A&S Village on Sunday of September Crown.

Bardic Performance Schedule


10:00am: (During Cook’s Playdate): Musicantes Vagantes jam session

11:00am – 5:00pm: Open Mic

5:00pm: Lady Maire nic Shiobhan, performing Celtic Tales and 14th century poems

6:00pm: Dancing taught by HL Ranulf Mirthe

9:00pm (Post-Court): As You Like It (Stage or BoaT camp)



10:00am (During Siege Cooking): Mistress Elizabeth Piper, Eclectic Period Music

11:00am – 4:30pm: Open Mic

4:30pm: Serena Zane, performing 16th c. voice and violin pieces

5:30pm: Leith/Alisaundre/Colette/Annik Farewell Concert

9:00pm (Post-Court): Chorum Leo Bardic Tournament (Stage or BoaT camp?)


The Kingdom Minister of Lists has the Tournament Fighter Pre-Registration up and running:
Click here to pre-register for the Crown Tournament

Music and the Bardic Arts – Listen as musicians wander the site playing music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance on instruments that were played in that time- period. Story-tellers will enchant the crowds as they tell the stories of the ages, and of the modern re-created ages. There may also be demonstrations of dancing from the period in stages specially set-up on site to show-case the dancing styles of the time.

If you are a Bard, or ‘bardically-inclined’ in any way, we need you! Please demonstrate your talents. Any and all performances will be appreciated. If you feel so included, please contact THL Padraig Mac Ailpein at moc.liamg@rehctelf.d.kcirtap as soon as possible!

We also seek more who are willing to take lead on dancing! We want instruction! We want more dancing! We will most likely have musicians to provide LIVE MUSIC for this dancing. If you are interested, please also contact THL Padraig Mac Ailpein at moc.liamg@rehctelf.d.kcirtap as soon as possible.

Cooks PlayDay

Greetings unto the Mighty Cooks of An Tir!

The Culinary and Spirit-makers Guild of Dragon’s Laire invites you to come play on this September Crown weekend!


We will be hosting a Cooks’ Play Space the day of the Crown Tourney. A pavilion or two will be available for shade and we will have at least 2 braziers available to cook on.

You are welcome to bring your own brazier for use as well as related equipment. Some space is still available if you would like to set up a pavilion or day shade! Please email gro.ritna@yraniluC.eriaLsnogarD to make arrangements as soon as possible.


Tourney Cooking! Because we aren’t under siege! To happen on the day that is not the Crown Tourney! Teams of 4, 16+ years old (15 and under may participate and are not part of the team count).

The Culinary Guild will be providing a protein, grain, some sort of veg, and some sort of fruit.

  • The focus must be on creating a dish or dishes using period spices and flavors.
  • You may bring any other ingredients in support of that focus.
  • Bonus points for persona related food!
  • Documentation not required

Please RSVP to gro.ritna@yraniluC.eriaLsnogarD so that the appropriate amount of ingredients are purchased.

Ciar ingen Fiachnae
Dragon’s Laire Culinary Guild Mistress
Apprentice unto Maitre Renart le fox de berwyk, OP

The Marketplace – We intend to scour the lands of the Kingdom to find merchants to fill our Marketplace who display the best of the wares that can be found in the SCA.

Merchants scheduled for the Marketplace (as of July 18th):

Moneyers Guild of An Tir

Fathom Fortuna

The Norse Gypsy Forge

Tabby’s Hats

Hawk’s Forge

Red Troll Forge

DragonStorm Sports

Hawk and Dove Leather

Burnt Village Wares

Horse ‘n’ Round Studio


Nordic Trader


Autumn Creek

The Turul’s Nest

Black Horned Ewe


The Kneadery

Sparrowhawk Studio


*NOTE: There will be limited food opportunities in the SCA Marketplace. There is a ‘General Store’ in Port Gamble, and several small food venues. The nearest restaurants and Supermarkets are approximately ten miles away. Please come prepared with adequate food supplies for the weekend.


*NOTE NO. 2: On Sunday morning a ‘Farmers Market’ will be held within Port Gamble (not affiliated with the SCA in any way). There will be some produce, as well as some traveling food options. However, the market will create some traffic congestion in the town itself. Please be aware if you will be day-tripping Sunday.

Water-bearing and the Youth of An Tir (Important Message) –

To the families of An Tir –

In order to give our Kingdom’s young people an opportunity to more fully participate in our society, we are looking to organize a strong group of volunteer water bearers during the upcoming September Crown Tournament hosted by the Barony of Dragon’s Laire Saturday, September 1, 2018.

All youth 5 years old and up are welcome to participate. Youth volunteers will be provided with a sash to wear identifying them as water bearers and will be assigned (in pairs) to a fighting Eric. Their job will be to circulate among the fighters offering water and snacks. They will be given some brief training about safety and expectations. Parents are also encouraged to help as an adult will need to accompany each pair on their rounds.

We will have a total of about 80 30-minute shifts available to cover the 4-5 hour long tournament. Will you please lend us your children?

Everyone who completes a shift will receive a token and the satisfaction of doing a very necessary service for the Kingdom. YAFA participants can even receive credit toward certain requirements.

Please contact HL Alicia du Bois alicia.dubois.antir (at) for more details.


Youth and Family Activities (YAFA) –

Greetings unto the Populace of Mighty An Tir!

As September Crown draws near we are working to be sure that all our attendees have something to do that weekend! *****

Youth Service!

Do you have a youth interested in Service? Are they working on a YAFA module with a service component?


The Barony of Madrone is currently recruiting youth from across the Kingdom ages 5 and up, as well as some parents, to assist with water bearing during the Crown Tourney! Shifts start at just 30 minutes! For more information, please contact the Honorable Lady Alicia du Bois via email at alicia.dubois.antir at

Want to water bear but have other commitments during the Crown Tourney? Assist during the Squires/Cadets Tourney!

*Field Heraldry! More interested in the stately art of Heraldry? Arnora Lowenmahne (Crown Events Field Herald) will be happy to have your assistance! Interested heralds should attend the Black Lion Herald meeting (time and location TBA). For more information you can also email gro.ritna@enhamnewol

**** Arts & Sciences Activities

Not only will we have an amazing array of Artisans and Scientists in the Arts & Sciences Village but we have classes!

*On the day of the Crown Tourney, the Dragon’s Laire Culinary Guild will be hosting a cook’s play area. Youth are welcome to bring items to cook on the brazier. (5 to 12 with parent, 13-15 with parent in area, 16+ free range).

*Youth Book Binding with Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes. Class fee $2. Come put together a book! Ages 5-10 with a parent. 11+ acceptable free range. Please check the schedule for the time.

*Block Printing with Her Ladyship Bera-Skalla Hrafnsdottir of House Awry. Class fee is $0 with donations accepted. Come learn how to make some easy print stamping blocks and stamp a bag or bring your own item! Ages 5-10 with a parent. 11+ acceptable free range, adults welcome! Please check the schedule for the time.

*Beaded Wire-wrapped Bracelet making with the Honorable Lady Diana Cartier. Class fees $5 for materials. Learn how to do beaded wire-wrapping with this class on constructing a beaded wire-wrapped bracelet. Minimum age range TBA. Please check the schedule for the time.

Activities do meet some YAFA module requirements. If you have questions, please email Lady Ciar ingen Fiachnae at gro.ritna@lahcseneS.eriaLsnogarD!

Concerning the Tournament to choose the next Kingdom Protector (Archery Champion):

Archers of the great Kingdom of An Tir take note!

At September Crown 2018, in the Barony of Dragon’s Laire, a tournament will be held to determine who will become the next Kingdom Protector. Come and test yourself and your missile skills against other archers from this great Kingdom and have a blast in the process!

The tournament will feature target archery and combat archery, with the format for the finals determined by Their Majesties.

Participants should come prepared with SCA legal target equipment and SCA legal missile combat equipment (including armor.) Combat Archery will allow for 12 missiles – arrows, thrown weapons or a combination of the two. Competitors will also need to show a current SCA membership card and missile combat authorization card.

Those who wish to vie for the position of Kingdom Protector should review the requirements of the position in Kingdom Law.

Concerning the Tournament to choose the next Kingdom Equestrian Champion:

Approved by Her Royal Majesty-

The format is designed to be safe, fair, challenging, expedient, & entertaining. It has four components which will each be scored.

1st- Riders will present themselves to Their Majesties & the populace with great fanfare.

2nd- We will run 3 events at a time in parallel to one another for safety (heads at 3 heights, quintain, & pig sticking).

3rd- For the next round, we will have rings, javelin into hay bales, & birjas.

4th- A maneuvering challenge including obstacles an accomplished equestrian should be able to navigate one handed. This will test the communication & teamwork between the rider & mount.

All riders must compete at the canter.

Riders may choose to wield their weapons in either hand.

For tilting at the rings & the javelin throws, riders will be expected to use both the cross body and straight on techniques.

September Crown 2018 QR Code For Link to Facebook Page (with regular updates DURING the event):


Autocrat Team Chairman: Arontius of Bygelswade (M. Aaron Rogers); 470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA 98311. Phone:(360)551-9191. E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@suitnorA

Co-Autocrats: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes – ten.supmylo@aredlac and THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae – moc.liamg@eanhcaif.negni.raiC

Marketplace Coordinator: Master Arion the Wanderer – moc.q@21noira

Campmistress: THL Kloe of Thira – moc.liamg@arihtfoeolk

Chief Schedulers: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes – ten.supmylo@aredlac and THL Theodoric the Scholar – moc.liamg@retawriaf

Gate Coordinator: M’Lady Isemay MaKenze – moc.liamg@eznekamyamesI

Pre-Registration Coordinator: THL Jess of the Roving Irishmen – moc.liamg@ssejysnolla

Eric Coordinator (Eric Space Reservations): Countess Aryana Silknfyre – moc.liamtoh@kcirttikk

Royal Liaison: Master Renart the Fox – moc.liamg@xofeltraner

Martiallate Liaison (Overall): His Excellency Conchobar MacEoin – moc.liamg@nioecamrabohcnoc

Equestrian Activities Liaison: THL Ljufvina haustmyrky Hrafinsdottir – moc.liamg@idnorragniyal

Archery Activities Liaison: THL Stephen of House Awry – moc.oohay@18drolkert

Thrown Weapons Activities Liaison: Lord Marcel Boutet – moc.liamg@yrwa.lecram

Volunteer Coordinator: Lady Kosem of House Awry – moc.liamg@drawetsyrwaesuoh

Arts and Sciences Coordinators: Mistress Gwenllyn the Potter – moc.yrettoperifnogard@newg and Tsuruko Sensei – moc.traenarcgnicnad@okurust

Bardic Coordinator: THL Padraig Mac Ailpein – moc.liamg@rehctelf.d.kcirtap (For stage scheduling and support).

Site Decorations: Dame Brighid Ross – moc.liamg@ssordihgirb

Heraldic Coordinator: Countess Elisabeth Rossignol – moc.liamg@rodnaselug

Tentative Site Lay-Out (As Of August 20th):

click for larger image

Event Copy:

Their Excellencies of Dragon’s Laire, Conchobar MacEoin and Eilidh Keldeleth, invite one and all to join them and Their Royal Majesties Christian and Helene as we witness the epic tournament to determine who will be our next King and Queen of An Tir. This will indeed be a weekend of fun in the re-created Middle Ages and Renaissance in the picturesque township of Port Gamble, Washington. Dragon’s Laire is especially filled with anticipation and excitement as we look forward to welcoming our friends from across the lands of Beautiful An Tir! Come be with us and be part of our merriment!

The site of Port Gamble is without power and we encourage you to prepare for all possibilities. Visit for community information. The Baronial website is, with a further link to September Crown event information.

The focus of September Crown is, of course, the Crown Tournament itself. However, it is also the Kingdom Event where the Equestrian Champion of An Tir will be chosen in a grueling set of trials that will test both horse and rider as many strive to carry the Kingdom Lance of Championship. To make this an even more magnificent event, the Kingdom Protector (An Tir Kingdom Archery Champion) will undergo trials to determine who will defend the Kingdom with their archery prowess.

Other Hand-To-Hand Combat / Martiallate Activities (Fighting) will include the Squires’ Tournament and Magnificent Feats of Rapier (including Cut-And-Thrust). Come witness fighters in heavy armor attack each other ferociously to defend the honour of their inspiration. Watch the fighters of the Renaissance fight each other with deadly skill with finer arts of the rapier duel.

Range Combat and Competition: In another arena the best archers in the land will compete for the highest scores on the archery ranges, as they vie to be named Kingdom Protector (Kingdom Archery Champion). Next to the archery ranges will be Thrown Weapons, where those who specialize in the thrown axes, hatchets and knives will demonstrate their skill. If the fates allow, there will also be a demonstration of a ballista built by members of the Barony of Dragon’s Laire. It will be a breath-taking demonstration of truly long-range combat.

The Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance will be on full display in the Artisans and Craftsman’s Village. There are already plans for a Culinary Play Area, an ‘All Things Fiber’ tent, and a Pottery Shop. This is in addition to tents available for sitting and visiting with fellow artisans. The Kingdom Costumers Guild are also planning activities.

Local Amenities Listing (As Of August 5th):

Hospital/Emergency Room:
-Harrison Silverdale (16.8 miles from site), 1800 NW Myhre Road, Silverdale, 360-744-8800
Gas station / mini-mart:
-Poulsbo Chevron (has propane) (4.2 mi from site) 28072 WA-3, (360) 697-4410
-Hilltop Grocery (5.2 miles from site) 26484 WA-3, Poulsbo, WA 98370 (360) 697-4332
-On site, main street through town: Mrs. Muirs House, Scratch Kitchen
-Adjacent to erics: Butcher and Baker Dining – family/diners:
-Elmer’s (9.6 miles from site.) 760 NE Liberty Rd, Poulsbo (360) 697-2215
Fast Food:
-Central Market (address under groceries) has a salad bar, pizza by-the-slice, BBQ, soups, and sandwiches.
-Burger King/Taco Bell/KFC (10 miles from site) 19655 Seventh Avenue, NE, Poulsbo
-McDonalds (7.3 miles from site), 10977 NE State Hwy 104, Kingston, WA
Department Stores (both have groceries):
-Target (16 miles from site), 299 Northwest Randall Way, Silverdale, (360) 692-3966
-Walmart Supercenter (8.8 miles from site), 21200 Olhava Way Northwest, Poulsbo (360) 697-3670
-Albertsons (5.5 miles from site) 8196 NE State Hwy 104, Kingston, WA (360) 297-1800
-Central Market (9.3 miles from site),20148 10th Avenue Northeast, Poulsbo (360) 779-1881
-Safeway (9.6 miles from site), 19245 10th Ave NE, Poulsbo (360) 394-0023
Drugstore / Pharmacy:
-Rite-Aid (5.3 miles from site), 27000 Miller Bay Rd NE, Kingston, WA (360) 297-5200
-CVS (10 miles from site), 18820 State Hwy 305 Ne, Poulsbo, (360) 394-0105
Home Center/Hardware:
-Home Depot (8.6 miles from site) 21750 Market Pl NW, Poulsbo, WA (360) 779-9924
-Henery Hardware (7.3 miles from site) 10960 WA-104, Kingston, WA (360) 297-3366
-Lowes (17 miles from site) 2221 NW Myhre Rd, Silverdale, WA (360) 662-3005
Office Supplies:
-Office Max (8.8 miles from site), 21800 Market Pl NW, Poulsbo (360) 697-2177
-FedEx Office (Kinko’s) (16.3 miles from site), 10854 Myhre Pl NW, Silverdale (360) 698-7099
Auto Parts:
-NAPA (7.2 mile from site), 10373 NE State Hwy 104 Ste 101, Kingston, WA (360) 297-2428
-O’Reilly Auto Parts (9.5 miles from site), 19879 10th Ave Northeast, Poulsbo (360) 697-9331
-Les Schwab (9.8 miles from site), 424 NW Edvard St, Poulsbo, Poulsbo (360) 779-7771
Crafts / Artists supplies:
-Artist’s Edge (10.2 miles from site), 18723 Hwy 305, Poulsbo (360) 698-3113
-Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores (16.8 miles from site), 2886 NW Bucklin Hill Rd (360) 692-1300
-Michaels (16.5 miles from site), 10300 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale (360) 337-1110
-Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, emergency number 360-779-5557
-Animal Emergency and Trauma Center (24 hours) (9.3 miles from site) 320 NW Lindvig Way, Poulsbo, WA (360) 697-7771
-Poulsbo Marina Veterinary Clinic (10 miles from site), 9AM-6PM Fri, 9AM-6PM Sat, 19570 10th Ave NE, Poulsbo, (360) 779-4166
-All Creatures Animal Hospital (27 miles from site), 4241 Washington 3, Bremerton (360) 377-3801

Hotel Guide (As of August 5th):

Kingston (Approx 7 miles from site):
-Point Casino & Hotel: 7989 NE Salish Ln, Kingston, WA (360) 297-0070
Poulsbo (Approx 10 miles from site):
-GuestHouse Inn & Suites 19801 7th Ave NE, Poulsbo, WA (360) 697-4400
-Poulsbo Inn & Suites 18680 WA-305, Poulsbo, WA (360) 779-3921
-Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, 15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish, WA (360) 598-8700
Silverdale (approx 15 miles from site):
-Best Western Plus Silverdale Beach Hotel 3073 NW Bucklin Hill Rd, Silverdale, WA (360) 698-1000
-Oxford Suites Silverdale 9550 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale, WA (360) 698-9550
-Quality Inn & Suites 9734 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale, WA (360) 692-7777

Looking for something a little cozier than a hotel? Try one of the several local Air B&Bs!

Search for these locations (sorted more-or-less in ascending order of distance from site):
Port Gamble
Bainbridge Island
Port Ludlow

Autocrat Team Chairman ‘Team Haggis V’: Arontius of Bygelswade (M. Aaron Rogers); 470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA 98311. Phone:(360)551-9191. E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@suitnorA

Site Info: Name: Port Gamble; 32159 NW Rainier Ave; Port Gamble, WA 98346.

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